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If No News Is Good News,
How Is It They Keep Manufacturing It ?


     ODA Xmas Message 2012

Accept Inferior Imitations from Windsor, Canterbury, Jerusalem, Rome + The American Colonies

As this,  the dank, cold, rain sodden year of predicted  much circuses and little bread,
staggers its grey depleted way towards an inglorious end in the impending EU constitutional  CRISES  of TOTAL FISCAL COLLAPSE,  whilst the said coming end of global  TIME  itself
by total annihilation of The Earth by the long rumoured wandering rogue asteroid/ comet/ planet/ thingy of  DOOM  nags like an irritated haemorrhoid at the bum of all, and the  FATE  of the despairing, unemployed, starving proles of UKdom who vaguely continue to view the world outside their fragmenting cells of benefit dependency, (which are shortly to be reduced yet again by another engineered mass invasion of refugees from Eastern Europe), through the rose coloured glasses of tentative  HOPE  when clutching further at their latest received straws of promised betterment, the half hearted belief usual extended to such being born of a last desperate attempt to give credulity tentative to the best of the current crop of carelessly sprinkled fatuous promises spit out by, and endemic to, the modus op usual of the uncaring professional political class of practised liars who issue them,  all surveyed and supported by those who dance the media spiv dance of cynical  illusion weaving for a living in the SKY of the nefarious theatre of fatuous fog projected 24/7 through the 66″ flat-screen one-eyed baby sitters of lonely isolated  DESPAIR, is soon to be settled to  Good/Not  by  Whether/Not  ‘Their Team’ manage to avoid relegation again this playing year or win a trinket, I notice it’s very nearly the end of our work norm and we appear to have run out of
Time and Space and Tea, so:

                        Av An Appy Won

[ With the remembrances usual to Lyttleton H. ]

Don’’t forget to give  a daily sniff in 2013



Monday  24-December-2012:

It’s Christmas Eve and we’ve still got the lurgy,   🙁
We’ve wrapped-up for the next 2 weeks.
The burden of producing relevant copy under even the Brit weather has won !

We’ll be back in The New Year.

Until then:
(Yes you got through another year despite wot the bastards arranged for you !)


x3 In A Row : Safe to light up now lads !


Ravi Shankar’s stepped out


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Tuesday  11-December-2012.



Alex Moulton’s stepped out


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Sunday  09-December-2012.



Patrick Moore’s stepped out


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Sunday  09-December-2012.


As/ below,  unfortunately:
A Standing*  Note of Caution  which has been running,
Of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Area Emergency (ISU + Other) Cover, as/ last : Extra caution advised to drivers passing through this area. Other areas might be same.

(ie  Your unstatutory rights to drive like a total twat,  especially in fog and other  adverse weather,  are not affected but bailing you out of your self-made mess IS)

* AGAIN HOPEFULLY,  now the UK media main carriers are aware,  not for much longer.


So,  so,    so    .   .  . . ……………………

A    N    D                                                                                                                              ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING TO DO WITH FOOTBALL FROM ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE,


ODA  :  Illustrating The Continuity of Crap

If No News Is Good News,
How Is It They Keep Manufacturing It ?


SUNDAY  23-December-2012:

‘Tis nearly the eve of Christmas

And we’re SHUT.

Open termorrer  (If we are spared)


AM Saturday  22-December-2012:

As/ last:  Still wobbly,  but work continues.

( And Nabiro missed us    –    Don’t know about you lot – ? )


AM Friday  21-December-2012:

As/ last  :  Still wobbly,  but WIP,  on all fronts

(and a bit round the back  +  now with bit to the sides)


AM Thursday  20-December-2012:

Still wobbly,  but WIP,  on all fronts  (and a bit round the back)


AM Wednesday  19-December-2012:

Still wobbly

Marginal service restored:


(It’s in the Zeit’ !)


Tuesday  18-December-2013:

Still Buggered  :  Still Shutted


Monday  17-December-2012:

If it continues like this and The Mayans got it right we won’t have to worry past next Friday !
See Daily Dodgy Textuals for Enlightenment
If they’re not to date at view,  they’ll be done in retro,    we hope    . . . ……


SUNDAY   16-December-2012.



Saturday  15-December-2012:
Expect normal service to be resumed next week

See Daily Dodgy Textuals for Enlightenment
If they’re not to date at view,  they’ll be done in retro when we’re off the Zymer frame


Friday  14-December-2012:

See Daily Dodgy Textuals for Enlightenment
If they’re not to date at view,  they’ll be done in retro when we’ve re-stoked the boiler


Thursday  13-December-2012:

See Daily Dodgy Textuals for Enlightenment
If they’re not to date at view,  they’ll be done in retro when we’re firing on all cylinders


Wednesday  12-December-2012:

( The lurgy lingereth and lingereth ! )
Expect normal service to be resumed next week

See Daily Dodgy Textuals for enlightenment  . . . ……
If they’re not to date yet they’ll be done in retro  (sometime !)


Tuesday  11-December-2012:




( The lurgy lingereth ! )


Expect normal service to be resumed next week

See Daily Dodgy Textuals for enlightenment  – If they’re not to date yet they’ll be done in retro


Monday  10-December-2012:

( The lurgy lingereth ! )
Expect normal service to be resumed next week
( Daily Iffy Textuals to be maintained as best poss for circumstances )


SUNDAY    09-December-2012:




( Still got the lurgy as well ! )



Saturday  08-December-2012:


(Influenza a la lurgy)
Come-Back Next Week.
There’s still a dodgy text posted for today !


Friday  07-December-2012:


Come-Back Next Week.
There’s still an iffy text posted for today !


Thursday  06-December-2012:

(Ye Flu persists)
Come-Back Next Week.
There’s still an iffy text posted for today !

Wednesday  05-December-2012:

(Ye Flu continueth)
Come-Back Next Week.
There’s still an iffy text posted for today !


Tuesday  04-December-2012:

(aka.  We’re all now fucked with ‘flu)
Come-Back Next Week.
There’s still an iffy text posted for today !


Monday  03-December-2012:

aka.  Old :‘s fucked with ‘flu    :-(
Come-back termorrer.
To while-away the time in between,
try reading the latest to The Letters Page
There’s still an iffy text posted for today !


SUNDAY    02-December-2012.

It is Sunday.  It is Advent Sunday.


Not least because I am still very krank and very wobbly.
(I also never miss a chance to whinge when I’ve got flu’)


AM Saturday    01-DECEMBER-2012:

And so to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

Of Point:

We respectfully,  but with regret,  remind you of previous:

As/ last,  unfortunately:
Standing*  Notes of Caution  that have been running,
eg and again of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Area Emergency (ISU + Other) Cover,
as/ last.

* AGAIN HOPEFULLY,  now the UK media main carriers are aware,  not for much longer.

General & Sundry:

Still got the lurgy and its fuckin’ worse than yesterday and getting worse than worse,  etc.
🙁    🙁    🙁
Might not mither at all.
(If  WW III  starts,  keep notes for me will you ?)
Stock Market Tip:
Put your money in British Tissues now.

Big Nige Farage continues to strut his stuff post the bi-election results yesterday.
Look to a proletarian guard Nige  –  NOW.
See our Letters Page shortly.

UK Parliamentary News:

As/ above
I’m krank.

Court & Social:

! TATLER !  says:
Who cares ?

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:

As/ above
I’m krank.

Watch-out for Merkel

2:    Colonial News:

As/ above
I’m krank.

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
As/ above
I’m krank.
No copy.
Me going bo-bo’s to repair airframe.

Middle East:

Far East:


(Pearl Harbour still quiet and me still krank)


AM Friday  30-November-2012:

And so to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

Of Point:

We respectfully,  but with regret,  remind you of previous:

As/ last,  unfortunately:
Standing*  Notes of Caution  that have been running,
eg and again of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Area Emergency (ISU + Other) Cover,
as/ last.

* AGAIN HOPEFULLY,  now the UK media main carriers are aware,  not for much longer.

General & Sundry:

Got the lurgy : Throwing a sicky : Not mithering

UK Parliamentary News:

Leveson Enquiry results out to full yesterday.
The wailing and gnashing of teeth from all sides appears to be just gathering pace at the mo’ with all pundits shouting to get their two-pennerth in
(mostly fired from the hip)
We predict a lull after mid next week,  and then . . . …… ?

Th’ ODA Analysis:
It all boileth down to:
Governments tend towards totalitarianism.
Press tends towards outrageous sensationalism about anything and everything that might cause someone to buy their rag particular.
Governments know this and use the periodic illustration of such outrages to discredit and control The Press including the forbidding of collecting evidence.
Press screams  ‘Shackling’  and says it will behave in future and research all to full firstly before publication.
Government backs off.
Press find a real Government naughty and publishes.
Cycle starts again.

When various members of UK Press invited to comment on the esteamed and squeaky clean BBC yesterday:
We note  St Ian Hislop  (50’something and a 1/4) (no relation)  noted that:
Young Cameron D. in interviews didn’t miss a chance on saying just what he’d done for the situation.
View From The High desk:
You’re catching on David.
There’s no such thing as bad publicity.
Now sharpen me another quill boy !
Old :
An ODA Closer:
Have you been diddling Rebecca  David ?
YES / NO ?


BIG NIGEL FARANGE & Co  doth be a’comin’ !
Partial results for bi-elections various but specific of yesterday dribbling-out at time of writing.
Don’t order those new curtains yet Sam !

Court & Social:

! TATLER !  says:
Kate is still shopping at Tescos.

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:

Got the lurgy : Throwing a sicky : Not mithering

2:    Colonial News:

Got the lurgy : Throwing a sicky : Not mithering

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
Nowt at the mo’.

Middle East:

~ As/ last

Got the lurgy : Throwing a sicky : Not mithering with further.

Far East:

~ As/ last

Got the lurgy : Throwing a sicky : Not mithering with further.


(Pearl Harbour still quiet)


AM Thursday  29-November-2012:

And so to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

Of Point:

We respectfully,  but with regret,  remind you of previous:

As/ last,  unfortunately:
Standing*  Notes of Caution  that have been running,
eg and again of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Area Emergency (ISU + Other) Cover,
as/ last.

* AGAIN HOPEFULLY,  now the UK media main carriers are aware,  not for much longer.

General & Sundry:

Drilling News:

1:  Lake in Antarctica covered in ice for  ~ x 3K years / >  has been under core drilling for some time.
That well (yo ho ho) known.
1st of samples (revealed by team to press) shows microbiological life.
Source:  UK + International Press Gen.
Date of Pub:  Recent

2:  Lakes on moons of Saturn + Other Lumps orbiting The Sun (no relation)
appear from recent space probe info,  to be of same disposition and constitution as
that above in Antarctica.                                                                                                                                                                         Probe info current confirming suspicions aroused from
data sent back by previous probes + telescope observations.
Source:  UK + International Press Gen.
Date of Pub:  Recent

3:  The current Mars probe buggy vehicle  ‘Curiosity’  has sent back last week / <,
‘Some very interesting data from its last stop and sampling’.
‘Results undergoing detailed analysis and to be announced shortly’
Source:    UK + International Press Gen.
Date of Pub:  This week

1:  Is the grand revelation of life beyond planet earth about to be revealed to
the wobbly Daily Mail Reader of erratica ?
2:  Wot will be in The National + International Ruling Houses Xmas Messages various,
and of point particular,
The Vatican one ?
3:  Does your chewing gum loose it’s flavour on the bedpost overnight ?

UK Parliamentary News:

Leveson Enquiry results part out yesterday @ 13.00hrs.  Full today.

The Sun ‘newspaper’ comes out of corner fighting already.

We’ll see,  we’ll see.

Court & Social:

! YOU&YOURS !  says:
Garry  has/not  been seen shopping in Asda* with Chantelle

(Prob correct.  *That’s the level of such.    Ken A’fka)

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:

Nowt at mo’
Merkel’s quiet again / Attack due . . . ……

2:    Colonial News:

Have A Banana  says he’s not paying carbon tax on his *aeroplanes emissions.
Source:  TreeHugger Online Mag
Date of Pub:  Today

View From The MOT Bay:
Not surprising really is it?
Next stage in the game is to charge the twat same on his wars.
(Or would  he/ the Great Them  take that as the case for going nuclear ?!)                                  Old                                                                                                                                                          (With a probe up his exhaust pipe and a certificate of purity)

ODA Board of Education:                                                                                                                      More in hope than expectation time:    *That is the way it is.  Be told.

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
Nowt at the mo’.

Middle East:
As/ last

Far East:
As/ last

The Rest:

(Pearl Harbour still quiet)


AM Wednesday  28-November-2012:

And so to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

Of Point:

To date,  see the machinations of  Ye House  below.


We respectfully,  but with regret,  remind you of previous:

As/ last,  unfortunately:
Standing*  Notes of Caution  that have been running,
eg and again of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Area Emergency (ISU + Other) Cover,
as/ last.

* AGAIN HOPEFULLY,  now the UK media main carriers are aware,  not for much longer.

General & Sundry:

UK Home Office wants to bring in a minimum price of £0.45 / std measure unit.
Sources:  UK Main Media – many & various.
Date of Pub:  This week, days various.

View From Outside The Old Winchester Under The Sink:
Have they not read ODA emissions previous on the subject  ?
Have they now got all their Beer Vouchers in the UK Home Brew Industry ?
Old,  TT,  :

UK Parliamentary News:

Leveson Enquiry results due out today @ 13.00hrs

We’ll see,  we’ll see . . . ……


Court & Social:

! WHISPERS !  says:
Tracy  has/not  lost 3 stone with a miraculous new diet !


1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:

Nowt at mo’
Come-back later

2:    Colonial News:

See  Middle East  piece below.

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
Nowt at the mo’.

Middle East:
As/ last copy on area:
Palestine / Israel:
Most ~ as/ last:  Cease Fire in place and still holding  (more/less)  at time of writing
Israel not sending their army in to scorch the place – yet  . . . ……

So,  to wot might JUST be incidentals (?)  .  .  . . . ……

US announces
Withdrawal of forces from Affyland to be accelerated (again)
Expenditure on hard kit for field use proper to be increased (again)

UK + US squaddies various have over recent years started to kick-back public and good-style against lack of modern field kit sufficiently adequate to cope with the naughties found in field with especial emphasis on protective kit.

BAE in conjunction with The US Northrop Corp have recently announced a nice new 70 tonne multi-role armoured vehicle with lots of modern kit to replace a number of existing field wagons in use by both The US + The UK  especially the now aged US Bradley armoured personnel carrier (~ x30 ton)  +  Brit kit similar.

The ODA Cutting-Edge Intelektual Analysis  bit:
It’s    Join The Dots Up    time.

Far East:
Apart (?????? !!!!!!) from the above:
Some naughty people in the Affy Khazi Government have had their hands in the till.
Nothing too much gone:
Estimates to date range up to $500KKK gone sideways.
Sources:  International : Most Main Media Carriers
Date of Pub:  Bit last week and previous  +  Big chunk yesterday  +  Further today

View From The ODA Accounts Dept:
And of the usual suspects of the scenario,
just how many have been  Illuminated  ?
Abi Cus,    for  Old :    (who is now frantically checking his wallet)


(Pearl Harbour still quiet)


Tuesday  27-November-2012:

Due to tech repairs and updates of yesterday we’re in a not unfamiliar mode:
Still playing catch-up.
Hopefully all to be brought to date later today.

Not achieved. Please live with the apols.
AM Wednesday  28-November-2012.


Monday  26-November-2012:

Closed for day for technical updates
(aka mending fuck-ups)
Hopefully some copy will be entered in retro.

Not achieved. Please live with the apols
AM Wednesday  28-November-2012.


SUNDAY    25-November-2012.



Saturday  24-November-2012:

As/ last,  unfortunately:
Standing*  Notes of Caution  that have been running,
eg and again of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Area Emergency (ISU + Other) Cover,
as/ last.

* AGAIN HOPEFULLY,  now the UK media main carriers are aware,  not for much longer.

And so to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

Of Point:
The ever-grinding wheels of totalitarianism grindeth on:
Latest known:
Rotherham Corpy Social Workers have snatched kids off foster parents.
Reason given by ye esteamed Corpy for the removal:
Ye parents are members of UKIP !

Background Info:  The Foster Parents are white and the kids are                                                   * black    of mixed race    from overseas/abroad    East European *

O Loco Corpy Parentis  !?    /    O Corpy Mens Nun Sanni  ?!
Your Social Services Correspondent:
L. E. T. S.  Go-For-A’Coffee

* Progression of definitions of the kids over the day by the esteamed BEEB ! *

View From The Manger:
This is a trial run-through.
If they,  these puppets particular of the totalitarian agenda,  get away with this they’ll then next firstly go for ALL kids of all UKIP + BNP + EDL etc party members,  then onto those of ALL political party members who aren’t dropping-in with their ‘PC’ agenda of the day,                       whatever that might happen to be.

Further,  in the event of a full takeover of government by a fascist regime,  ODA holds that the above ‘operatives’ of the corpy citadel would do a smart about turn without a thought and attempt to make membership of that then ruling party compulsory.

Going for a cup of tea.
Spank me black&red&white&blue
OldJesus H:

Now to,  A Short History of Fuck-Ups:

The script below was firstly loaded today (Saturday) to this page,
then the bloody page went breasts skyward !
So,  we stored and illustrated a copy in St ODA’s Parish Notices Page for a few days.
Now all appears to good with this page so we’ve put it back where it belongs.

So to,  an update to our esteamed piecette above on Rotherham Corpy ‘Social Services’ pied-piper(s) who have gone to a UKIP ginger bread house or something and taken the kids to be sold as white slaves to The Socialist Workers Party.  (Or something very like that).

An update,  to wit:
Doth appear,  from the UK ever-changing news feed we receive,  that ye said kids are not black, not brown, not half caste, not mulatto, not even mixed race,  but are,   to satisfy the esteamed operatives of said Corpy Dept in their ceaseless and tireless quest to fuck-over The English Language to the point where fucking anything and everything said is said to mean something else which if that then put to analysis means fuck-all to any fucker anywhere who can speak and write English proper correctly  in order to further their  ‘politically correct’  agenda of fucking over the indigenous population of these fair isles – etc.
Errrrrr,  so just wot was the focus of our comment    ????????????????????????????????
Ah yes.
ref  The little players pawns in the middle of this débâcle,
(who are said by the news reports to be of such a young age that they can’t possibly be expected to give a shit about such nonsense one way or another):
They are to be termed as:
‘Of a diverse heritage’
by  The Total Nonsense Dept,  Rotherham Corpy.
So in the light now shed on our inadvertent errors of publication we respectfully and most humbly offer to the said:
Esteamed Cadre of The Dept of Total Bollocks of The Perfect Workers Paradise of Rotherham  (affiliated)    (contd page 95 – Ta Eye)
who no doubt we have injured more than Bobby MacAlpine’s bruised ego when people mentioned his name in his defence,  by our outrageous inaccuracies of pronouncing said kids as/ above,
we proffer the following:
Apparatchiks,  please accept our most sincere and profound apologies and the piss-pot over your empty heads you fuckin’ nonces.
Further,  we proffer a note of free professional advice from our very own HR Dept:
Should you ever decide to depart your ivory tower of detachment from reality and seek employ elsewhere,
don’t bother looking for a proper job ever,                                                                                            there isn’t one in the fuckin’ Universe that would have you.

cc’d   –>   This Day’s Script  when the page controls were mended and proved:

PM Friday  30-November-2012.

General & Sundry:
Nowt fert today

UK Parliamentary News:

Nowt fert today

Court & Social:

! CHAT ! says:
Chantelle  is/not  seeing Wayne

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:                                                                                                        ref  EU Parliament Distribution of Farming Subsidies:

‘Those paid to European mainland farmers are on average                                                             x200 Euros / Hectare > than that paid to UK Farmers’

Source:  BBC Radio 4 : ‘Farming Today Programme’
Date of Broadcast:  Today

2:    Colonial News:

Nowt fert today.

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
Nowt at the mo’.

Middle East:
Palestine / Israel:
Most ~ as/ last:  Cease Fire in place and still holding  (more/less)  at time of writing
Israel not sending their army in to scorch the place – yet

Far East:

Compare & Contrast Time:
Land Rover to start making vehicles in China
Honda new engine plant in UK now designated proper to build all new generation engines for Honda cars produced in EU and for sale in EU.

View From Behind The Dirty Windscreen
Where is this all going ?


Friday  23-November-2012:

As/ last,  unfortunately:
Standing*  Notes of Caution  that have been running,
eg and again of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Emergency (ISU + Other) Cover,
as/ last.

* AGAIN HOPEFULLY,  now the UK media main carriers are aware,  not for much longer.

And so to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

Of Point:
Nowt fert today.

General & Sundry:
Nowt fert today.

UK Parliamentary News:

Come-back later.

In the interim,  you could do worse than look to the addendum to yesterdays entry
Hans Ard.

Court & Social:

! HELLO ! says:
Farqua  is/not  seeing Isobella

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:                                                                                                        EU Parliament kicking-off good style ref UK kicking off good style ref EU eating BV’s and giving nowt back and threatening to withdraw BV supplies as are to EU.
Wouldn’t have bothered mentioning what is getting to be well known, but,  errrr,  Rumania is doing same as UK !

2:    Colonial News:
Nowt fert today

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
Nowt at the mo’.

Middle East:
Palestine / Israel:
All ~ as/ last:  Cease Fire in place and holding  (more/less)  at time of writing
Israel is not sending their army in to scorch the place – yet   . . . ……

The View From Still Behind The Biggest Sand-Bag I Can Find:
Further to last : Hope springs eternal : Let’s hope it lasts.
Old,  Mullah, Rabbi, The Very Rev, Buddah, Lama,  :

Far East:

(Pearl Harbour quiet)


Thursday  22-November-2012:

As/ last,  unfortunately:
Standing*  Notes of Caution  that have been running,
eg and again of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Emergency (ISU + Other) Cover,
as/ last.

* AGAIN HOPEFULLY,  now the UK media main carriers are aware,  not for much longer.

And so to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

Of Point:

ref  Northgate School of Ipswich:
Team of proofreaders are to be engaged by the school  Head upper most elevated part of the body master person* to correct  teachers ‘pupil reports’ before publication to parents.

( * In a non-superior organist way )

View From The High Desk:
Yer  fuckin fuckin fuckin fuck fuck fuck  wot ?
doent de teechers ov dat hood no enyfink ?
Old,  Emeritus Prof to The English Faculty (sic) (and couldn’t try harder),  :

Sources:    The Metro Newspaper  +  A good few others
Date of publication to Metro:    Today

General & Sundry:
Come-back later.

UK Parliamentary News:

Come-back later.

In the interim,  you could do worse than look to the addendum to yesterdays entry
Hans Ard.

Court & Social:

! HELLO ! says:
Farqua  is/not  seeing Isobella

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:                                                                                                        EU Parliament kicking-off good style ref UK kicking off good style ref EU eating BV’s and giving nowt back and threatening to withdraw BV supplies as are to EU.
Wouldn’t have bothered mentioning what is getting to be well known, but,  errrr,  Rumania is doing same as UK !

2:    Colonial News:
Come-back later.

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
Nowt at the mo’.

Middle East:
Palestine / Israel:
All ~ as/ last:  Cease Fire in place and holding  (more/less)  at time of writing
The Israel not sending their army in to scorch the place – yet
The View From Still Behind The Biggest Sand-Bag I Can Find:
Further to last : Hope springs eternal : Let’s hope it lasts.
Old,  Mullah, Rabbi, The Very Rev, Buddah, Lama,  :

Far East:

(Pearl Harbour quiet)


Wednesday  21-November-2012:

As/ last,  unfortunately:
Standing*  Notes of Caution  that have been running,
eg and again of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Emergency (ISU + Other) Cover,
as/ last.

* Hopefully,  now the UK media main carriers are aware,  not for much longer.

And so to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

Of Point:
Nowt really.

General & Sundry:
Manc News:
‘Police mirth after plastic plod puts out call for ‘PC World’
His boss is Dixons of Dock Green
(Aside:  Many devices, one policy – Is it possible ?)
A plastic plod was left red faced after issuing a call to other forces to find a Police Constable World.
The mistake was made when the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) was skimming through evidence and found what she thought was the officer’s name attached to a bundle of cash.
In actuality, the money was seized at the scene of a crime during an operation at the Dixons Retail-owned store PC World in Stockport earlier this year and deposited in a safe.
According to police blog Emergency Shorts the PCSO skimmed the form and asked:               “Do we have a PC World on this division? I’ve never heard of him”.
The silly civvy copper failed to connect the dots and put out a communication on the police wires for PC World to get in touch about the money.
Obviously there was no trace of a PC World to be found in the local constabularies.
The error was highlighted by a colleague, once the call had gone out much to the hilarity of all including the civvie, with other coppers asking if she’d seen Dixons of Dock Green.
According to Police mag, she was “very experienced” and the mistake was “most unlike her”.
Some would say the price and quality of service at PC World is  . . . ……  errr criminal.’ ®

Author:  Paul Kunert  to The Register  :  19-11-12
Original Publisher:  The Register  on line mag
Date of Pub to RegisterTODAY
Received to ODATODAY

UK Parliamentary News:

For a bit,  we’re occasionally going to run a  ‘This Is Wot The Buggers Are Up To At The Mo’  piece as/ below and see how it goes:
It’s nowt you couldn’t get from a direct subscription to UK Parliament Hansard www publications  ( )                                                                                           but for our very own esteamed interpretative insights (!):                                                                  (Could throw in ‘Award Winning’ as every bugger else does, but none has given us one yet !)

So to the activities current of The House(s):

(They listed below as/ received inn series of ‘Messages’)

Message 1:                                                                                                                                               Peers probe government on EU health policies
Lords committee holds one-off evidence session with Earl Howe, Health Minister
European Commission and Industry questioned by Lords in EU energy inquiry
Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy EU Sub-Committee speak to European Commission and Oil and Gas UK
Lord Chancellor questioned by Lords in annual evidence session
Constitution Committee hold evidence session with Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP
Lords scrutinises Justice and Security Bill
Restrictions on sensitive materials disclosure in court proceedings under scrutiny
will allow you to view a copy of the updated information.

Message 2:
Lords examines Financial Services Bill
Lords debates benchmarks and entry to the financial services industry
Commons debates security in Northern Ireland
Opposition day debate on security in Northern Ireland in the Commons today

Message 3:
Lords examines Financial Services Bill
Lords debates benchmarks and entry to the financial services industry
Commons debates security in Northern Ireland
Opposition day debate on security in Northern Ireland in the Commons today

Message 4:
Commons     City of London (Various Powers) Bill [HL]     21.11.2012
Commons     Reading Borough Council Bill     20.11.2012
Commons     Nottingham City Council Bill     20.11.2012
Commons     Leeds City Council Bill     20.11.2012
Commons     Canterbury City Council Bill     20.11.2012

Message 5:
Public Bills before UK Parliament Update:
Commons     Small Charitable Donations Bill     21.11.2012
Commons     Representation of the People (Members’ Job Share) Bill     21.11.2012
Lords     Prisons (Interference with Wireless Telegraphy) Bill     21.11.2012
Commons     HGV Road User Levy Bill     21.11.2012
Commons     Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill [HL]     21.11.2012
Lords     Financial Services Bill     21.11.2012
Lords     Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill     21.11.2012
Lords     Disabled Persons’ Parking Badges Bill     21.11.2012
Lords     Crime and Courts Bill [HL]     21.11.2012
Commons     Civil Aviation Bill     21.11.2012
Lords     Caravan Sites Bill [HL]     21.11.2012
Hans Ard.

Court & Social:

! HELLO ! says:
Isabella is/not seeing Farqua

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:                                                                                                        WIP.
Come-back later.

2:    Colonial News:
Come-back later.

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
Nowt at the mo’.

Middle East:
Palestine / Israel:
All ~ as/ yesterday:  Cease Fire in place and holding  (more/less)  at time of writing
The Israel not sending their army in to scorch the place – yet
Head of UN to the theatre.    Players players:  Clinton + Blair, also to come.
To The View From Behind The Biggest Sand-Bag I Can Find:
ALL as/ last:  This is still to blow-up proper and very very very nasty and very very very soon – unfortunately
Old  :

Far East:

(Pearl Harbour quiet)


AM Tuesday  20-November-2012:

As/ last,  and you can see from the notes below of late last week, we are struggling with our system.    🙁
As/ below, script of last week has been lost
but it’s now not as bad as we thought and most we think to date will be recovered.
Take any standing notes of caution that have been running,
eg and again of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Emergency Cover,
as/ last.

And so to     TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

General & Sundry:

UK Utility Energy Prices:

David,  who lives at 10 Downing Street,  has declared all the companies who have carved up the supply of Electricity and Gas to UK domestic consumers must now:
1:  Have no more than x4 pricing levels
2:  Automatically place any customer in the lowest bracket applicable to them.

View From The Meter Cupboard:
Don’t think that’ll stop The Spivs of Olde England running rings round The Regulator
at all.
Old,  Reader,  :

PS.  Just who,  independent,  do you refer to in England for calibration of your meters  ? ? ?

UK Parliamentary News:

On holiday today

Hans Ard.

Court & Social:

Darren is/not seeing Debby

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:
Merkel’s quiet at the mo’.

So wot’s Jerry up to ???

View From The Slit Trench:
Mmmmmmm   . . . …….
Always like this before The Hun attack
Must get a new barrel for the Bren, a new belt for the Vickers and dig a deeper hole rapido
Old Bob

2:    Colonial News:
Yanks to send Hilary Clinton to the Middle East débâcle current.
Tony lurketh in the shadows.
Oh deary deary me.  See below.

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
Nowt at the mo’.

Middle East:
Palestine / Israel:
Cease Fire in place and holding at time of writing
The Israel not sending their army in to scorch the place – yet
Head of UN to the theatre.  Players other also to come – see above.
To The View From Behind The Biggest Sand-Bag I Can Find:
This is still to blow-up proper and very very very nasty and very very very soon – unfortunately
OldMullah, Rabbi, The Very Rev, Buddah, Lama  :

Far East:
China is in fear of economic growth dropping below 5% (!)

View From The A/c’s Dept:
Dave above could do with probs like that !
Abi Cus


AM Monday  19-November-2012:

As you can see from the notes below of late last week, we are struggling with our system.    🙁
As/ below, script of last week has been lost
but it’s now not as bad as we thought and most we think to date will be recovered.
Take any standing notes of caution that have been running,
eg and of point especial  :  Ye M60 Motorway Emergency Cover,
as/ last.

Oh,  and not forgetting  The Great Lord  who cannot be mentioned:
See  Pride’s Purge  on the subject !

View From The Ed’s Desk:
Think that’s enough free publicity for

The Great Lord Who Cannot Be Mentioned

Old,  Type-Setter,  :

PS. + NB.
An Open Letter to  Lord McThingy & Imitators:

ODA Twattereth not.
Verily,  ODA hath not begat public emissions other than that which floweth from the loins of the Great Lord ODA through this,  his most mighty organ.
(Ta Eye for that one).
Although ODA ‘hath presence’ on Farcebook it hath no issue on Farcebook other than the notes of the presence.
Nor doth it ‘haveth presence’ on any other ‘social media’ nor any other forum  excepeth Ye Hacker Radio Society (and if anyone’s got a good Sovereign Supreme IV they’d like to flog I might be interested)  and therefore neither emitteth in script nor bloweth no trumpet in no other place, (excepteth in the dark place of the bog,  but that which is done in privvy stayeth in privvy,  and is purified by the crystal clear chlorinated, fluorinated waters that decendeth from the cash mountain of United Futilities),
From   The Book of ODA.
Ch. CI.    V.1


Wot I Did On My 1/2 Holiday (yesterday):

Brunch @ Armenique in Gatley courtesy of Management
then to a short drive around central Manc.
Further coffee and the Sunday papers at the now refurbished Ibis
and on to wom and finishing off the Sunday papers
Absolutely bugger-all of note noted but that on passing Stratstones, the posh car dealers at the end of Upper Brook Street, we see they have mainly second hand vehicles in the showroom and don’t have a Ferrari and Maserati display any more to drool at through the window.    🙁
A sign of the times mi-boy,  a sign of the times.  🙁

Wot The Sunday Papers Said:

Many and Various as/ usual
Of note:

The Sunday Telegraph Business Section leads with:
‘Politicians ‘crippling’ UK Banks’

View From The ATM:
Well, well, well.
There’s a turn round for the a/c book !
So,  who pulleth Ye Telegraphs strings ?
Old Teller.

NHS Re-Structuring:
Various report pay-offs in the region of £1KK to individual NHS senior executives and CEO’s
Total bill for this to date since the current restructuring started in 2010 is said to be in the region of
The Telegraph quotes £964KK.

View From The Trolley in The Corridor:
So, so, so.
Just where is sense and who is pulling who’s strings ???
Cock-up or Conspiracy ?
Old,  Not very patient,  :

And so to     TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

General & Sundry:

Can’t be bottomed after continuing the recovery of the lost script of last week.
Read the bloody papers will yer !

UK Parliamentary News:

Nowt at the mo that we can see

Presumption of Death Bill 2012-13

View From The Public Gallery:
Wants watching this one.
Your Parliamentary Correspondent : Hans Ard.

Vehicle Fuel Receipts (Transparency of Taxation) Bill 2012-13
Type of Bill:
Private Members’ Bill (under the Ten Minute Rule, SO No 23)
Robert Halfon

View From The Public Gallery:
About time too.
Might just be the right thin end of a reet good wedge to drive into the murk of the general lost monies of taxation
Hans Ard.

Court & Social:

CHAT says:
Debby is/not seeing Darren

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Those in Isolation in The Fog:
Natives are still revolting
Only winter will keep the damper on it we feel.

2:    Colonial News:
Yanks beating themselves up over a General Chief of Staff dipping his willy where he shouldn’t.
No comment – Just not worth it.

3:    The Rest:

Near East:
Who said they never invent and make anything out there ?
Tunisian firm has patented a new design of windmill that is pronounced as twice as efficient as the best of the std designs.

Middle East:
The Israeli’s and Palestinians are coming out to play
(‘hardball’ as the colonials would have it)
yet again.
More and more and more people of both sides will have their lives fucked-up proper.
To The View From Behind The Biggest Sand-Bag I Can Find:
Just what was behind The Balfour Declaration ?
Conspiracy / Cock-Up
? ? ? ? ? ?
OldMullah, Rabbi, The Very Rev, Buddah:

Far East:
Paddy has surrendered in Affyland.
See ODA O&S previous on the subject.


SUNDAY    18-November-2012:

Shut  :  It is SUNDAY
Shut  :  It is SUNDAY
Shut  :  It is SUNDAY
Shut  :  It is SUNDAY
Shut  :  It is SUNDAY
Shut  :  It is SUNDAY


AM Saturday  17-November-2012:


@ AM Saturday  17-November-2012:  ALL  :  As/ Friday note below  :  Due to loss of script      for today,  Saturday,  it is incomplete also.

@ AM Monday  19-November-2012:   We have decided to ‘call it a draw’ with the below due to our glorious system acting-up yet again.  ie Notes further and of explanatory nature are considered mainly ‘lost to the ether’ and have not been added to what was wanted as a more full and rounded script below.                                                                                                                 (Some have now been rescued and added to the Monday submission above)


to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

1:  AGAIN:
English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ previous  :  ! BEWARE !

(AGAIN : DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)
Should you just be enjoined with our glorious emissions:
See daily entries previous on same below for more notes
UK Election News:
Pt I:
UK Mid-Term By-Election Day (Thursday) for Manc Central Constituency:
Turnout to Poll:  ~ 18%
Pt II:
UK first election day (Thursday) for Police Commissioners:
Turnout to Poll at Newport, Gwent:    0 (sic)
Average (to date) across UK : < 15% of electorate.


Nowt of importance but we do note that Cameron D. has hired Boris’s ex spiv to do him a make-over as well in prep for the next election.
As/ last  :  Old Bobby McAlpine’s still spitting fire and venom !
He’s been going at it for a bit now and appears to have nailed the worst of the perpetrators of the www nasty rumour mill.
(And good luck for that Robert)
As/ ours past,  trial by mob cannot be tolerated and ye tinterweb is only the last of their tools)
*Best watch who’s pulling your strings though Bob.
Much further slamming the little people and it’ll be interpreted as an establishment attempt to squash free speech.    🙁
(*A look at legals usual suspects could be the thing !
After all they’ll make money which ever way it crumbles !)

ODA  Foreign Desk:

The Other Parliamentary News:

EU is spend diddly-umpty-dump millions of Eurinals on a museum of themselves in order to enhance the image of guess who ?

(Makes the BBC look like a self-effacing recluse)


The EU natives are still revolting !

(No cut-backs there !)


AM Friday  16-November-2012:


A Saturday Morning  (termorrer)  Apology:
Script below of Friday not as entered / initially published for Friday                                               (but for Bobby McAlpine’s !)                                                                                                                    Appears much loss of general writing lost by system.    🙁
An attempt will be made later on Saturday to return it to full.
Ken Afka
AM Saturday  17-November-2012.


AM Friday  16-November-2012:
to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

Transport News:

English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ previous  :  ! BEWARE !

(AGAIN : DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)
Should you just be enjoined with our glorious emissions:
See daily entries previous on same below for more notes


UK first election day  (yesterday) for Police Commissioners.

Turn-out estimated to date as <15% overall

So,  ‘To vote is’:
Asspect 1:
‘Only encouraging them’  and  ‘You’ll only be electing one of them’ – etc

Asspect 2:
‘Not to vote is to let them get away with it’

ODA Stance:
As/ our foundation statements:
Not to be involved with politics is to (invite) be ruled by those of  . . . ……
Old,  politically inCorrect,  :



Come back later

(As/ last : Old Bobby McAlpine’s still spitting fire and venom though !)

ODA  Foreign Desk:


Come back later

( The EU natives are still revolting though ! )


AM Thursday  15-November-2012:

to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

1:  AGAIN:
English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ previous  :  ! BEWARE !

(AGAIN : DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)

Should you just be enjoined with our glorious emissions    :    Explanatory:
If you do prang whilst abroad in your motor carriage on ye M60,  there’s now  no / very limited  back-up to isolate the mess from the rest of the traffic stream general.

🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    😐

See daily entries previous on same below for more notes explanatory

2:  Creative Accountancy News:

~ 1/2 a doz assorted Chocs in Kent have had their collars felt for fiddling their crime-solving figures.
They,  the Plods + Plodettes,  are said,
by ye esteamed and totally accurate BBC + UK Hard Copy Press,
to have being doing deals with their local crim’s for the crim’s to take responsibility for crimes they,
in a crim’s in case particular,  did not do.

That confession of guilt is then entered in court as to be  ‘taken into consideration’  when sentencing ye crim.
Crim gets pat on head for ‘owning-up’ and leniency in the sentencing.
Plods crime-solving figures improved.

The practice has been said by above reporters to have been going on for some time.

View From The Cells:
We thought the practice had been going on for donkeys years and is common throughout UK – ?
We’ll take criticism on the point of just widespread it is and has been,
but not on principle of it being done.
So,  to return to the above reports of the Kent débâcle:
Why this has come forward now is unknown to us – ?
Perchance, has it been timed to coincide with the UK first election day (today) for Police Commissioners ?
Old, politically inCorrect,  :



Come back later

(Old Bobby McAlpine’s still spitting fire and venom though !)

ODA  Foreign Desk:

Tales From Behind The Chin Wazari:

China confirms election of x10 new bods to the Politburo
Their apparatchiks jump on any of their minions for trying to find out anything about their new glorious leaders.

View From The Forbidden City  (Prestbury):
We thought all publicity is good publicity ? !
Oldslit-eyed :

( The EU natives are still revolting though ! )


Wednesday  14-November-2012:

to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

1:  AGAIN:
English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ previous  :  ! BEWARE !

(AGAIN : DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)

Should you just be enjoined with our glorious emissions    :    Explanatory:
If you do prang whilst abroad in your motor carriage on ye M60,  there’s now  no / very limited  back-up to isolate the mess from the rest of the traffic stream general.

🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    😐

See below for notes explanatory previous

2:  Little Frackers:

Plans to pump large areas of ground of Cheshire and North Staffordshire with high-pressure water + assorted chemicals for the purposes of micro-breaking underlying strata to extract entrapped methane/ similar gas has been met with a large public objection from the areas to be affected should the scheme(s) go ahead.

A public meeting to lodge objections to proposed local massive housing developments,
not, it must be said, solely to address the proposed fracking,
was held at  The Civic Hall,  Alsager,  East Cheshire,  Monday last,
and was filled to capacity.
Attendees to the floor and platform from all parts of social and political spectrum.
A further meeting public is to be held shortly,
Friday  23-November-2012,
in the adjacent village of Biddulph at The Village Hall.
That to be concentrating on the fracking matter  (if you’ll excuse the expression, that is).

A Few Facts As We Know Them  (in no particular order):

US Experiences of this fairly widely known.
Most famous being leaching gas getting into ground water supplies and coming out through domestic taps !
Not so well known to date is there is a larger than town sized area under Louisiana that has collapsed into an underground sump that is thought to have been formed by the collapse of overlying strata when gas was released from the area by fracking.  The sump is now, presumably,  part/ filled with the fracking solution and now draining ground water.  Contaminated water is being found forced away from the area and into local surface water courses by the pressure of the ground above the sump area.
The adjacent town sized town,  Bayou Corne,  is said to be subsiding.  150 residents have been evacuated.

Etc Etc Etc,  Blah Blah Blah.
I’m stopping the details here and having a wee and a cup of tea now.
Sod-off and Google it if you want for more details of the obvious and this town’s demise you idle buggers.
Old,  all electric,   :

I’ve had me wee and I’ve got me tea so it’s to The UK scene:

UK experience of fracking and its effects and affected is limited.

What is known about this Cheshire + North Staffordshire area particular is that it is:

1:  The chief source of earthquakes in UK.
OK,  we don’t have many and they aren’t big by international standards  (BIG TA  BIG G)
but this is where the main earthquakes in GB have emanated from.
Last of note in 2008.
Look up the records and see not nice pictures of damaged buildings, collapsed chimneys etc
in Manc 25-40 miles (it’s a wide area)  away to the North.
There are even less nice snaps local to the epicentre around the Middlewich area  – obviously.

2:  The chief area in UK for salt mining
Large caverns of the mining are under the Crewe / Nantwich / Northwich area.
These are very nice caverns – so far.
In fact they’re so nice that archive companies and others use the old workings for storage space  –  so far.
A common-sense low-tech technical point:
Water dissolves salt.
If the fracking water comes in,  we do think there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth – fuckin’ immediate AND LOUD –  verily  –  etc.

A building technical observation or several:

.1:  US preponderance of practice is to build framed buildings,  both domestic + commercial of all heights.

.2:  Framed buildings generally resist/ cope with ground movement much better than masonry ones.

.3:  UK preponderance of practice has been to build masonry buildings with no framing for most erections domestic + commercial.   These days  higher (say x3 storeys / >) commercial buildings are now generally steel framed + the majority of single storey industrial unit ‘sheds’ are done so.

.4:  US domestic housing generally framed as said,  but clad to out with boarding of flavours various.  Again generally clad to inner sides of frames with boarding.  Boarding is flexible when compared with masonry and wet applied plaster used in UK for most of its present stock.  Total weight of such US buildings / area particular are lower than UK.

.5:  The US tends to replace buildings rather than renovate.
UK – vice versa
Hence US building stock generally newer than UK’s

Ye Endings (for the time being):

So,  there above is as good a synopsis of the situation as we think can be given without going into the ins and outs of a cats bum,  and we think all the relevant aspects are touched on if not fully explored,  so we end for now but to implore all those objecting to the proposals for fracking to research to the last possible bod that can be found on ‘the side of the table’  proposing fracking.
ie  Who is behind the front man/men they’re dealing with – at the mo’ AND who is behind them AND who is behind them  – ?    TO BE FOLLOWED TO THE LAST.

The commercial facts are simple:
With readily available equipment form the oil industry the fracking can be done cheaply and the gas extracted sold off at an easy and large profit.
WHEN the poo hits the fan and the ground water is found to contain that wot it should not contain and naughty gas and naughty fracking fluids go to places they shouldn’t,  and there are fuckin’ great big hairy-arsed (and smaller) dips in the ground surface where there wasn’t any last week,  etc etc etc,
then you will find that last man (men) we told you to ID above nowhere to be found / somewhere they can’t be reached by UK law.

Oh naughty people.  Oh naughty people.

Meanwhile down in deepest Whitehall:
Happy Clappy Boy Dave,  the current front-man for vested interests,
will be banging the drum for reducing imports of gas.
( Just trot out the bit about  ‘Balance of Payments Reduced etc’  Dave,
then it’s all down the club for double doubles all round.


Just come in to us  (sic):
Another portion of Louisiana’s sinkhole collapsed Tuesday,
only six days after sharp earthquakes jolted the same area.
Last Tuesday’s quake was estimated between 200 and 600 meters deep and in the vicinity of a failed cavern in the salt dome leased by Texas Brine, according to USGS.
The cavern is in the 1-mile by 3-mile Napoleonville Salt Dome that has also begun collapsing.
Its outer edges is gone.
The dome edge fell in what officials call a “frack-out.
‘Parish Officials’ estimates Wednesday were nearly 19 times their initial estimate on Tuesday,
while Texas Brine officials suggested Wednesday the amount of land lost into the sinkhole was actually was a little less than the parish’s initial estimate.

Nov 12th Report:
Flammable tap water

A Video:
‘Faucet water found flamable in Napoleonville man’s home’ was posted by on Nov. 1st.
In the video,  Ronald Pate,  who lives about 4 miles from the Bayou Corne sinkhole,
says he contacted the Department of Environmental Quality when he realized the water in his faucet was flammable.
The sound track of the response by Chris Piehler of the DEQ is included in the video:
‘He just happened to have stuck a well into the water and is pulling water out of the ground in a very natural state and it has methane gas in it.
Pate responded:
‘I don’t think it’s natural if you got enough methane to come out in your water if you can light it like that’
and noted that
‘he has seen more bubbles in his water since the sinkhole first appeared on Aug. 4, 2012.’

View From The Far Side of The Mask:
Do I hear
‘Resonances with Cheshire / North Staffs UK scenario’
? ? ? ? ? ?
If not,  you’re clinically brain-dead !
Oh Well  . . . ……  Look on the bright side  . . . ……
It’s nice to see the Yanks practising on themselves instead of us for a change !
Old,    Gas Boys ! Gas !    :


Lord Robert McAlpine,  who lead his men down the glen (etc),
has decided to spit his dummy out and throw his rattle out of the pram concerning the allegations of kiddy fiddling made against him made by
The BBC  +  The UK Printed Press  +  Ye Tweeters of Olde England.
He’s got his back-up and quite rightly.
We think the old sod’s innocent,
even if he were guilty, and/ or appeared to be guilty, OR appeared to be not guilty,
Trial By The Mob  is not the way to run anything let alone the UK legal system.
Investigation and due-process by appointed legal authorities proper,
responsible to elected Government is.

ODA  Foreign Desk:

All continuing as/ previous:

The natives are revolting all round the EU.


Tuesday  13-November-2012:

1:  to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

1:  AGAIN:
English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ previous  :  ! BEWARE !

(AGAIN : DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)

Should you just be enjoined with our glorious emissions    :    Explanatory:
If you do prang whilst abroad in your motor carriage on ye M60,  there’s now  no / very limited  back-up to isolate the mess from the rest of the traffic stream general.

🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    😐

M60 Operative ‘on the ground’  (ie  sans management bods)  staffing levels to date:
Number now increased to x118
(from a previous of x103 of same of recent ‘cut-backs’)
Prior to cut-backs:
x220 bods

Summary Word of Caution Further:
Quite where other in the country this is happening we know not,  yet.


Points of Info  (disconnected ?):

1:  One of HM’s Finest throws wobbler in court when accused of fiddling the expenses.
2:  MP’s of most parties can get instructional courses on presentation of self
(aka  Acting courses )

View From The Gods:
There’s no business like  . . . ……
Old,  luvvy,  :

ODA  Foreign Desk:

Thought about Jordan for Xmas this year ?


AM Monday  12-November-2012:

1:  to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

1:  AGAIN:
English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ previous  :  ! BEWARE !

(AGAIN : DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)

Should you just be enjoined with our glorious emissions    :    Explanatory:
If you do prang whilst abroad in your motor carriage on ye M60,  there’s now  no / very limited  back-up to isolate the mess from the rest of the traffic stream general.

🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    😐

M60 Operative ‘on the ground’  (ie  sans management bods)  staffing levels to date:
Update to our previous:
Number now increased to x118
(from a previous of x103 of same of recent ‘cut-backs’)
Prior to cut-backs:
x220 bods

ODA Holds:
It will,  most unfortunately,  take some high placed apparatchik bod to get involved in a serious pile-up before this stupidity is rectified.

(Put other:  When shit hits the fan,  the shit hits the fan)

Summary Word of Caution Further:
Quite where other in the country this  débâcle / farce / nonsense / _____________________
(fill your own description in)
is happening we know not,  yet.

2:  AGAIN:
Kafkarism and The Law:
As/ previous  :  The use of the word ‘avoidance’ in the place of the word ‘evasion’ is being used in the case against mssrs Starbucks Coffee Co + BP + Others  who are being clever and reducing their UK tax liabilities by doing complicated things in exotic  (eg  The I.o.M) off-shore places.

Q:  Being used by whom you might well ask ?
A:  The usual suspects,  HM’s Finest,  as/ usual.
(+ Ye BBC joining in on the chorus between the self spanking of the day)

ODA Holds:
The only evasion here is most probably by
(should  mssrs Starbucks & Co’s  not be fiddling their book figures and be openly declaring all they should)
HM’s Finest from work by not getting off their fat arses and drafting tax laws to the full and proper for what they are meant achieve as set-out by Parliament.

AGAIN:  Succinctly:
See  Lord Denning’s  still (long) standing  Land Mark Ruling  on subject.

UK Motor Fuel Taxation:
The £0.03 / Litre due to go on go-juice is now suspended to re-consideration at the                   2013 April Budget.

Let’s just leave that as is and give an additional Asspect to it all:

£0.03 / Litre    =    £0.1365 / Imperial Gallon.

Here endeth the lesson.

ODA  Foreign Desk:

With echoes to the  ‘non-retention of staff’  above,  ANOTHER squaddy has been shot by ‘friendly forces’ in Affyland    :    Yesterday.

🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁

🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁

🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁

2:  Wot The UK Sunday Papers Said:

Our std intro:
Many and various as usual.
Most flogging to death topics already turned inside out and all aspects examined from all angles over the past week.

With mind to the just past Remembrance Sunday we here note the distasteful juxtaposition of unsettled sensibilities we feel any would reach when comparing the treatment of                       The BBC Head Wallah who has fallen on his sword and resigned so to absorb all past misdoings at Ye BEEB concerning Uncle Jimmy (& now, Co) (!)
that of an experienced and decorated top-end squaddie shown on the front page of
The Sunday Telegraph who had copped for something nasty in the South American jungle,  gone into dock,  came out of dock,  (semi-repaired),  only to find the bang-stick he had left in safe secure store in barracks had been removed and he held responsible.

So to ye treatment of the two bods:
1:  BBC Head Wallah,  54 days in post*,  gets  ~ £500K pay-off *
2:  Army Squaddy,  17 years in Army,  11 years at top-end,  out of the job at no cost to Army !

* This whiffs more than the general point of this piece.
Pay-offs for the boys looms (again)
A complete list of ‘fall-guys’ who have benefited from this practice would be the thing to research and publish.
If only we had the time.    🙁

Meanwhile Ye Blessed BEEB carries on its repetitive dirge of self flagellation,
now in a continuum to the ad nauseum stage.
The effect of this is to mask-out reporting on matters other.

Payouts for  The BBC Boys, and Girls II  (of ? to come):
Appears a couple of others close to the esteamed BEEB Haupt One have
worked their ticket  taken the noble course of action as well.

3:  Wot I Did On My 1/2 Holiday  (yesterday):

AMRemembrance Sunday.

PM:  Went out shopping with Management.
A romantic visit to the local tip on the way,  but they wouldn’t accept me saying something about  ‘nothing that rotted and radioactive’    😐
Returned to wom and  Ye  Reading of Ye Sunday Papers  and a nice chillax.
Could have been worse.    🙂


SUNDAY  11-November-2012 : 11.00 hrs :

it is sunday:






AM Saturday  10-November-2012:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

1:  O&S General:

English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ previous  :  ! BEWARE !

(AGAIN : DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)


2:  UK Parliamentary News:

.1:  ref  UK Prole Manipulation:
Dave’s  ‘Living Wage’  v/v  Tony’s  ‘Minimum Wage’:
Sops to the masses ?
Thin ended wedges of compulsory imposition of wage rates overall ?

View From The Galley  again  (lower tier,  3rd bench of rowers):
In . Out  /  Give . Tax  :  In . Out  /  Give . Tax  :  In . Out  /  Give . Tax  :  etc
Old,  pulling his weight,  :

.2:  ref  The legal arrangements of Benevolent Societies:
Sureties and safeguards about to be modified to a state where they useless

View From The Poor Box:
We’re watching this one.  Suggest you do.
Old,  dipping in the vinegar,  :

.3:  ref  UK Immigration Policy & Practice:
ref  Yesterday’s piecette:
Can’t post this as an erratum as it doth appear from our further receipts from HM’s finest that no bugger appears to know the real figure,
Take the number of loose wallahs wondering around UK as > the 500K we published yesterday,  for now.

ODA  Foreign Desk:

.1:  Again !:  You could do worse than look at the last above firstly !

.2:  US News:
‘General Petraous Chief of General Staff type wallah has been forced to resign because he got caught out dipping his willy in his biographer (F) by a CIA investigation’

View From The . . . ….  Don’t go there:
Errr,  Ye Biographer:
Plant or chance opportunity to shift him ?
Now,  which one of their people are they going to substitute ?
Old,  sifting shit from shite,  :


AM Friday  09-November-2012:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

1:  AGAIN:
English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ previous  :  ! BEWARE !

(AGAIN : DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)


2:  UK Parliamentary News:

.1:  ref  UK Press Freedom  v  Statutory Control:
The matter appears to be coming to a head and an ‘Independent Press Regulatory Body’
appears to be the likely outcome.

View From The Galley:
So, cutting to the chase:
The progress of that will be infiltration of plants and moles into said body (no matter how it manifests itself)  from all sides with interest and the consequential periodic scandals following on.
Surely Parliament is the correct place for such machinations ?
Old,  setting-rule,  :

.2:  ref  The current brouhaha on Child Abuse:

Dave  (when in Abu Dubai, a bit back)  said  ‘He’s going to get to the bottom of it’

Oh well Dave  . . . ……

.3:  ref  UK Immigration Policy & Practice:

UK Border Agency announces they have a back-log of ~500,000 cases knocking round UK claiming asylum and they haven’t the faintest chance of dealing with them with the amount of beer-vouchers they’ve been given to play with.
(Cut-backs you see,  cut-backs)

View From The Light House:
As we’ve said before,  bring back the Coast Guard proper and get it stopped before landing.
Arrr,  Dave lad,  Arrrrrr.
Old,  tricorn,  :

ODA  Foreign Desk:

.1:  You could do worse than look at the last above firstly !

.2:  Middle East News:
Nothing of ‘News’ at all : Business as usual:
Naughty Regime type people are continuing to knock the fuck out of their proles.
How much achieved with the kit we flogged them ?
The US gets upset when Naughty Regime People shoot at their observation drones.
Wot the fuck do they expect Naughty Regime People to do when you fly into their air space ?
Oh well an excuse to invade is an excuse to invade and they’ve got the grand withdrawal from Affyland coming up and they’ve then got nowhere else to play-out proper and the Middle East sites are closer to safe havens for servicing the shows and and and and and and             more proles are going to get killed and The Presidential view:
So wot ?


Thursday  08-November-2012:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

1:  AGAIN:
English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ last  :  ! BEWARE !

(AGAIN : DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)


2:  UK Parliamentary News:

.1:  Julian Wellby to be next AofC.
(Leaked from No 10 one day early)

View From The Cenotaph:
Wot yer trying to divert attention from Dave ?
Oh Well, we’ll just have to see the See you see and see etc  . ..                                                     The Very Venerable   Old :

(‘Eeeeeee,  E always were a puzzle that lad,  E wer’  :  Dave’s Mum)

.2:  mssrs G4S  Loses Prison Contract.

The View From The A/cs Dept:
About time too.
Spank-em Dave !
Abi Cass  for  Old :

‘Dave : Don’tcha luv im’

(Ta for that one Eye,  again)

ODA  Foreign Desk:

Tales From The Chen Wah:
The Chinks are having a periodic x10 year change of Central Leadership.
Their proposed agenda has very strong emphasis on removing corruption.
Well, let’s hope they do it and keep it up.
(Best laid plans etc)


AM Wednesday  07-November-2012:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

1:  English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ last  :  ! BEWARE !

(DO hope this doesn’t become a standing notice)


2:  UK Parliamentary News:

Cleggius Turnoundable,  Cameron mjr’s,  of the Upper VI,  best fag
has done it again over something or other he promised he
would  /  would not  /  (who cares?)    do,
Can’t really be bottomed as to wot it is this time,
and  really, really, really  can’t be bottomed to
predict wot it’ll be next time.

So,  I intend to immerse myself in a pit of self-pity typical of those with shattered illusions
and sign-on the dependant doley’s list forthwith
(we’re all victims now you see).
I end with a valedictory:
Are our illusions to be shattered again ?
Is there no honour in politics ?
Is The Pope catholic ?
Do bears defecate in der wald
A’faka K.    Sub Ed.

View From The Chief Ed’s Desk:
Like Fuck !
All back to work and business as usual termorrer.
Old,  whip-hand,  :

ODA  Foreign Desk:

1:    Yank Presidential Election News:
Hava Banana gets in again.

The ODA take,  analogous and convoluted and simple,
(work that one out !):
(In the colonial idiom)

Coffee beans will vote for coffee beans.
Coffee pots will vote for coffee pots.
If coffee beans are produced more than coffee pots,
If the coffee pots are taxed to death to provide the means for growing the beans,

View From The Percolator:
However,  all said above and as/ last:
Who cares ?
As/ previous:
All they’ll do is elect one of them.
Old,  taxpaying,  :

After all,  they sell their proles the same thing as is sold to all vote-fodder everywhere anyway.
Here they be listed in no particular order,  (except the new one of course),  is the US version:
Jam tomorrow.
Blowing people and things up in exotic far away places that no fucker gives a shit about.

Dah dah dah dah,  dah dah    etc

So,  to the  ODA  post election salute traditional to the victor:

Welcome back Hava Banana.                                                                                                               (Well at least it’s saved some new twat having to do a re-dec and changing the curtains)

We look forward to working with on you.

(Nowt personal,  as/ mine last above,
it’s just that you’re the one who happens to be there,  old boy)

Old,  GLORIOUS,  :

2:    Almost forgot this bit of nonentity (?):
Nowt important really,  not really worth mentioning really,
but suppose we’ve got to fill  the piece of the day  with something and if you’re bored you might as well read it as it’ll fill another minute or so,  so:
It’s just that it appears  The Indian Army  has come-up with positive evidence of
flying saucers  (alien/ home-brewed  is not known – ?),
autonomous robots  (ditto to last codicil),
and all that.

Source:          ‘The Register’  on-line mag
Piece Title:      ‘Mystery robot bringing UFO’s sighted by Indian troops on Tibetan border’
Date of Pub:      TODAY.

Your  Esoterical and Assorted Funny Things  Correspondent:
U. PAnishad.

View From The Moon:
Should we be having a  Galactic Desk  as well ?
An Inter-Galatic one ? ? ?
One for Mossley as well
? ? ? ? ? ?
Old,  right side of the air-lock,  :


AM Tuesday  06-November-2012:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

English  M60 Motorway Incident Cover:
As/ last : Beware !

UK University places not filled.
Fees risen again this year.
Previous graduates remain largely unemployed.
Any connection anybody ?

ODA  Foreign Desk:

Yank Presidential Election:
Who cares ?
As/ previous:
All they’ll do is elect one of them.


AM Monday  05-November-2012:

1:  to  TODAY:

ODA  UK Home Desk:

UK Traffic  :  M60 Motorway:
As/ the H&S Warnings of Saturday + Monday last:
Watch your driving.
If you prang there’s no back-up to isolate it from the rest of the traffic stream at the moment.

🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁

Matters Other:
Little Bankers:
Over past week more UK Governmental fines to the UK LB’s for selling of insurances that never worked.
Today our Foreign Desk Tells Us:
HSBC aka The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation
are the next ones in a stream of Little Bankers being found out as being naughty
and to be fined by the ruling Government in the area of their operation.
This time The US Gvt has pinged the above firm,  operating out of UK,  for 750KK
(GBP we think,  to date)

Such has been done by Governments various across the world
and it looks as though it will continue to be done on the naughtiness various
that is gradually emerging from the shadows.

Q&A Time:
Q:  Will it never end ?
A:  Only when they buy their prosecutors off !

On that theme and no known answer to date:
How much has been expended on prosecuting just this firm ?
How much has said HSBC expended in defending themselves ?
Under UK accountancy rules,
just how much of that expenditure can be put against tax
? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

ODA Holds:
The LB’s will happily expend very large sums on defending themselves
as long as they can put it against tax.
ie  Put such expenditure to book as an allowable necessary expense.
As long as that holds,  it’s business as usual.

Q:  Oh, almost forgot,  just wot have HSBC been found out for (this time) ?
A:  Money laundering.

View From The ATM:
So ontree dahlings !
Abi Cas,    for    Old :

ODA  Foreign Desk:

ref  The    Havva Banana v Another Yank    Show
is coming to an end.
Thank fuck for that !
Whoever they elect it’ll still be one of them !
A BBC quote of the figures involved:
TV advertising expenditure by one of them (Which – who cares?):
and that’s just in Ohio !

2:  Wot The UK Sunday Papers Said:

Our std intro:
Many and various as usual.
Most flogging to death topics already turned inside out and all aspects examined from all angles over the past week.

Come back later, we said.

It’s Wednesday affy and we’ve sieved the rags a good time or several for a something of inspiration and we can’t find much.   So try this for size:

Many and various of the esteamed offerings of  The Fleet Street Remove  have noted recent NHS survey results showing that there has been a marked down-trend in drunkenness and general drug taking among the  18 +’s  of  The UK.

Could it just be they’ve got no Beer Vouchers to do it with ?

Is there no hope for the younger generation we fear ? !

ODA Predicts:

The kids will run like this for a bit,  then if our glorious leaders don’t impose  WW III  to suck them in and brainwash/ drill them,  they’ll kick-off good style.

After-all,  there’s only so far you go with selling austerity  (aka bugger-all)  to the proles.

If der Haupt string-pullers do do a WW III,  then any bods that get back from it will be so pissed-off with everything and so versed in forming tight-focussed-cohesive groups that they’ll make the UK post WW II rise of unionism look like a disorganised chimps tea-party.

3:  Wot I Did On My 1/2 Holiday  (yesterday):

Repeat of last week :

Stayed at wom ‘cos the weather were shite not quite of the Cote d’Azur standard                       to be found usual in Manc at the beginning of November.


SUNDAY    04-November-2012:

got nowt to say BUT for

UK Traffic News:

if you have a prang on the M60 today

you’re very likely to be on your own  :  sans motorway support staff


See tomorrow’s copy



AM Saturday  03-November-2012:

UK Government Deliberations and Machinations and a few more no doubt:

They’re still dancing  The Energy Dance
The latest variation to this 69 step is

View From The Top of The Cold Post:
Not flapping but going to roost ’till Monday
Coo Coo Cool :


Friday  02-November-2012:

Paranoia Corner:
Admiralty Arch to be sold off.
New Scotland Yard to be sold-off.
Rumours of same to happen to other central London Government control buildings similar.
HofP teetering on edge of shut-down for ‘long-needed’ refurbishment.
(It had a full do ~30 odd years ago)

View From The Crows Nest:
Just a couple of views:
Asspect 1:
They know something we don’t about central London control buildings.
(‘As soon as you’ve got fixed assets you’re vulnerable’ etc.  Ergo, let’s leg-it)
Asspect 2:
They’ve shafted the building trade so much so can’t get maintenance and alteration works done.
Old :



WIP. really at the mo’

The small amount we’ve gleaned to date:

However, we feel we should be issuing the following
ref  Ye Esteamed NHS:
Just watch yourself if your vet says anything about putting you:

‘Onto The Pathway’

ref:  BBC Radio 4 News : 13.00hrs TODAY

View From The Porters LODGE:
Didn’t we make allusion to this in a text or several a while back ?
Must look them up and re-publish.
They’re certainly of the Zeit’ now !
Old,  Orderly,  :
The Old Nursing Home.
pp  Dr D’Eath.

2:  Oh,  and almost forgot:
Didn’t we mention something about Sir James Savile’s estate  a little while back  ? ! ? ! ? ! ?
Ehhh bah gum,

Where there’s muck etc    ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday  31-October-2012:

ref    New York,    New York,    etc:
Many have noted of the weather changes in gen of all parts of the world:
It is all getting more and more intensive.
Many have noted:
No matter how many bright ideas
to save energy and generate free /  near/ non-polluting energy,
how many super-efficient engines to turn a shaft of same ilk,
are published in Gizmag and similar,
few reach the fruition of production and sales stages.
So wot happens to the rest ?

View From Under The Big Umbrella:
Anyone for an ever-lighting match and indestructible lamp bulb people ?
Old,  I keep me discoveries in the shed,  :


AM Tuesday  30-October-2012:

UK Power Generation + Supplies:

The Hitachi Corporation have announced plans for a series of nuclear power stations in UK.
The  ‘nuclear option’ is now said to be one of the preferred ones when renewing the UK generating capacity
A couple of the many Asspects:
1:  An ‘Obvious’:
Continued supply of nuclear O&S for nuclear bang-sticks
2: A ‘Not So Obvious’:
Has anyone done the audit of the energy taken to build a nuclear power station
That expended in the building alternative source stations of a mixed bag of same output


Say,  for a selection of a mixed bag:
Erecting  windmill farms
Ground heat power
Tidal surge generation
River flow generation




Pumped Storage



AM Monday  29-October-2012:

Order of Service reversed to last:

So,  to  TODAY:


Manc Local News:
Ye Estate:
Around our fair village lyeth a moderately goodly track a la periphique de Paris:
Ye M60

Further to previous on this subject:

Then&Now Time:
220 Bods were employed on the ground on the M60 maintenance and safety
A little birdy tells us there is to be,  very shortly,  103 of same.

View From The Gantry:
When the top-table politico of SLIPPERINESS,
Loses control of his brand-new beemer chariot of EGO whilst driving at full-belt into the winter fog of FATE,
And gets involved in his very own prang of DOOM,
And is then lying there, with blood & bits not quite as they should be, in a mess of impending OBLIVION,
Should he then be conscious enough to consider why no fucker arrives in TIME to cone-off his prang,
Place themselves and their now diminished mini-7.5 tonne-cheapo-crash-cushions of AUSTERITY,
(ie  Not the 18 ton beasts of PROPRIETARY)
Between him and,
The other blind lemmings of DETACHMENT in attempt to prevent them from smashing into his said mess of STUPIDITY,
He might just notice the REALITY of the above, is of his own making.

Old,    pissed-off,    :
Old,  I’m glad I’m not there now, and Homer, Plato and the rest of the lads feel the same way too,

Wot The UK Sunday Papers Said:

Wot is now our std intro:
Many and various as usual.
Most flogging to death topics already turned inside out and all aspects examined from all angles over the past week.


The spectre of State Control looms yet again:
Press Censorship gets consideration from the politico’s.

As/ the founding O&S of ODA  (see Home Page):
Qui Custodia Custodes ? (or somat like that)
ie  You either have a free press or you do not.

It is up to the readerships to vote with their feet should they disapprove.
As we’ve told you in ours repeatedly : If you don’t like it
Go Away,    Do One,    Don’t Read It,    Piss-Off  etc.

A  Free Press  is one of the very few main bulwarks against totalitarianism.

To Matters Other, but not historically unrelated:

Of,  apparently,  new or at least refreshed to the public view:
Appears that in the late 1950’s naughty communist people from Russia with an expansionist, a la Adolf, outlook and a paranoid disposition put some rather large rocket thingys with nuclear bang bits on the top ends in dei/das/der* Wald in East Germany.
The reports say the did it because their rocket thingy’s of the day if sited at wom, wouldn’t go as far as UK which they were aiming at.
Well,  if I were a naughty Russian communist person then and I saw all those nice dense German woods,  I’d do the same, wouldn’t you ?
Shock Horror etc.
Well,  gentlefolk, take your ease.
They took them back wom when their kit got better and they could wallop us from within their own borders thus avoiding embarrassing international table banging when they would be eventually ( inevitably) found out.
Well there’s consideration isn’t there ?
We can still all sleep easy knowing if the buggers do let their kit off it’ll be home-based and come from the heart.
Ahhhhhh again.

* Fuck-it  :  The Woods

And wot did you do in the cold war Uncle Old :  ?
Little Kenny.
Errrrrr,  apart from knowing the farce of international compounded stress was going on,     (from the ‘Glorious Technicolor’ propaganda of the day a la John Wayne),
I didn’t give a poo.
Old :
Der Alt Bunker.

Wot I Did On My 1/2 Holiday  (yesterday):

Stayed at wom ‘cos the weather were shite not quite of the Cote d’Azur standard                       to be found usual in Manc at the end of October
Me & Management read the papers and cogitated.


SUNDAY    20-October-2012:


we are closed



Saturday  28-October-2012:

A very late posting of this:

A general observation:

With the BBC still beating itself up over the Savile affair,  and looking like it’s going to go on for a god bit longer yet,  one wonders how many of the organisations similar are doing similar audits ?


AM Friday  26-October-2012:

ref Ye UK Media
ref  Ye Ratings Tables
Tennis Perpetual Tournament:

The BBC has now gone from focusing it’s comment on
self’s own and UK Legal Authorities own continuing enquires into The Savile Affair,
into self-analysis over above beating itself-up over said Savile affair.

So, to point of this of today : ODA take on that:
2 principles (of action) going on:

1:    People are drifting away from ‘Auntie BEEB’ to RT and similar and the www at large
for up to date news and the old BEEB practice of selling their brand under the banner of
‘how wonderful we were in the war’ is now worn too thin for credibility with many
(See previous of ODA on same).
So,  ‘Auntie’ needs to retain the interest of wot’s left of the ‘readership’,
and to that end they’re going down the cathartic self flagellation route in the hope that
all corners are floodlight to full, cleaned-out thoroughly and so credibility will be returned.
A safe return to pumping-out bland pap to the masses can then be resumed.
As HM’s premier organ for the dissemination of wot HM&Her Finest wants to be let-out,
The Good Ship BEEB needs to go through the above in order to return to it’s
former desired corporate image of being squeaky clean to
the huddled masses eagerly gathered at their crystal sets.
Of importance equal,  if not of point of exercise real:
That has a direct bearing on ‘Auntie’ continuing to assert by regular proclamation,
their ‘independence’.
After all,  how could such a noble organisation turn itself and let itself be so turned upside-down and inside-out if indeed it were not above outside influence ?
Game to BEEB.
Match continues.

2:  If any of you detect historical religious echoes from the above,  then we think you not alone.

Now to Matins.
This morning we are in
The Chapel of The Scourged,
Wind-Swept Place,

The introit is from Beethoven’s ODA to joy,
First Movement in Three Days

We shall all then join in song for the first on your hymn sheet:
Every Morning Mercies New

The Lesson is taken from  The Book of Revelations.
Reader:  Luke Ing-Glass

Our Second Hymn will be:
We Plow The Fields, And Scatter (allegro)

Father Holy-Thing from The Ecumenical Fellowship of Empty Churches
will give the sermon from
The Lesson on The Mount

We shall close with:
Who Would But Valiant Be ?

Our Organ Scholar:
James Stops-Pulled-Out
will then play the postlude:
Now With The Rising Golden Dawn
followed by the
Extradite and Fugue
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

A silver folding-stuff collection will be taken during Hymn III

Your Minister this morning is:
The ODA Chaplain:
The Rev Up.  (Ms)

Tea and Biscuits are available in The Vestry after.
Then piss-off sharpish as I’ve got salsa class at 10.45 hrs.


AM Thursday  25-October-2012:

UK Economic News:

‘GDP up over last measured quarter.’

Cameron D.  (No relation – To reality)

View From The Wobbly Perch:
I do think we’d all go back on the beer just to get over the above,
if we could afford it.    🙁
Old,  completely sober,  :


Wednesday  24-October-2012:

ref  SE Asia :
ref  The Battle Grounds of The 1950’s – 1970’s Wars
The  ‘Free’ Capitalist  ‘Striver’s Paradise’  West
The  ‘Free’ Communist  ‘Worker’s Paradise’  East:

ref  Bits and Pieces coming up recently on the airwaves various and in the UK printed press same.
They note the still contaminated ground in Vietnam + Laos + Burma remaining and the depredations to local populations of previous press reports over the years since the wars are continuing to reoccur.
The contamination is mainly from the munitions used of all kinds including air-burst blast bombs,  just over-ground-burst blast ‘daisy-cutter’ bombs and shells.                                   ie  Mainly the residue of the bombs & shells used mainly by The West,  +  some of the residue of the more conventional ground impact burst shells of The Eastern parties.
Those now of main concern are the degrading lying munitions, both unexploded and exploded, including those with Napalm warheads,  and, of course those containing the defoliant chemicals  (most infamous of which was the ‘Agent Orange’ spray applied defoliant)  dropped by US planes + ‘placed’ by artillery shells which are still much in-situ and are still very much damaging people both directly and also indirectly through continued pollution of ground .
All above are well known ‘methods of the day’ of depriving ‘the enemy’ of bush cover, especially the defoliants, and indigenous farmers of chance to grow crops and therefore support ‘the enemy’ and were very widely used by The West.

Of point major to this:
What is now coming forward also is the use of  general animal + human  poison bombs.
The Q now of this day:
Will The Great Land of The Free,  (the other one, not Oswaldtwistle),
be brought to a/c for what appears to be direct contravention of The Geneva Convention on the use of chemical and biological weapons on humans ?

View From The Hidden Tunnel:

Having had to live through the above unpleasantness in youth but thank Big G,
at distance,  unlike my colonial counterpart peer group across the pond,
and was not ‘invited’ to enjoin by HM with ye ‘Vietnam’* War, as/ Uncle Sam practice,
(*It did, as/ above, in effect spill over the adjacent borders),
it is with some relief that the above is coming forward at last.
The graphic TV + film + still images of the bombing and The Yanks boasting about the efficacious of their dubious practices remain ingrained.
A very, very, very,  nasty business all round – to all involved.
If any thinks that war is over at armistice,  they have only to look at the above footage of the bombing and its effects.
An impolite reminder/ 2:
1:  American ‘Viet Vets’ have accounted for, and continue to account for,
more social disruption of all flavours,  bod for bod,
than any other discharged group from US forces – ever.
2:  French & Belgian farmers are still being killed occasionally by WWI munitions.
(100 year anniversary of kick-off : 2 years to go)
Read same for WWII munitions also.

Yours, staying in the dark,
Old,  with his tin hat on and his head still well down,  :
Private 3rd Class.  Cook-House Orderly 1st Class.  Home Base-Camp Hospital.


Tuesday  23-October-2012:


A Blow For Freedom in The UK (of A) Has Been Struck:

Frankie Boyle,  the well known thespian, raconteur and all-round light wit of much delicacy, discretion and demureness,  has taken one of the biggest selling newspapers to task over copy they have published concerning him.  With no satisfaction to Frances got then,  he then took it onto The High Court over what he considered to be sleights AND inaccuracies concerning his good self AND The Mirror’s (nascent ?) attempts to silence him.

The Court thought as / Mr B’s submission:
He’s a satirist and that’s wot he does.
£50K (+costs) up to Frankie and a blow for free-speech in The UK.

Now,  to the opening of the ODA Autopsy on the above:
The Daily Mirror is the oldest of the Brit ‘Red-Top’ newspapers
ie  Those that show perpetual interest in
Football, Young Ladies chests, and Mrs Blogg’s cat who has had kittens – again – etc
aka  Pap for the masses.
Since The Mirror ‘came-out’ others similar have come along offering varying degrees of the above
with more Young Ladies chests, and other bits, being a good yardstick of definition as to their target market.
Now,  so wot  ???    we hear.
Errr,  they’re all owned and controlled by the same publishing group that is trying to ‘rescue it’s market share’,  as they said at our chippy when they accidentally put Duckham’s in the fryer  (we all ran smoother after though),  after their multiple whoopsies of past years most notably minor ‘errors of judgment’ when reporting on The Hilsborough Football-Ground Disaster, (where Liverpool fans were killed in an uncontrolled crowd crush),  in that epitome of literary excellence and sister publication to The Mirror,  ‘The (daily) Sun’  which has been unsellable in Scouseland since it’s reporting on the above tragedy.
ie  We read the strategy of ‘The Mirror Group’ is that they’re going for a rescue of a degree of respectability (in the eyes of their readership) starting with The Mirror.
(Frankie has been known to take the odd tilt at the Scousers !)
As time pans-out, we think attempts other down different paths will be taken
eg.,   say:
The Daily Star Court Circular
(Well,  perhaps not !)

A PS of Overview From The Floodlight Perch:
Historical Note:
Above has echo’s of MacMillan
(The well known mustache and Prime-Minister impersonator of the day)
& guess whooo ?
If it before your time.
Old :


AM Monday  22-October-2012:

Wot I Did On My 1/2 Holiday  (yesterday):

Me little poorly again  (a universal Ahhh I hear !)                                                                               but went for a drive-out with Management to Macc.
To coffee to Cafe Nero in the old town square.
Caf good and well kept.
A good ‘chillax’ and read the papers.    🙂
The sound of the adjacent church bells of St Mike of All Angels ringing across the square for evensong made it a quite, quite rounded restful chill                                                                         (The ringing loft  did stutter a bit on starting with rounds – treble went off and No 6 kept coming in too early me thinks,  but there we go !)
To return to Nero : Staff good and level headed.
A down:
Coffee wasn’t what it used to be
Always thought Caf Nero to serve the very best coffee of the UK chain coffee-shop cafs
Appears now,  poss ?,  not, ?
Oh well,  might be a bad batch of beans  –  ?
(Everyone has a bad day every so often – etc)

Let’s hope it’s a blip.

(If we be spared !)

Wot The UK Sunday Papers Said:

Many and various as usual
Most flogging to death topics already turned inside out and all aspects examined from all angles over the past week.
Just a couple to give perspective to the scene of UK at large:
To something fresh to us and a snippet from our own back : Manc : yard:

ref  The UK Sunday Times : Yesterday :
ref  The Main Script (Wot woz called ‘The Paper’ in days of yore) : Page : 25

A certain Housing Trust who shall be nameless called Trafford
has demoted and cut the pay of a Housing Manager,
an Adrian Smith
a pleb who dared to express an opinion of no support to ‘gay’ marriage in church on Twatter !
! Shock Horror !
Further more it doth appear (?) he apparently did it in his own time and off work premises
! etc
He was reported to his esteamed employers Hardly Required Dept by a ‘work’ colleague !
We shall leave you to imagine what a coterie might well exist within the organisation !
And,  should the gentleman’s demise from grace be not have instigated from within, the ‘colleague’ being a mere conduit  for other(s),
then from where  ? ! ? ! ? !
(No more  !’s  now for this : The key’s wearing-out)

We repeat below directly from the S-T’s script,  Mr Smith’s outrageous vitriol:
Please make sure you are seated and have your salts to hand:
‘If The State wants to offer civil marriages to the same sex then that it is up to the State;
but The State should not impose it’s rules on places of faith and conscience’

Further:  The S-T makes the outrageous note that his OPINION is shared by about half the British population.
Oh My God Superior Ethereal Being,
half the nation have an opinion contrary to HM’s Finest edicts a la Tony.

So to the inevitable:
The View From The Crows Nest:
We DO hope  ‘Crows Nest’  isn’t some funny boys/ girls euphemism for something rude:
In our case  :  It isn’t.
Those that dance at the other end of the ballroom might do well to take a step back of reflection and take note of times not so far back when they were persecuted for their leanings.
The full force of the law was brought to bear and they were prosecuted at all opportunities.
And lo,  did not the mass of of the great status-qua supporters of the day support the persecutors.
Full brownie points for the prosecutors.
These days the position is reversed
(If you’ll excuse the expression that is – Do hope that key recovers soon)
Full brownie points to those who persecute those who so much as express an opinion contrary.
Now then, now then:
(Apols.  Just couldn’t miss that one out)
If the assorted bods at that opposite end of the dance floor can give mind to the above,
they might just recognise themselves as the means to somebody else’s end,
whether / not   they happen to be playing with somebody else’s at the time
(Just one more then)

THEN & NOW,  now then, now then,  again:
We could ramble on about comparing:

The effort made, discomfort suffered, and risk taken by the old-time traditional PC Plod lying-up in a wind-blown icy-wet hedge on a January night waiting to grip a burglar with a history of violence who is thought to be about to ‘visit’ a local property.
The old time traditional vice squad who used to frequent public toilets and obscure park corners etc awaiting something naughty to happen.
The effort and discomfort of a Twatter monitor in having to lean across the desk for the next coffee
and then having to discern which opinion expressed to the general public of the world was worthy of persecution.

So we won’t.
We’ll be bone idle,
and leave it to you.


Oh, almost forgot,
The Second One of Ye Sunday Press
(from many sheets various):
ref  The 1984 Miners Strike:
Naughty policemen have admitted they fabricated statements.
(Well just who would have thought that ?)

View From The Crows:
by the esteamed embedded murky ones within the plod establishment ?
Another PlebGate ?

We close with

The Traditional Smoke & Mirrors Anthem:
‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’

Old,    with  no need to make it up as he goes along,    :

So,  to  TODAY:

Appears nowt new to date,  but we are expecting the above concerning the Miners Strike to be the next ‘Hilsborough’

Come back later,  we’ll do an addendum if that thought warranted                                                 (if you’ll excuse the expression that is)



SUNDAY  20-October-2012:

S    s    U    h    ND    u    A    t    Y

S    s    H    un    U    da    T    y


PM Saturday  20-October-2012:

End of a fraught week, (Ahhh we hear you cry !),  so to just couple short & sweet:

1:   Mr Whippy’s jacked.

View From The 3rd From The Left Sitting on The Gate Top Rail and Crowing:
I heard yer,  to whit,  and to woo !
Owd Owl.

2:  Westminster HofC Social News:

They’re still dancing  The Energy Dance
The latest variation to this 69 step is
See ours below.

View From The Top of The Cold Post:
Not flapping,  but going to roost and keeping warm ’till Monday
Coo Coo Cool :
A late PS,    A No3:

For Your Considerations:
The esteamed BBC now  (Sat 20-10-12.)  announcing notice of today’s public protests against UK Government spending cut-backs  to every news single broadcast.
It doth appear  :  Far, far,  far  more bods turned-up for the events than expected.
As far as we know:
Ye BBC didn’t announce the protests to any great extent before the event.

Crow’s Nest View:
With ref to our own volte-face of today ref lifting our ‘reporting’ on ‘Sir Jim Jams’,
(see The Textuals Page !),
talk about  ‘going with the flow’ !
We’ve got nowt on THE BEEB !
Old :


AM Friday  19-October-2012:

Hung-back a bit with today’s copy
Was rewarded
Didn’t like the mode of it though

AGAIN  Connected Gvt  time  AGAIN:

So to today’s little point of focus:

1:    The General débâcle of  last weekend / early this week:
HM’s finest Armed Forces Top Brass were stung by The Sunday Times (all credit to the ST)
exposing them as,  to put it delicately,
appearing to have been swayed and influenced by the UK kit supplying armament company spivs.

2:     Today:
Families of squaddies blown-up in Affyland + diverse places other,  have managed to get leave from  The Courts  to sue  The Ministry of Defence  for not providing vehicles with sufficient armour to protect the occupants from known likely attack in field.
(ie  Likely smacks to be received in situation of field particular)

3:    Recently:
There’s been this thing called defence-cuts of late.

4:    A  universal, constant, never ending  truth:
‘At the end of the day’
‘When all sources have been used’
There is only so much in a budget.

Overheard from a little flea at The Ministry:
Minister / PM / HM etc,
Any connection you might make between any of the above is mere coincidence.
Please don’t concern yourself further as we need to brief you for your next                      emergency fact-finding mission to The Seychelles.
You are to leave in two hours.
All the arrangements have been made.
Good, so, that’s all settled isn’t it ?
Now,  might I be a little improper and take this opportunity to thank you for the knighthood.
One biscuit or two before I prepare to see you off safely ?                                                                Comms ?    Ah yes.                                                                                                                                 Please get in touch firstly with Jeremy when you’re away as I’m going on gardening leave for a bit from tomorrow onwards.

The Salute From The Crows Nest:

🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁

🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁

🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁

🙁  🙁  🙁

🙁  🙁


Old    😐    :


AM Thursday  18-October-2012:

Domestic Consumer Sector:

The News  :  Bugger-all really.
The privatised energy retail companies spivs continue to bullshit the government of the day.
The Gvt of The Day continues the std public PR wailing & whining on behalf of ye consumers
(We are your wonderful protectors are we not ? – etc)
As the current lot in The Seat  are The Cons’,  therefore professional spivs par-excellence at heart,
(and that is not to decry Ye Lib-Dems who are coming along admirably in that department under their new local sun),
any hope proper of the Energy Company opposite numbers bamboozling HM’s Finest is          little more than hope over expectancy.
However,  historically,  as the Con’ Politico firm were the one the ones who instigated the sell-off of the nations assets in the first place,
it puts them in an embarrassing position doth it not ?
The scenario to be rolled-out now is prob the intro of even more sellers of energy,                     (well ‘leccy at least),  to the domestic consumers.
From there:
These  ‘new boys on the block’  will work-up their paper exercises to speed which and after a few years be sold-on to the larger of the players.
And so ad-infinitum.

Meanwhile,  the production and distribution base hard-kit renewal continues at such a slow pace so as not to keep up with the ageing of same.
Meanwhile,  Big Dave & Co have put the brakes on domestic PV panel installations.
Meanwhile,  the fashionable scream for energy conservation continues.
[ ODA will rip the adopted modus op on ‘conservation’ in most buildings to bits presently          (Please be patient !  It’s in the TBD file !) ]
Meanwhile,  sod-it    . . . ……    <TBC>
(Minn, put the cat out etc)

View From The 3rd Crow From The Left on The Pylon Top Tie-Cable:
Oh deary, deary,  me.
Big Dave & Supporters have got a prob.
However and fortunately for him,
the mass population of one-eyed baby-sitter watchers are generally mono-tropic and won’t connect the dots up.
(from  The Ministry  of the same name)
Joined-Up Government Announcements  =  Total Embarrassment.
Oh deary, deary,  me.
Best not do that Dave !
Well,  time pushes on and the kettles boiling and I need a wee,  so:
Dave,  why not solve tackle it simply by taking the straight line of imposing maximum prices ?
Yoursin the dark,
Old :

A Late PS:

Wasn’t there some uncomfortable rumblings quite recently concerning re-nationalisation of the railways ?

Yours,  disconnectedly,  and without a  £0.16 / mile  subsidy,
Old :


Wednesday  17-October-2012:

UK Unemployment News:

Did You Know Time ?  :  ref  ‘The UK Unemployed Total Figure’:
It’s gone down !
A Cameron D. doth crow !

Others who have examined the figures:
They do say:
Errrrrrr,  yup,  you are right Dave  (!),
You’ve counted the the one’s who have taken-up part time employment as well !

View From The Crow’s Nest:
Neat Dave !
Neat !

(He’ll go far that lad,  mark my words !)
Old :


Tuesday  16-October-2012:

! Lancelot Armstrong the bike-ist is accused of taking drugs !
! Again !
! Shock Horror ! etc

We venture JUST one or two points from The Devil’s Advocate:
Again,  as ODA has pointed out before,
Mr Armstrong has always pointed-out:
1:    He has always been tested along and as/ all others in the cycling world.
2:    He has always been found to be clear.

Now was it who said the peloton should always protect the lead man,
both in race and off  ?

Other facts are:
Armstrong has left the sport.
Nobody as yet,  is filling Armstrong’s boots/ saddle for the large sponsorship deals which he had.
Mr A’s sponsors of previous have shown themselves to be nought but fair weather friends in the light of this latest brouhaha raised against him and have withdrawn from agreements with him.

The View From The Crow’s Nest:
First the obvious:
The gentlemen of the peloton are aware and are squabbling for the yellow jersey of sponsorship !
(Sod the racing !)
Secondly the autopsy of the obvious:
Who raised the latest against Mr A  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Old,    Sturmey Archer + A Mountain Drive,  22″/27″,  Straight Bars,  Brookes Saddle,    :

[A Late Posting  :  Done PM Termorrer]


AM Monday  15-October-2012:

Wot I Did On My 1/2 Holiday  (yesterday):

Out with Management for a drive out:
Weather good.
No Shopping
Coffee @ The Manc W Accor
No plebs seen:
All is well.

To Mid Lancashire:
Tried to buy some decent ice cream
Fuck-all found.    🙁

To Return to Manc
(Could there be a book in there – ?  /  Perhaps not !)

Wot The UK Sunday Papers Said:

Many & Various as/ usual :
The considered worth the mention in our weekly short selection:

1:    ref  The Sunday Telegraph : Front Page:
Jimmy Saville vilification continues
Next to that is a pic’ of
Sir Mark Thatcher
Mother T
A young lady who looks ~15 years old  and is said to be Mrs Sir Mark Thatcher !

Oh Sir Mark !
2:    ref  Most of The Broadsheet Offerings (at least):
ref  Ye Defence of Ye Realm:
As part of the coming ‘defence’ cuts,
a Mr Hammond who does Defence Sec impressions is proclaiming the scrapping of the title
‘Territorial Army’
? ? ? ? ? ?
Without comment here to the sense behind it,
errrrrr . . . ……
Will we ever find out just how much HM’s Finest current are/ have paid for some ad-spiv to come up with the replacement title ?
Arl bet thee etc:
.1:    We won’t
.2:    If we lose 1,  then the figure will be enough to pay
(Total  : Gross :  Incl kit and bullets)
for at least x6 bods for a year !
In defence of Mr H,
he is proclaiming giving chance for forces families to get on the UK ‘housing ladder’ of purchase
We will see Mr H,  we will see.
(Elections are a great healer – And you know it)

Further snippets from the Sunday rags various to follow

So,  Just Wot Doth Today Bringeth ?:

Of Note:

1:    A Felix Baumgarten* jumped out of a balloon,
at a rather high altitude.
Variable quotes at the mo’ being quoted by ye media
but take  x26-29 miles as the gen region where he jumped.
(That’s  Blackpool Tower x2  +  a bit)
Lad’s got the record for the height + appears he broke the sound barrier !
Point of this:
Can we have a go as well ?

A real hero:
Imagine having to go through school with a name like that !

2:    The Jocks are revolting again:
.1:  2014 and they’re to have a referendum as to whether / not they are to leave The UK.
.2:  Soon, but undisclosed to us to date,
(poss post a successful ‘Yes Vote’ for the above)
they’re proclaiming voting rights for 16 year olds.

View From The Crows Nest:
Wotever your and our take on the above,
Arl bet thee, etc:
If they do get self rule,
there will be a rather large influx of Jock ex-pats returning home
People other wanting to enjoin with them
(including  .  .  . . . ……   The French  .  .  . . . …… !)

Bonjour !
Mssr   Old  :


SUNDAY  14-October-2012:






Saturday  13-October-2012:

Saturday  13-October-2012:

A Late Posting:

Been pondering this one for the week.   Please consider as WIP. and this Dr1:
It is an Asspect reflection on the Sunday papers articles various and disparate of Sun last
which usually would have been posted Monday last,
but couldn’t quite reconcile the players in the games noted to a common which was of insight.
The missing element  :  The Spivs delight  :  ! Marketing !
(Everybody NEEDS  ‘Marketing’  etc)

The Pieces of The Others:

1:    ref  Broadsheets various pieces various:
mssrs ‘Wonga Bosses land £18KK as (UK) Payday Lending Booms’
ODA take:
Speaks for itself without comment of explanation from us here.

2:    ref  A Sunday Times piece:
‘I’m In !  Grumpy Dragon leads march of the makers’
ref  ‘The Dragons Den’  programme on the UK one-eyed babysitter channels
Should you not know of ye said prog:
Panel of Money-Bods picks the meat out of good ideas poor-people proffer as business ideas
Takes the piss out of the, thought by them,  no-hopers.

To our take on the headline above
A Deborah Meaden who appears to have made her BV’s out of  flogging firms after building them up + (the inevitable ?) ‘marketing  consultancy’ has got on the now perceptibly rolling (just !) band-wagon of reviving Brit manufacturing industry.
Oh wot a shock brand-new revelation – Wot a bright idea Debs !

The article throws in snippets of her ‘social responsibility’ line etc
but reveals in but two of her directly quoted:
‘Generally,  ‘Business is Business’
‘Built the family firm up then sold it’
THAT, sums up ye entrepreneurial spirit UK (definite) / Universal (?),
The money is in the deal,  NOT in the doing.


Build anything up for someone else and you’ve just provided  a raft for them to float on.
Historically,  such bods piss on the raft by abandoning it to the highest bidder who then, generally in UK,
comes in and asset strips it whatever the market for the product of the firm.
That said,  indeed in the circumstance of continuing demand for whatever the firm particular is producing,
some incoming buyers do in fact support the firm and attempt to maintain / grow it.
Whatever,  and whichever way it doth do crumble post sale to the new bod,

ODA holds:
.1:    The outgoing seller generally doesn’t give a shit.
.2:    The oiks who form the raft generally don’t get a shout in on anything.
Any asset strip then will be explained,
(if,  ye stripper particular can be bottomed to say anything / is pushed into                                    a detrimental publicity glare corner)
away by:
‘events unseen / unforeseeable / inevitable  etc.

ODA further holds:
The oiks know this from observation of history down the generations.
The effects on them,  at least for the preferential creditors of the payroll staff,  are generally now mitigated by redundancy payments and the I’m thrown on the scrap-heap’  whinge of theirs generally doesn’t hold the water it used to.
However for the suppliers,  it’s usually fuck-you time then,  they’ll just have to whinge for their pennies.
(Business is Business  maxim gets trotted out)

ODA, finally for this, holds:
The effects on those affected,
The Payroll Staff  +  The Freelancers  +  The Suppliers,
has been to piss most off as faith has been removed across the UK board.
From The Oiks point of view:
Just wot is the point of putting anything but the bare minimum of effort into anything in order to get through to next pay-day ?

3:    ref  Another  Sunday Times piece:
‘Dairy farmers face fresh squeeze as corn (price) rockets’
In essence of summary:
Dairy Farmers across UK have been selling at a loss to market for some time now.
The market is controlled by the supermarket groups.
Oh well,  business is business – SEE ABOVE.
Supermarket Take (NO doubt):
Bloody oiks !
ODA Take:
Just how this country could ever withstand a siege as / the WW’s is totally beyond us – ?

4:    ref  Yet another  Sunday Times piece:
‘German threat to block BAE deal’
ODA take:
It doth sayeth something when Jerry stiffs a proposed merger / amalgamation between the UK’s biggest arms manufacturer and one of theirs,  EADS of Munich    .  .  .  . . . ………
!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ODA take  :  The ‘world’ as it is:

Jerry doth make things.    UK doth flogeth things.    Jerry doth knoweth that.

( aka.    Hr Jerry Thingy-Maker  can see through you,    Mr BritSpiv )


View From The Deep Bunker:
Bugger all – Periscope down and I’m playing me ukulele.
I’m staying here ’till they get some common sense
(If that EVER should happen)
Old,    very pissed-off again,    :

An  Old :  rant  :  <TBC>  (unfortunately)    🙁


AM Friday  12-October-2012:

Sod the current UK daily news today,
They’re chewing the cud and regurgitating recent past items but throwing the odd snippet of ‘new’ to enliven their readership /  subjects of their scorn.
Two of a military bent are being put in the firing line for the main-stream                                        esteamed    ‘critical and impartial and world renowned’*    examination of  Ye UK Media:
1:    Squaddies back from tour in Affyland are being accused of murdering an enemy captive.
2:    Somebody’s  ‘lost’  the log book of The Conqueror,  the sub the sunk that the naughty Argentinian battleship, The Belgrano,  during the Falklands war.

View Over The Conning Tower:

ref  1:    Well,  that’s one way of making those defence cuts and getting rid of those surplus,
(You know the ones ,  those little embarrassments who keep hanging about in depot,
you know,  the ones who used to disappear every so often on those nice RAF aeroplanes down at Brize to go on foreign holidays to places no bugger gives a shit about really and risk all for next to fuck-all,  for pointless causes that do fuck-all but give whichever twat is currently living in No10 something to bray about and keep armaments shares buoyant),
without having to find funds for those awkward redundancy pay-offs
out of the
Poncing About in Dress Uniform / Circuses for Proles / Keeping HM’s various secure from photographers and happy
ref 2:    Has anybody looked in Mrs T’s safety deposit box ?

Another tax on taxes

Left hand down a bit,
 Old  Captain  :

* ref   ‘critical and impartial and world renowned (etc)’:
ref   For one of eg  :  Ye BBC  :  ON A DAILY BASIS !


AM Thursday  11-October-2012:


Taking and repeating but x2 of the current crop of shock-horror revelations current:

ref  UK Press Reports various:

1:    ref  The reported x150 deaths in Brit Hospitals due to malnutrition and dehydration during last year.
(And that emanating from The UK National Office For Statistics).

2:    ref  The Joint Centralised Pathology Lab  run by mssrs Serco:
(Formed so as a Tony efficiency saving,  to make things nice*   –  Ahhh etc)
Has lost £5.9KK last year and been baled-out by the assorted hospital trusses which have part interest in it and do rely on its services for their functioning clinical purposes.
This after after a continuing stream of reported fuck-ups in those services.

( * No relation  –  We think  –  ? ! ? ! ? ! )

View From The Crows Nest:
This goes on, and on, and on.
To date all appear to have been found with substance proper at core,
and most with total substance throughout.
The pay-roll bill for  The NHS ‘Managers’  goes from larger to larger and bigger.
The Politicos of all hues bounce around getting their photo ops as this weeks Great Saviour.
The move towards centralisation into bigger and bigger units,
as / above with  The Central Path’ Lab  and,  as we all know,  with the hospitals themselves, continues.
All in the cause of ‘efficiency’.                                                                                                                (aka  Jeremy’s spread sheet looks nice.  Full marks Jeremy,  have a bonus and a new bmw  – etc)

And still that Managerial Corps grows.

Ye Q of Interim:
Just who is auditing this firm living off the back of the prime purpose ?
Abi Cass.    ODA  A/c’s Dept.  for  Old :

Arl Bet Thee Time:
The next large pile of poo to hit the fan will be yet more of one of the BIG ones previous:
‘Sick Building Syndrome’
That causing runaway epidemics of infection that the drugging of the inhabitants,
both patients and staff,
won’t be able to cope with as the bugs will have outgrown the competition and become immune !

Rant Pt I:
All of which will cause another  hero/ series of same  to come forward out of the only truly sterile world know to man :
The sealed duct behind the suspended ceiling of the Westminster hot-house.
(aka  Yet Another UK Politico Party Std Frontman)
(aka  Today’s Duty Gobshite Off The Time-Serving Merry-Go-Round)
ie  Out of the politico world of                                                                                                     Choice A:  Connivance to avoid the bloody obvious.                                                                        Choice B:  Having not the faintest fuckin’ idea about anything but towing the party line and spouting it.
(Tick your box according to which particular flavour they trot-out on the day)
with yet another hi-tech answer to:

Rant Pt II:
Not  opening the fuckin’ window and letting some fresh air in !
Not  having high, lime plaster sealed ceilings with large windows letting in natural sunlight light !
Not  having a wood burning stove in every ward to suck in the local air-born crap and burn it !
Not  sterilising daily with mop&wipe-downs of all surfaces using the ultra hi-tech soap and water and carbolic and elbow-grease !
Not  having wooden-hut type small-scale isolation/ cottage hospitals constructed of prefabbed creosote treated timber buildings,
with internal general surfaces finished with lime-wash decoration,
with buildings placed on solid well-built raised foundations,
ie suspended floors,  over high voids,  over sloped/ drained concrete slabs raised a little above adjacent ground,
to give accessible services voids under the suspended floors,
AND . . …. wait for it (!)   . . . ……
all sited remote from inhabited areas and preferably down-wind from them,
and where poss, on the coast,
Rant Pt III:
And,  when infection rates does rise in those buildings as it will in a severe epidemic situation or with time,
and another re-liming of the walls is only a temp measure to stave-off the then amassed bugs,
the patients are then decanted to the next adjacent set-up,
and the infected building(s) burnt in-situ on a day when the wind is right,
and the ground is then sprayed with lime (again),
and left fallow for a year or so,
and then the site  is brought back into use,
with it’s foundations being re-used to take the next cycle of timber buildings,
and   .  .  .  . . . ……

Your ODA Medical Correspondent:
Doctor Doctor Etc.,    for    Old,  very pissed-off,  :

*Who will be safely away from the consequences of those actions when it all comes home to roost,
so his cloned successor of ‘The Other Party’ can blame him and his ‘Other Party’,

‘AND    .  . . . ……   AS YOUR THEN NEW HERO,



(contd Page 96 : Ta again Eye)

.  . . . ……    SOLUTION’

Going for a NICE (no relation) cup of tea and a calm down now.

Old,    worn-out and very pissed-off,    :


AM Wednesday  10-October-2012:

ref  The UK
With obviously,  international  (ie Beyond Staley-Vegas)  ramifications,
. . . ……    again
ref  The (Martin) Wheatley Report on same:

From That Report:
TBD (known to date):
1:    Barclays known to be chief culprit and they to be fined.    🙂
2:    RBS thought to be next in dock and having their wallet felt.    🙂
3:    Others to follow.    🙂

Report Recommendations:
2:    The influencing of the fixing of rate should be a criminal offence.

ODA Perspectives & Predictions:
As regards The Little Bankers Common Stance of Mind-Set:
They regard the object of the(ir) exercise is to shit on the proles below thus keeping them in their place on the never-ending treadmill of life.

As regards Little Bankers strategy(s) predictable from now on:
The Banks will effect their own man(s) onto the new LIBOR setting Board  and/or  seek to exert extreme influence on The Board / its decisions.

As regards Little Bankers tactics / modus op:
They, ye little Bankers, will as a matter of course, develop methods of feeding false info to The Board.

Oh, and regards any fines imposed,  it doesn’t take a philosophical genius with a                      Star 1st in Forensic Accounting  to work out who will pay for them through ‘enhanced’ charging !

Further no doubt,  on all asspects no doubt,  to follow no doubt,  from all involved,  definite.    😐

View from The Crows Nest:
For and From  Uz:
<TBC>  (unfortunately)
We’d like to say we’re  ‘monitoring’  the scene,
but that infers some degree of control and responsibility,
(Oh,  to have a degree of control over these dogs particular,
that doth be a definite 1st on the wish list to deal with the midden at large !)
So,  until such be granted,
we’ll just have to keep watching,
and reporting,
and asspecting.
Old :


AM Tuesday  09-October-2012:

Just a short one today of wot we hope is reinforcement to the Saturday last piece below on ‘Exaro’
Just to cover uz bum on both sides:

Don’t want to egg the pud’ etc
Don’t want to be the kiss of death for flogging twice something yet to prove itself,

mssrs Ex’ are showing signs of more than a flash in the pan.

So to ye piecette proper:
With mind to the continuing UK Politico Annual Conference Circus,
see wot the dahlings Exaro are running at the mo’ !

Disclaimer From The Bowl:
ODA has no connection,  with Exaro
other than being a  standard/ usual  subscriber to/ receiver of  their outputs.
For future:
We’ll just carry-on as/ usual to all:
ie  We shall:  Sing their praises / Stab their backs
as we see fit !
In Summary:
Exaro,  like the other current  ‘Great White Hope UK’,  UKIP,  has yet to deliver proper.
Old :


 AM Monday  08-October-2012:

Wot I Did On My 1/2 Holiday  (yesterday):

Out with Management for a drive out:
Weather perfect.
Shopping @ Waitrose’s  in Wilmslow
No plebs seen:
All is well.

To Castleton:
Tried to buy Bradwells Ice Cream
(very nice gear, by UK standards, please don’t compare with proper Wop stuff)
@  Castleton
@  17.02hrs
The shop shut bob-on 17.00hrs
The village was still brimming with tourists,
and as/ above, climate perfect
and with mind to
at this time of the day,  this year in UK,  such weather is a rarity,
and hence people out and enjoying it whilst they’ve got it.
BUT not the fuckin ice cream !

To Buxton:
Excellent coffee and biscuits in The Xxxxxx (not sharing – find your own)
(Polish staff you see – none of the native nonsense)
Good chilax (as I believe uz www-people are supposed to say these days)
and a peruse through the Sunday papers
Then to freebie water from the well
Then to wom.

Wot The Sunday Papers Said:

Many & Various as/ usual :
The considered worth the mention in our weekly short selection:

1:  ref  The UK Politico Circuses 2012
They doth continueth !
Now to the ad nauseam stage
The whole nonsense is definitely going on far too long this year and it’s still got a week to go !
Remember when all the bullshit was confined to ~2 weeks in September after the kids were back to school and before The House sat proper ?!?!?
Eeeeee,  they knew how to compress shit in them days, they did !!!

2:  ref  UK Train Services:
ref  NW Main Line (Manc<->London) Operators Franchise Bidding Débâcle:
Columnists various in papers same come to same conclusion:
If the fight to retain/gain this franchise is worth the now big legal and accounting bill of now we estimate (conservatively of you will forgive the expression) to be >£100KK
(with all parties costings considered)
and the Virgin Group have fought so hard to retain said franchise,
could, just possibly, the filthy lucre be at the heart of things and the nations second favourite Wookie after The AofC,    dear (aka  FUCKIN EXPENSIVE)    Sir Richard Branson
who has told us repeatedly he has the interests of the passengers
‘first and foremost and always at his heart’
(Peak-time*  ‘walk-on’**,  1st Class ticket,  return Manc<->London : now >£350)
is talking spiv-shite ?
Various of the above newspaper reports suggest to a greater/ lesser degree,

View From The Deadmans Handle:
Re-nationalisation just couldn’t do any worse than above,
UNLESS the spoilers that WILL then be put into the new management by the private interests to fuck-it-all-up  are not culled-out quick.
If they’re allowed in and let to run riot then the inevitable deterioration / rot will set in and we all know who the nations saviour will be then !

Yours From The Old Signal Box,
Old :

Virgin Speak:
* ‘Peak Time’:
An ever expanding time-slot that can now stretch from
Mornings:  06.00 – 11.20hrs
Evenings:  15.30 – 20.00hrs
Not much left of the fuckin’ day to fuck-over really is there Sir Dick ?

** ‘Walk-on’:
The totally outrageous behaviour of some people who turn-up without prior warning at a station,
and want to travel, to where they want to go, on the next available train going that way !
They are punished  (Normal Persons Truth Speak)
‘Have their travelling experienced enhanced by’  (Virgin Speak)
by the
Enhanced‘*  (Virgin Old Speak)    /    Now ‘Standard’*  (Virgin New Speak)  fares,
which as/ the figures above,
only the rich/  the bank-rolled by others/  the desperate
can/ will pay . . . ……


‘WELL PATRONISED’  (Virgin Speak)
OVER-CROWDED  (Normal Persons Truth Speak).

* Yes kiddies,  it’s total indoctrination time !:
If you call it  ‘Standard Fare’  to rip you for that much,
then they’re doing you a great favour by ever ‘discounting’ anything from it !

A Public Service Announcement:
There’s a Sale On at DFS as well !


See ODA takes various previous
For recent:
The observations on Stockport Station of  Sunday  09-September-2012.                                      ref  Report of this column of  Monday 10-September-2012 : See Below.

So,  Just Wot Doth Today Bringeth ?:

By the look of things so far,  another day of good weather in NW UK !


We’re leaving it like that in case some BB twat in Weather Control,  with fuck-all to do but fiddle his data and scratch his bits,  finds out and fucks it up again for a laugh with more  ‘experiments’.    😐

View From The Crows Nest:
UK Riot Season just about over now : It’s getting colder and the dark nights are coming-in.
They,  the poor under-privileged,  in between claiming their ‘benefits’,  might put a bit of spurt around Bonfire Night if they get carried away,  but overall the little darlings will be at their i-Thingys to while-away their ‘leisure time’  and for acquisitions,  will now generally onto doing individual little ‘shopping’ excursions, not mass ones,  in order to get the latest i-model
Tat other & general for Crimbo !

Yours in the thick lined hoody,
Old :


SUNDAY    07-October-2012:


B    E    T    W    E    E    N


.    .    .    .  .  .  . . . . . . ………………………………



AM Saturday  06-October-2012:

With note to our page standing head notes and,
as an antipathy to
Ye BEEB / Daily Mail etc production of pap for the masses:

[ A new kid on the proverbial  (primarily UK)  journalistic block ]

We feel,  these bods are well worth an ODA  ‘Go and look at’  recommendation
(if not instruction !)

UK Main Stream Press runs ~along the lines of:
Reuters daily streamed items + O&S of other sources taken in as a matter of usual.
Items then selected for palatability to target audience
(with much ignored – see below)
Then,  that got:
Edited to make sweeter for the dears,
edited to make sure  ‘none who count’  are upset by proposed script,
aspects on the theme particular plagiarised from Others pieces similar,
laid-out across pages various to appease the advertisers whose puffs are adjacent,
these days;  then chucked-up in the air to see wot looks prettiest for colour balance,
the ensuing soup then regurgitated at the dahlings as  THE News,
(with,  of course / de-rigour etc,  an ample sprinkling of ladies in states dress/un various and high recommendations to buy the said frocks where the ladies illustrated are not de-frocked)
a la most of UK publications*,
it,    Exaro,   to date,  is not.

We give you Exaro’s  ‘Mission Statement’  puff on themselves:

‘Our Mission
Good journalism is about publishing insightful, useful and reliable information. It can have commercial value in addition to social value in terms of improving public awareness and debate. It does not come cheap; good journalism requires serious resources.
Exaro is about good journalism.
Much of the output of the mainstream media is ‘churned’ from the product of ‘public relations’, or results from narratives at odds with the evidence or from unethical behaviour.
We publish articles without ideological, political or commercial bias. We act ethically, in the public interest, and base the claims that we make on evidence. We provide subscribers with information to help them in their commercial, professional and private decision-making.’

So,  the shape of the UK anti-bullshit press scene proper (large scale)  to come ?
A flash in the pan ?

Wotever,  look ter yer magazine Eye !

*Above is for but a short list of the cutting-blades various within a standard                                UK Press  editorial mincing machine !                                                                                                  ie  As/ Exaro’s reference in the use of the trade term  ‘churning’

View From The Bowl:
Well that’s about as good an intro and recco’ as we can give for and to anyone who is not yet  to full steam,  showing full colours, and standing the test of time,
but,  But,    BUT    . . . ……
Just like ours similar for UKIP,
Let’s see yer do it now !
( and soon please ! )
Old :


AM Friday  05-October-2012:


The below,  received earlier this morning,  speaks for itself.
If you are UK resident,  to ignore it is folly extreme to say the least
(It might well be you next,  and rapid too if you should just perchance slip on the proverbial banana skin etc).

On the subject of Have a Banana
Those of his subjects would do well to take same note also.
Do recommend you,
The Eurinal Dwellers Various of The Isolated Continent
(Fog again in the channel this morning)
Foreign People Other
apply yourselves same.

This,  if valid,  is the culling of the weak and defenceless.
! Heil Dave !
! Heil Cleggy !
! Heil TONY !

So,  to just wot came in to us today:

Dear ODA

‘Can you get this latest updated info published to as many as possible please.
Tally is now standing at 72 deaths a week for the dwp/atos vicitims


There will also be, on December 3rd at 1pm a National Day of Rememberance
organised by disabled campaigners,  to remember the ATOS DWP dead.
Please get this info out and circulating for us.’


View From The Crows Nest:

Even  IF above figures are exaggerated / little inaccurate somewhat,
and indeed the cited  ‘x72 deaths / week’
of the message script
does not equate with
the cited  ‘10,600 deaths over past year’
of integral within the black triangle E-Mail address
(That would give a death rate of  ~x204 bods / week)
and,  indeed further,  above does make no comparison between:

Average number of deaths claimed / week now
Deaths ‘usual’ over cited average  x1 week sample period
for situation of previous  when
those who were *spassed-up were maintained with support

It makes grim reading indeed.
Old :

*An ODA PC term:                                                                                                                                  ‘Acredited’  +  ‘Approved’    +    ‘Award Winning’ (naturalle – it’s compulsory)   etc                         ( Please don’t ask for details as to who did wot and when and   . . . … )


For research and results into the validity of above claims.

All info gratefully received.

See Contacts Page for,  errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  . . . …   Contact Details.


PM Thursday  04-October-2012:

Item of Point:
‘UK Border Agency yet again gets put in the naughty corner for letting The Good Ship GB remain leaky’

Got from sources various and taken as read.

The View From The Crows Nest:
Errrrrr,  much as ODA is not exactly
on the same tablets as  /  eye-to-eye level with  /  mutual bum pinching terms with
Apparatchikshire (plc) UK (GmBh):

Q 1:    Where is the coastguard proper ?
You know,  Cutters & Cutlasses and boots on deck & ground  and eyes that                                go,  and look about,  and listen,  and sniff the air,  and see,  etc.
NOT some remote radar station with a 500 mile reach that can tell you immediately if a hypersonic missile strike is happening, wot’s just taken off at Ringway and wot’s landing at Charles de-Gaul,  BUT wouldn’t spot  a fuckin’ full herd of bright orange painted elephants, half with a hazard beacon flashing out of their arses and the other half throwing an eppy over the strobe affects and sea sickness  getting out of rubber dinghys marked in 6″ white letters:  ‘Sink off-shore on arrival in UK and make your way to  Abdul’s Special Halal International Pizza Cuisine Takeaway & Car Wash,  Bradford (Free can of drink with every order)’                @  50 yards in full daylight on a dead-calm fog-less day  and is probably only manned on alternate days of the week when there’s an ‘R’ in the month by two spotty Herberts on work experience who spend all their time on site playing with their i-Thingys, texting their tarts and doing dubious fumbles under their hoodies  and is run for the rest of the time over the net by:
Benji Pukka Contract Services, Mobile Phones and Sweet Centre,  Calcutta,                             (or his cousin Mohamed).

Q 2:    Where is the auto deportation regime for them’s found here without reason ?
That is above,  to point out but two of the many holes in the so-called protective net around The G.S. UK.

(We would do more,  but you know wot it’s like with these cut-backs)
Old :


Wednesday  03-October-2012:

Der yer know:

1:  Us wireless has conked-out !
Ahhh,  I hear as cry unanimous from our expansive readership around the globe and beyond:
Don’t cry fair reader,  and still your beating heart etc:
> Andy’s mending it so it’ll come back better than new.  🙂 <
2:  We haven’t read a newspaper !
Fuck-it,  it’s Eye Day for the subscribing cognscenti  and time to have a proper read !
3:  As you know,  we don’t have a one-eyed-babysitter !
(We think we are ‘normal’  but the stats are against us !)

And so we think it’s time to have a day off from asspecting the general maelstrom usual           of poo and note,
from our extensive high-tech scientific studies and tests of cutting-edge research thingy,
(aka  Looking out of the window  +  what Old :’s water tells him)
that the UK weather has turned proper for the coming season.
Expect autumn mists and it to be drier overall,
Fuck-all fruit falling off the water-logged trees of UK orchards
imported East European labourers baskets.
Fuck-all falling off the tree of HM’s Finest
The Brit Grafters baskets.
(aka  Situation normal/ usual)


Tuesday  02-October-2012:

Hate to admit something,  but it had to come out sooner or later,
we’ve been reading today’s Daily Express !    😐
Would have tried to keep it under wraps but there’s one piece we feel we must comment on and enjoin with:
Page 29  :  ‘Addicted To Valium’
No need to extensively expand the piece for this,  that title sums it:
UK vets dishing out the numb tabs
(aka  The Soma should you be of a literary bent)
like sweeties at a kids party  to the populace at large.

The reason we take up with Ye Express on this,
beyond the obvious of abhorring                                                                                                           the mass medication of the masses to render them to oblivion,
we can proffer evidence supporting,  viz:
About 5 years ago the then new girlfriend of an old mate,                                                               who when pronouncing she was by trade a Pharmacist (proper),
was asked:
Q:  Approx how many of UK population are on the happy pills ?
The response immediate:
A:  ‘~15%,  and the figure is taken as a trade standard of usual.’
Last year it came up in conversation again and above question was repeated:
Same answer came back.
🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁

Promise to keep our secret safe will you ?
So far we haven’t looked at The Mail !


Monday  01-OCTOBER-2012:

Pt I:    Wot I Did On My 1/2 Holiday  (yesterday):
Out with Management and a good drive around & about Macc Forest,
got a bit lost  . . . …  found the way out  . . . …
Chips peas and gravy from The Strawberry Pig in Poynton on the way home.

Is there anything else out there worth doing  ?

Pt II  :    Wot The Sunday Papers Said:

Many & Various as/ usual

Of note:
UK Church Times:
The BIG Q of just who will be the next  CofE  AofC is beginning to loometh large across the broad-sheets now The Wooky’s on his way out and about to depart from the nearest air-lock.
The front runners have come to the front, so to spreach, it doth now taxeth heavily the combined spiritual braincell of the House of Bishops as to who to choose from those in order to pacify, unite and, hopefully, grow wot’s left of the remaining bums on pews
ie  It boils down to now:
Do the dearly gathered together want want  Hitler,  a shirt lifter  or a darky ?
Oh problems, problems, problems.
Not for us plebs in the knave to decide,  so let’s get pissed and leave them to it.

Pt III  :    Wot Does Today Bring:

As/ last week,  not much fresh so we’ll concentrate on that which does need to be resolved before the whole of economy UK disappears up its own exhaust pipe:

LIBOR fixing scandal rumbles on.
People various* are beginning to take note that the revolving door of bods various
FOUND TO BE involved
is beginning to turn faster than usual in this,
‘** The greatest rapid migration in history.’

**aka   ‘A little seasonal increase usual in staff turnover’
Chief Frontman to Media Gobshite,
Hardly Required & Media Interface Dept,
Combined Clearing-Off Banks UK.

**Overheard after in the bogs:                                                                                                               ‘You did that wonderfully Cedric,  I really felt they believed you.
You have a natural talent.
Have another bonus,  a couple of weeks fact finding in the Seychelles
and access to the advanced acting course when you return’
CEO : Combined Clearing-Off Banks UK.

View From The Crows Nest:
Rats & Sinking Ships etc.
Old :

*Bod Tracker Sites:
Various  (links to follow shortly)  are a-coming forward on ye www along the lines of ODA’s
‘Where Are They Now / Apparatchiks Reunited’   page,
which is to date  (yes we do know !)  totally unpopulated !

We’ve only got 25 hours in our day,  whinge whinge, whine whine,
and we’ve spent them on other things so please have mercy !
As/ when we can find the 26th,  we’ll nail a few of relevance up on the board of our page !
Old :


SUNDAY  30-September-2012:

1stDayofTheWeekorLastDayofThe Week
1stDayofTheWeekorLastDayofThe Week
1stDayofTheWeekorLastDayofThe Week
1stDayofTheWeekorLastDayofThe Week
1stDayofTheWeekorLastDayofThe Week
1stDayofTheWeekorLastDayofThe Week


AM Saturday  29-September-2012:

We’re still well and truly into                                                                             The Great British Bullshit Machines
Annual Conference Season:

The News:
Two nice boys who shall be nameless
called  Cameron D.  +  Milliwatt X.
have made their opening usual gambits of nice fatuous promises to the voting pool* UK.

(*aka  ‘The Plebs’  –  HM’s Finest Official terminology)

So to The Show(s**):

Act 1:
Cameron D’s great subtle subterfuge of the year:
‘Re-elect us and we’ll give you a referendum on UK membership of the EU  :  In / Out’

View From The Crows Nest:
Standards, standards.
They are just not wot they used to be.    🙁
We have come to expect a far better standard of bullshit than this.
Old :

Act 2:
A certain Milliwatt x
(No relation – to anything we can think of):
Leads with:
‘We are going to make pension providers accountable’

View From The Crows Nest:
Well,   just wot an intellektual tour de force that is !
Just wot will they think of next ?

Is there no end to this man’s scan of true perception ?

Or rather, is there no end to wotever his fukus group tells him to spout:
‘It’s very trendy X,  get this script read out first.
Doesn’t matter wot you gob-off now X,
you’ll remember nothing of it if they’re daft enough to vote US in again’
(A. String-Puller writes).
Old :

** ie  Is there any difference ?


AM Friday  28-September-2012:

Probing Probes:

Mars robot rover Curiosity is now reporting back POSITIVE evidence of running water courses ‘proper’  (ie  Streams & Rivers as we know them)  on the surface in the past.
Next job for Curio is digging for signs of life in those areas.
Now,  are they, NASA & Co, going to drip-out any finds of past life
Suppress all such
Confine it to nowt more than microbes etc
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

We await copy from our Vatican correspondents !

UK Ticking Parrots (again):

Hate to flog a theme, but, but, but,  a little member of The UKIP party birdy tells me,  not in confidence, that another sitting MP (party ?) has surreptitiously defected to them,  the defection of Tory Lord Ludgate of a little while back is confirmed,  and members various of situations/ levels various of the LibDem Party are,  after removing themselves from their sick bags of 2012 conference,  considering strongly and/or promising to jump ship  –>  UKIP.

Members various,  of same situations various as/ above,  of/ within the other two UK main Parties of the suspect usual,  are said to be considering same.

View From The Crows Nest:
We all know wot happens to any structure when the foundations disappear !
Old :


Thursday  27-September-2012:

One fit for the day internationalle,   and fit for the UK zeitgeist particular:

‘Catalonia, and, possibly other regions also,
are to have a referendum concerning,
not just reconciliation by plebiscite the predictable question of leaving the EU,
but of a point more concerning to them initially,
the of leaving Spain’ !

Source:  Ye BEEB broadcasts various
Others of broad-sheets hard print various*
Date:  Yesterday + Today
A bit before that we didn’t take too much notice of thinking it as just a passing fad*

So to Ye ODA view:
Well,  just where does that leave  GB. UK. plc  et al ?
Scotland, we thinks, are a ‘done deal’ and on their way to self rule,
only the timing is thought to be the uncertainty.
Wales  +  Cornwall  +  Northumberland  +  Rutland (! Hoorah !)
O&S Other (They prob not to be heard of too often again)
have all had regional breakaway movements and as is most well known,
The Welsh are by far away leading that pack and not too far behind The Jocks.

View From The Crows Nest:
So, so, so,
Just where doth this put the
old established,
pre-purchased and compromised,
thoroughly infiltrated/ moled + AP’d,
Main-Stream Political Parties UK
(aka The Usual Suspects)
? ? ? ? ? ?

No coconuts for the right answer !
Old :


AM Wednesday  26-September-2012:

Court News:
The Queen expresses opinion in ‘confidential’ interview/ discussions
(Not an obscure opinion,  in fact one commonly held by many in the country)
to BBC Reporter
(One not particularly well known one even by BBC standards)
BBC reporter repeats HM’s opinion to the world
BBC reports itself on the above
BBC reports itself on reporting itself

Traffic News:
! Stop Press!
! Shock Horror !
Mr Whippy has ridden his bike through
The Sacred Gates of Downing Street

What’s your opinion ?
Hanging’s too good for him do I hear you call ?
The one SOLE reason to vote Tory ?

AnyFuckerButUs @ Whitehall 1212

Finally for today  :  OF SUBSTANCE:
Pt A:  HM’s Finest continues ‘Overseas Aid’ to the ‘Third World Country’
of . . . . . . ……………………………………………………………………………
India !

You know the country, the big one sticking out south under Asia into the Indian Ocean,            that’s the one, the same one with
an aircraft carrier,
a space programme,
fastest growing GDP in the world,
owners of biggest steel firm in the world,
owners of Land Rover, Jaguar Cars etc
etc etc etc
Continues to provide little for its own poor keeping them so from birth for,  ostensibly,                the sake of a rigid cast system *.

(AND,  even has an Ocean named after it)

Pt B:  Meanwhile HM’s Finest announce:
Intentions to end ‘universal’ benefits of social care of  pensions for
the 65 & > olds,
free bus-passes for the 60 & > olds,
winter heating allowances for the 60 & > olds,
and,   . . . ……………………………………………………………………………….
wait for it    . . . …………………………………………………………….

ie  ‘Universal Benefits’  :  You get them as a matter of course if you drop in the slot:
As A Right : Without Question.
(If you’ve managed to survive that far that is)

View From The Crows Nest:
ref A:
* More like easily manipulated potential blood sacrifice if/ when balloon goes up with neighbouring countries.
ref B:
OLD, OLD  :    


AM Tuesday  25-September-2012:

UK Annual Political Conference Season News:
(In no particular order)
A short scan over the field:

1:  Dipping into the almost empty barrel of LibDem credulity,  we note a Clegg N. scraping fervently !
If indeed he doth watcheth over:
Wot would Lloyd George do ?

2:  Pretend Labour has made much of the already well picked bone of Plebgate for want of anything of substance to go on about.
About par for the course we thinks.

3:  Ye Cons:
Best not enquire.

4:  Oh,  and UKIP ?
All but done and dusted.
Why polish wot glitters ?


AM Monday  24-September-2012:

1stly  :  Wot I Did On My Holiday    (Yesterday – Errr didn’t have usual 1/2 one):

Management to weekend away,  so managed to work throughout : Ahhh I hear from the pit

2ndly  :  Wot The Sunday Papers Said:
Many & Various  as/ usual  is, mi thinks, the standing note.

Of Note:

HM’s Finest Announce:
‘A National Bank for Small Businesses’

View From The Crows Nest:
Now just who is going to run that, old boy ?
And just where does it lead us towards totalitarianism ?

To UK Party Political Conference Season:
UKIP Super Star Nigel Farage continues to ascend.
Let’s see just what happens if he manages to get UKIP bums on Whitehall benches.

View From The Crows Nest:
The proof of the pudding etc
Well,  they, UKIP, from manifesto, pronouncement other and posturing,
are the best bet to return UK to
a concise geographic entity not ruled by foreign legislature interests,
and,  might we say to note just one of the many of the TonyCo changes that ire,
free speech without the concern of whether you’ve written a naughty word that the
UntergropenUberfidelStrasseFuhereinGeminschft (GmBh)
might decide has infringed one of their esteamed tick-boxes.
Let’s see if this one,  The Good Ship UKIP,  is another false flag or not.
There is one way only to find out.
Old :

3rdly  :  To TODAY:

‘Plebgate’ rumbles on.  Much media acreage and time continues to be expended

The View From The Crows Nest:
Q : A diversion from wot ?
Q : Just the problems of living in a gated community  ? ! ? ! ? !
Old, (Wat), Tiler  (? !)


Sunday  23-September-2012:



Saturday  22-September-2012:

In the catch-up to get copy writ after the kit down-time of this week,
a short observation on the lines of  Private Eye’s  ‘Number Crunching’  pieces:
(Think we’ll call our version  ‘Point to Point’ )

Point A:
Yesterday’s  Daily Telegraph leads  (page 1) with:
‘Plans to solve elderly care crises blocked by Treasury’
(Treasury pleading poverty)
Point B:
Recent enquiries by many, including we are told, in The House,
of the cost of the current crop of  HM’s ‘little foreign adventures’  of war
a la  Iran + Afghanistan,
for a simple costing of such,
well, in simplicity,  have not produced proper full figures.

View From The Crows Nest:
I wonder why ?
Old :


Friday  21-September-2012:

As a quick catch-up for our absence from pub’ of copy (!):

A tea-cup has found a storm
(on the face of it Mi Ld Cu)

ref  Events UK (GmBh as related by Ye esteamed UK Media,
such happenings as has not been seen in this fair land of:
A most heinous crime perpetrated in
Whitehall,  South of Watford, England, UK.
this last week in the reign of Good Q Bess II – etc:
(continued page 95 – Ta Eye)

Events (as gleaned from the above esteamed sources):

UK Tory Chief Whip pushes rides bike through main gate of Downing Street !

(Shock Horror !)
[ NB.  Thought, from our interpretation of press reports to be not riding – just pushing it !
An open view is held on this to date,  (A crucial nub point of UK law ?!) ]
Plod on guard/point duty on Downing Street gateway arrests the progress of the despicable crim’ and ‘instructs’* him to push bike through the adjacent pedestrian gate
Mr Whippy (Andrew Mitchell)  takes exception to this and slags-off plod, and, (Shock Horror !):           ‘Calls him a pleb’ !
(Shock Horror !)
Plod(s) complain to Uncle David (who does prime minister impressions)
that one of their esteamed operatives has been swore at by Mr Whippy
(Shock Horror !)
Cameron D. drops in with the plods and  slags-off  spanks   admonishes Mr Whippy !
(Shock Horror ! )
Mr Whippy ‘phones ye Plod of the Gate and apologises (!)
disputes plods version of events
and says he never swore
(Shock Horror !)
Plod apparently announces he’s written record of incident in notebook
(Verbatim ? – A dedicated follower of protocol ?????? –  Wot will they think of next ?!?)

Outcome to date:
Whole of UK media joins-in on this,  the next hack feeding frenzy
(Shock Horror !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

View From The Crows Nest:
I give you the case for head cams on cycling helmets Mr Whippy !
Old :

And just wot of the CCTV >with audio recording (?)< of Downing Street pray tell ?
And just wot of shoulder/ helmet cams of the esteamed plod operative
his mates present/ near ?

See The ODA Weekly Look-Back Monday next
for a few more q’s of point and a more enveloping analysis !


Q:  Is police instruction to an MP valid within the curtelege of Downing Street ? ! ?
(ie A perimeter, defined and confined by the gates of point to this piece, at the end of the street !)

ie  Perchance, is this area an annex under the curtelege of The House AND under its privileges ?!

Something to ponder on  Mi Lord Cu !

See  The Weekly Look-Back Monday  next for a more enveloping analysis !

A Later Note of Addendum and Enquiry:
With mind to curteleges, anexes and,  for our younger readers,  and stuff:                                  Did ye said incident occur:
a)  Within the curtelege of Downing Street, that thought defined at the end of point (~SW) by said gates + railings ?
b)  On the boundary line of the curtelege (if indeed that is what the gating and railings represent)
c)  Without the curtelege of Downing Street  :  ie On the roadway/ pavement of Whitehall ?

A View From The Crows Nest:
Considerations Mi Ld Cu, considerations  . . . ……
Yours, surveying all I behold,
Old :
AM Tuesday  25-September-2012.


Thursday  20-September-2012:

ref  UK HM’s FINEST:
(+ No doubt, others of ye UK media):

All below, is in repeat of previous by ODA.
We repeat here (alternative script, if you’ll forgive the expression !)
as part of the ODA stance
against what we view as HM Government’s long-term deliberate policy
of degradation of the English Language.
That done and continued, we venture* and ask the greater world*, in order to
have anything they say mean anything they want – ?*
(*ie Raised as a question, above + below, you understand !)

So, to the specifics of today:
Once again the verballing major has re-started,
that done in this case our most humble opinion of guess – ?*,
[*Of course (If  you’ll forgive the expression bro !)]
in order to get at specific targets that have upset the HM’s Finest,
It doth appear yet again, HM’s have turned to their nomenclaturate of esteamed advisors and been pointed the way a la Tony,
yet again.

So, just wot is ODA rambling on about:
Ye BBC,  in today’s daily issue and repeat, bulletin after bulletin,
of its usual limited number (usually x6/ <) of current points announced by them,
(presumably we think their idea of just what is salient to the day and essential for UK living !),
have pronounced YET AGAIN that bods various are
by living in Monaco’.




By most humble order request of the council of ODA
(Me + The Schizophrenia + The Doppelgänger)

The implication and end outcome of having penalty for AVOIDING taxation is
that HM Gvt could then fine you for not working !


Old :

A little aside of ending:
One wonders just what jocularity and/or sadness this is causing in the circles of those law-biased Lordships who used to go through things sent up from the Commons for scrutiny with the fine tooth-comb of trade knowledge and experience – ?
You know, the ones Tony started the ball rolling to depose.

Yes, you can’t get the workmanship these days as they’ve got rid of the workmen
(For their Lords such and so deposed  :  Be they now laughing or crying or both !)

😐    +    🙁
for us.

Not quiet done yet, mi Lord Cu:
An ODA standing Q:

Going for a nice cup of tea and another calm-down now.
Old :

Alfred Thompson ‘Tom’ Denning, Baron Denning, OM, PC, DL
(23 January 18995 March 1999)

< TBC >


AM Wednesday  19-September-2012:

Bristol New Pound:
Launched today
To go into circulation May 2013
Organisers/ Backers:
Bristol City Council
Bristol Credit Union
Being done to prevent Bristol becoming another victim of ‘Clone Town Britain’.
The hope is that the Bristol pound will stop big companies and bankers swallowing/ ‘hoovering-up’ up cash that is desperately needed by hard pressed local firms.
Participating to Date:
> x100 business signed up to date to accept the new currency
Bakery + Local Theatre + Cafes various
Somerset brewed Thatcher’s Cider
(No relation we trust !)

Exchange Rate:
GBP : Bristol Pound : 1 for 1
Unit Denominations:
Notes will printed in £1, £5, £10 and £20.
Account Holding:
Consumers can open an account with the Bristol Credit Union (using deposits of GBP).
This money deposit can then either be cashed for the notes in Bristol Pound
and/ or
Used electronically to pay bills online – www
Backed by Financial Services Authority (FSA)
Will have the same protection as any other deposit account.
Can only be spent in Bristol with participating businesses and individuals
Can’t be used to gamble on the money markets
Full – TO DATE
Taxation of Profits paid in Bristol Pounds:
If/ when other local currencies, from what is a growing number in UK, will move towards amalgamation – ?
Just what line will UK Government will take in future – ?

All are watching,  incl HM’s Finest.

View From The Crows Nest:
Likely to ‘sat-on’ sooner/ later by BB,
when he then having reduced income for his
little foreign adventures and home social ‘experiments’,  etc,
and,  of course,
funds for the boys and girls of favour.
First line of attack will be scandal:
(The moles + AP’s of infiltration will be getting recruited now, me thinks)
Only way forward mi thinks:
Elect own independent MP’s to represent local area  (what will they think of next -?- etc )
Pay them a retainer  –  In local currency !
(Or they’ll be bought-out by BB  –  In GBP !)
Your Accounting Correspondent:  Abi Cas
Old :
(Moy luver)


AM Tuesday  18-September-2012:


A million new and restored water-ponds to the UK countryside is the target of this.
If done, then:
Wildlife enhanced
Local drainage back to natural
Local micro climates returned to previous
Fish pools – Local production of fish for locals
Stock watering expanded and back to natural
A good few others

View From The Crows Nest:
About time.
Let’s get things back to how things were,
only then we might stand a proper chance of rescuing proper organic food production proper.
Old :


Monday  17-September-2012:

1stly  :  Wot I Did On My Holiday    (yesterday – and a half one as usual – Ahhhhhh):

A bit of campanology !
! Cheeky Mr McGill, Cheeky !
An  ‘Open House’  Church Day:
Had a quick pull with a ‘Sally’ (never met before !)
Went on a bit too long – Me in dog-house with management
Still, I’m going to have another go !
The assembled ringers said once you’ve got the hang of it then it’s like riding a bike. !
Bob – Watch yer doubles backward stop change (or something like that  . . . … !)

2ndly  :   Wot The Sunday Papers Said:
Many & Various  as/ usual  is the obvious note.

To again avoid the obvious of popularity:

Sunday Times : Page 1 :
Of the four Pieces to Page,
two are being flogged to death by the rest of the rabble,
so to the other two:

‘Real Incomes Up Next Year As Slump Ends’

View From The Crows Nest:
Well there’s nailing your own boots down and nailing your own boots down !
Can’t fault them for bottle !
All said : ODA shalt remember !
Old :

‘Only 100 Adult Cod in North Sea’

View From The Crows Nest:
Don’t want to add to that.
Old :

3rdly  :  TO TODAY  (at last !):

Scousers,  understandably aggrieved by Hillsborough outcomes of recent,
are UNDERSTANDABLY venting feelings to media.

Our Legal Correspondent writes:
Arl bet thee etc:
If more is published,  then  Ye Yet To Be Accused,  as/ when/ if  they to dock,
might mount defence of press persecution and no chance of fair trial from that.
See ODA’s sentiments below / pages other
So ODA take of the day:
Keep going, BUT keep it low level people – You’re not fully there yet.  😐
Take the advice of your own counsel(s).

S. Lippery-B’Astard.  QC*
Briefs, Down, Nightly & Quick & Co.

*This does not mean ‘Queens Counsel’ at ODA !


AM Sunday  16-September-2012:



AM Saturday  15-September-2012:

Couple of O&S at random:

1:  UK HRH’s jnrs  throwing royal dummy out of pram over indiscreet mag snaps.
(See our  ‘Letters to The Wind’  page for today for further comment of enlightenment)

2:  Reuters reports average civilian death loss in Syria is currently ~x100/ day
Haven’t seen mention of in UK std press . . . …… ?

Yours  in perspective,
Old :


AM Friday  14-September-2012:

So TFI Friday.

Well not really,
We find ourselves referring to The Foreign Desk happenings to illustrate Home practice ones:
The Yanks  Man in Bengahzi  (McCaruthers) has had to suffer the natives revolting and unfortunately suffered the consequences for things getting out of hand.
Our condolences.
So,  just wot view to take ?  . . . ……
Just carelessness ?
Cock-up of miscalculation ?
An AP running a cell in the local area given the word to wind the proles up to be really naughty in numbers most unusually large and overwhelming ?

Ye autopsy Qs:
In this theatre the Q’s are:
1:  So as there’s now a ready made excuse for people who like foreign travel in even greater overwhelming numbers and with far better kit than the natives to invade in retaliation:
Was it Design / Accident ?
2:  Have the natives got any oil perchance ?

Wom Desk:
Who could think that such might happen here

While you’re a pondering  . . . ……
Buy our new board game for some welcome distraction:

Roll the dice to get on a square
(if you’ll forgive the expression that is)
with an action incident ‘worthy’ of note  ( eg/ie  Usually one precipitating national outcry)

Roll the dice again to pull 4 Analysis Cards:
The Befores
The Action Incident
The Outcomes
Roll the dice to Mix&Match

When you’ve got your overall scenario:
Roll again for your next card:
State Reactions & Actions:
Subdue and Sweep to Under Carpet
Leave Alone and Let Fester
Make a Song and Dance Out of The Situation
Use As an Excuse for  X  To Be Done

Roll again for the final time to Mix&Match:

If it’s not happened yet and it’s near you   . . . …….
If it has happened you’ve lost.
If the result says it’s too far out of BB’s radar of interest to happen,
Have a nice cup of tea but watch your back for a Blair A. pottering around in the shadows.


AM Thursday  13-September-2012:


So the  Apparatchiks in Middlesbrough  are in the Naughty Corner.
They and the whole of their flavour particular are having one their periodic ‘bad press days’.
The Scousers are doing the conga up and down Lime Street in celebration.
The new, and some of the sleeping,  Appys on the block and wanting to climb up their ladder are coming out of the woodwork and calling for scapegoats from the old chips off the same old block          (who are no doubt trying to crawl into the aforesaid timber).
Such is the view given to,  (courtesy of ye media of course bro),  all UK plc  (and world looking-in) through the early Autumn mists 2012.

So,  to an ODA short look back through the fog usual:
Hillsborough 20 years back and now:
Still no right to trial, or element of evidence,  by lie detector or drugs.
(OK the tech’s improved since the above disaster – but but but etc)
No permanent ‘head cams’ to the constabulary’s esteamed constables;
selective usage,  selected by them,  recording only being done.
No known real-time download of that captured data,
+ that of fixed cameras + that of mobile other,
to  INDEPENDANT  data banks.
It is noted that the esteamed constabulary ops habitually and profusely insist it is ‘illegal’ for
‘private citizens to use such cameras’.
This ‘ban’ appears to only apply to naughty situations,  not others – ? ? ? ? ? ?
(Oh well not for us to worry our pretty heads about I suppose  . . . ……)

Oh,  and there’s still no front and rear ID marking to ops,
in fact the tendency has been to none:
1:  Riot Police.
2:  Ancillary Walkabouts of iffy legal probity dressed in apparel similar to police uniform.

To ye philo’ bit of point proper:

A constable of the law is supposed to be,  ‘an independent citizen in uniform’;
*HIS notes, and records other, of events are supposed to be written as HIS record and sacrosanct.

(*Or her or person for a salve  –>  the tick-boxing PC PC’s ! – Eeeeeee they wouldn’t sleep tonight if they let that one go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The point of this short ramble of associated facts:
Mother Thatcher (& Co) was the first to widely push for
‘Joined-Up Government’
Dear Tony (&Co),  our eternal favourite
(Anthony dahling,  Mwah Mwah , missing you terribly – etc),
did in fact just carry that torch of totalitarianism onward.

In Summary:

If you are Apparatchik,
no matter how you’re dressed-up to the outside world of oiks,
whether you’re portrayed as
‘Politico’ or ‘Bureaucrat’ or ‘Appointed Officer’ or ‘Other’
then, necessarily,
any and all independent thinking and acting professionals,
(aka:  those  ‘not on side’, ‘not team players’, ‘non-compliant’
to name but a few of the euphemisms a la Appy they above the salt DO use),
are a thorn in your side at best for the moment,
but in reality to your long term goals, they be a permanent problem.

Indeed such independent professionals be such a problem and an anathema to your world view
that you as operative of the
whether you be  Haupt, odder Mit, odder Unter  Operative,
need to eradicate by whatever means you can,
that includes,  (firstly we do think),
attending to all those theoretically operating within your organisational scan
ensuring they are indeed ‘brought on side’.

Then once that be done,  and all are ‘on side’,
everything is under your control.
Game over.
(For the rest of us).

Old :
The Seated Stand.
(Back Row – Behind MY camera)

We don’t propose to join the feeding frenzy of Greater Hackovia
and further rip into  ‘the about to be accused’
(That said we here allow ourselves  :  aka ‘The usual suspects !)
The protocols of the UK Legal System need to be observed.
ie  As it appears all is about to become  (AS IT CERTAINLY LOOKS LIKE TODAY)  sub-Judice
So, so, so,
don’t expect salvos of poo to be thrown by us against those about to be dragged into the spotlight.
That said,  if there be any asspects further that do come forward to us
and we consider they to be part of our general stance and points around totalitarianism,
then we’ll publish ASAP with eye to the above legal protocols and with mind to good taste general.
That ASAP might well be past the above probable trial(s) dates.

Old :


AM Wednesday  12-September-2012:


The UK  Hillsborough Football Ground Disaster Saga  doth loometh again.    😐

Watch this next scene of this long-running  S&M* Show
on the one-eyed baby-sitter of your choice,
or even ton tinterweb,
or even read the newsprint,
all of which will pour forth en-masse shortly.    😐

Grit yer peggys.    😐

Make wishes that you don’t get caught-up in the next one.    😐

Make a nice cup of tea and hope for the best.    😐

Consider where and when you’ll next join a crowd.    😐

ODA Speak  :  *Smoke&Mirrors.    🙁

‘The Sun’
Nowt much to do with this débâcle above and the crocodile tears of regret  (for lost sales)  being expressed by its current head spiv really,
it’s just that all it is is just a crass semi-porno comic for big thick gpgp kids
who crave pictures of tits, general salacious sensationalism, and football dribbling,
but can’t work the internet.


AM Tuesday  11-September-2012:

ref  The esteamed  National Health  Service (Ye NHS)  of ye UK  (plc):
They appear now hell-bent on moving all operational staff
(Ancillary incl ye Cleaners  +  Clericals  +  MEDICS  +  most prob, the odd etcs)
–>  contract working  without guarantee of continuous work  week<->week.
See HM’s Finest pronouncements in The House and other emissions various
UK  (+ most prob world – ?)  Main Press Reports.

Ye Affects&Effects & Effects&Affects:

Total loss of ‘ownership’ of situation ‘on the floor’ by The Operational Staff
(aka  Thems That Does The Doing)
For eg:
You only have to refer to tales a-many and various of the state of hospital cleaning when done by ‘outside contractors’
ie  Those of ex The NHS framework staffing and on contract and effectively out of control of the working medic staff on the floor.
Effects of this practice are accentuated to the ‘dangerous deterioration stage’ when applied to medic staff hiring;  such hired having little/no interest in job other than getting through shift/ week:
For an eg:  Stoke-on-Trent General Hospital* now being prob one of the worst exposed to date.
The hit and run and whatever we can get away with mentality is endemic to such situations general and we refer not just to NHS situations but any other where low grade labour is brought in at the lowest poss price and used without supervision from the hirer.

*Now ‘re-branded’ to:
‘North Staffs University Hospital’

Our Correspondent in The Quilted Raincoat writes:
‘Change the name – stop the radiation’.

Thank you Harold,  now get back in your box.

So,  if you are a medic anything and you can’t reconcile yourself to situation,
wish to ‘stay in trade’,
then just what are your trade options ?

They boil down to:
1:  Private health services UK.
2:  Health services abroad
(With the Gulf States being the highest payers and air travel these days making it a not too arduous commute, say once a month, back home to UK and even a weekend trip a feasible option.  Health Services Scandinavian seem a very attractive option also, especially for those with families who have a taste for a trial permanent emigration but not too far.  If they wanted to get far away  –  Oz + The States + Canada  doth almost always beckon).
3:  Start your own clinic etc.

So to ye effects:
UK again firstly stripped of most of the best bods,  they having the most options for ‘escape’.
UK serviced by whoever will work for least.
Those ‘getting-out’ when can.
More immigrants coming in to fill posts,
then they, the best of that bunch,
eventually come to point where having had enough for whatever reason and leave for their then best options.
Which raises demand for new batch of those who will work for least without job security.
And so ad-infinitum until the  Nissan Hut NHS  falls down through old age.
Meanwhile The Management Block looks well after this years refurb’ does it not  ?


From Our Occasional Column:
Overheards From The Management Block:

‘That is a nice saving showing on your spread sheet Simon,  we’re going to come in well below budget on the Bloggs Services a/c.
If you want to put a cherry on it, delay pay to Bloggs for a quarter and they might well go to the wall.
I’ve been watching their invoicing and it’s distinctly ropey to say the least.  If we do manage to bump them, then The Receiver won’t sort it for a call on us for a good year or two,  if ever.
Have another new bmw and take a fortnights holiday to cope with the stress you must have been under.
There’s a fact-finding visit to Los Vegas next month you might be interested in joining – ?
See me tomorrow on that one.
Not actually seen the inside of the hospital yet ?
Wouldn’t bother old son,  its a mess,  brim-full of oiks,  and you might catch something.
If you ever do wander into THEIR SIDE,  just watch you don’t get collared by the medics.
See you down the club old boy’

Ye ODA Philosophy bit For The Situation:
If the quality outcome of any purchase is a product of the price paid for it in the market particular ‘of the day’
ie  ‘You get what you pay for’
Q:  How come the bod who sets or accepts the price particular for a process particular isn’t responsible for the quality outcome ? (!)

Meanwhile    . . . . . . ……………    CALUMS LIST  (and others)  GRINDETH ON

Dr2 : AM Wednesday  12-September-2012  :  Addendums** various . . . …… errr  added.  🙂

**Stobbit before you think of it !
Addenda/e  is just too akademik fer uz
(and arguably WRONG !)


AM Monday  10-September-2012:

1stly  :  Wot I Did On My Holiday    (yesterday – and a half one as usual – Ahhhhhh):
Went on a public transport trip and walkabout with Management,  that being her preferred form of progress,  around Manc.

An  ‘Open House’  Day for Buildings of Interest.
Visited St Gabriels Church at Prestwich :
‘Sold’ in the Open Day blurb as ‘art deco’ – Well   . . . ……
It’s got art deco features.  Not a lot but it’s got them !
Still,  a most civilised welcome with tea and biccis – would go anywhere for same !

Onto city centre then on to ‘Media City’  (dah dah etc)
1:  This notoriously windy site  (well known to us having have worked on the bugger a number of times past)  lived up to its reputation yesterday,  so:
Appears it has not been exploited for wind gather for power generation,  even at small scale discrete development level – why ?
2:  If this is ‘Media City’,  what is the message and whose is it  ???  !

Back via firstly,  Manc Town Centre where all the decent cafs are shut by/at 18.00 hrs.   🙁
So much for the 24/7 society on a theoretical ‘day of leisure’ !    🙁
No probs finding a bloody supermarket open if wanted !    😐
Oh well:
Onto the airport – just for the ride !
Having not travelled the airport spur rail line before and wanting to see the new tramway works thought worth the diversion.
Coming-on the tram works certainly are, coming-on but don’t to book a ticket yet !

A  PS:
On setting-out for the day was sat on Platform 3 at Stockport Station
ref  Passenger Loading to Virgin Trains:
Observations of the day confirming our previous:
A (standard/usual) x9 Carriage Virgin Train arrives on Plat 2:
x5 2nd Class Carriages  +  x4 1st Class Carriages
Stopped at ~ 14.05 hrs.
2nd Class carriage windows  :  ~80% showing a face / more than one
1st Class carriage windows  :  x2 faces total seen !
OK, only one side (~W) of train seen,
but it would be sod, sod, sods law if a greatly different view would be got to t’other side of train !

Oh,  and the train was travelling south having set out from Manc Piccadilly Station
and Stockport is the first stop on line.
So,  to passenger movements to/from train @ Stockport:
Unlike Adlestrop,  thought ~ x2 bods  (that number a definite ? from the very limited view got through train door windows)  left (the train),  but, known to +ve:  ~ x50 came (got on the train).
Wotever the accuracy of the observed  de-mounting / mounting  bod count,
didn’t see any increase in faces at 1st Class windows !

2ndly  :   Wot The Sunday Papers Said:
Many & Various  as/ usual  is the obvious note.

To avoid the obvious of popularity:
The War Office to be sold-off ?
Gazooks Sir !
First Admiralty Arch now this !
Wonder if they’ll flog that shed with the big clock tower at the west end of the street ?

To enjoin with the obvious:
London Airport Provisions  :  Expansion of Existing Airports  and/or  Build of New:
(eg  Piece to Sunday Times : ‘Focus’ piece : Page 20)
ODA View:
A Thames estuary / adjacent banks :
Essex side : South + East
Kent side : North + East including Isles of Grain + Sheppey
are the only ways to go IF it is to be done.
(See ODA piece previous)
If an east side airport is to be done and should it be done is the point for discussion,
in our humble view, piling more air and its consequential ground traffic into the west side of London is not,
for a number of we feel obvious reasons, the way to go.
That should be settled to a definite +ve one way / ‘tother
by Parliamentary debate encompassing all the possibilities and alternatives
and finishing with vote of conclusion:
(Yer next best option we feel is to the north of the capital –
but that’s another set of considerations many which will protract this piece too much !)

3rdly  :  TO TODAY  (at last !):
UK General Post Office / GPO
(or wotever their calling themselves this week)
are ‘opening peoples mail’.
(No doubt they’ll  scream  ‘terrorism’ / ‘general national interest’ / Tony Tune other
when found out to proof full)

Various reports are coming forward asserting same.
eg  One of what is becoming many – List to be expanded:
UK Daily Telegraph  :  Saturday  08-September-2012:
Piece by Nina Lakhani focussed on
UK Governments Dept of Work & Pensions / DWP,
they reported as ‘instructing ye GPO to open benefit claimants mail’.

Just wot has happened to the long standing UK Law:
Once committed to post that becomes The Sovereigns Mail,
hence the subtle hint in the title ‘Royal Mail’.
With that, comes legal prerogative of the sovereign ONLY to enter
legal protection from others entering
From that and including,
once something is committed to The Royal Mail then it effectively becomes a legal doc.
So, in repeat,  just what has become of it ?
All has been,  by time&custom down the years,  thought sorted (no pun) to a perceived level of probity where ye UK populace have placed implicit trust in the Royal Mail system to such an extent that no thought is given to it usual –
Until now.

If above is being practised by HM’s Finest,
what is the surety of the ‘tightness’ of legal trade docs et al in transit c/o said ‘Royal Mail’

The View From The Crows Nest:
1:  Can see a return to private couriers for the legal profession.
In the old days, that was one of the duties a legal clerk had –
To hand deliver papers
(And,  usual,  get signature confirmation of acceptance from addressee).
2:  Now, who was that Blair A. who wanted to remove ye Royal Mail
by giving-over the monopoly to competitors who were effectively unregulated
(And therefore controllable by the back-door)

A Q to The Nation:
Should we rename him  ‘Rome’
After all,  all roads lead to Tony.
Old :

A PS again:
Or poss  ‘Roma’
[ A rendition  (if you’ll forgive the expression)  which has more of a ring to it ]
But then again,  in consideration,  it would only give his Ist-Ist Polezei a tick-box to be at us !


SUNDAY  09-September-2012.



PM Saturday  08-September-2012:

The UK BBC Radio 4 / The Home Service (in proper money) programme on
Beer Vouchers and the manipulation thereof:

ODA Forward:
After many years of listening to their (Money Programme) efforts in exposing and publicising
part of the worst of UK spivery in all its dubious shape-shifting forms,
we attach below The Money Programme’s contact details.
NB.  Those,  and details other are freely available on Ye BBC website.
We attach the esteamed endorsement of ODA
[ This is said,  by The Royale College of Arms (Gorton),  to be in status,
to be somewhere between The George Medal and The Order of Bath ]

(of  12.00hrs BST  –  iPlayer thingy it for a play-back)
Subject of point to ODA comment:
SANTANDER BANK plc,  UK Operations:
Money Programme hands-out another good-hiding(ette) to Santander UK
(ie  Not the first The MP has handed-out to Santander)
Today’s débâcle exposed by Ye BEEB is over their,  mssrs S’s latest (known by ODA) perfidity;
that concerning the writing into Santander contracts of customer account,
(in ye  small, small, small  print of course),
clauses ensuring that the good ship Santander can go back on any promise it makes.
This latest of Santander’s perf’  (policy ?!)  has come back to the present fore when mssrs S.
have attempted to impose costs on  Business Accounts  that were opened as  ‘Free for Life’  ones.

Contacting them – Ye  (their)  protocols:
‘If you have a story idea, a comment or a complaint about Money Box , please do get in touch.
You can contact us using the forms below or write to the team which is based in White City, in London’
Comment about the programme
Send a story idea
Complain about the programme
Write to Money Box’

‘If you have a complaint about Money Box or any other BBC programme or service you can also go to the BBC complaints site via the link below.
BBC:  Complaints.
Please remember if you do e-mail us, that we cannot give you personal financial advice, and you should never send us original documents.
Although we read every e-mail and letter we receive, we cannot reply to them all.’

‘If we use information from your e-mail or letter in the programme we will always contact you first to confirm that you are willing for us to do so.
Please do include a daytime telephone number at which we may contact you.
E-mail address
Town or city
Daytime phone number
Complaints about services
Story idea
Complain about the programme’

Due to the volume of e-mails we receive we cannot promise to answer every one but all are read and considered.
Your complaint(s) will be read by the team who will investigate and respond as soon possible’

‘BBC Terms and conditions
BBC Privacy Policy’

‘You can write to us (BBC) at this address:
Money Box
Room 1209
BBC White City
201 Wood Lane
W12 7TS’

View From The Crows Nest:
Arl bet thee a pint etc:
The Money Box prog bods prob get enough material to run said prog 24/7 !
Take note of the ODA recommendation usual for situations of outcry:
Old :


Friday  07-September-2012:

ref  UK Motorway Maintenance and Emergency Services
ref  M60 Area
(The Orbital Motorway around Greater Manc
Its attendant service and feeder roads and areas):

A little bird tells us:
‘~180    150  Jobs to be cut.
6  8    of the    10  11    Service Depots to be closed.’ *
** mssrs A1+ Ltd
(the little known ‘efficiency’ experts)
hand over the M60 Management Contract to the new winners of the last out-call for bid to tender:
mssrs Balfour Beatty
(the well known claims consultants).
Handover of responsibilities,  A1+ –> BB,  proposed for the coming November2012.

Our Little Bird Correspondent.

ODA Public Service Announcement:
1:  Don’t forget to take your:
Flask, Butties & Blanket + Tow Rope + Torch + Shovel + Track-Mats + Spare Moby   etc, etc, etc
2:  Don’t forget to:
Bring Your Will Up To Date.

1AM Tuesday  11-September-2012:
.1:  * ERRATUM:
Number of bods + service depots thought to be present in bundle of consideration and to be sacked / closed at instigation of new cut-backs,  corrected,  to as best is known to date,  to above figures.
.2:  ** Update expansion of scripted info:  Main contractor ‘players’ named.

Above is to be considered a  ‘fluid-piece’  proper,
it being more so than our general  ‘takes of the day’.
Info is coming-in to us gradually through a fog.    ;-|
(With no hazard signage posted – Wonder wot caused that ?)



AM Thursday  06-September-2012:

! The News !
! House Building Rediscovered by HM’s Government !
! Big Dave decides to jump on the trowel !
Cameron of the ilk has announced the building switch is to be turned on again.

ODA Comment:
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:
Problems problems problems ARE coming around the corner
(even before its been built):
You have in UK at large at present:

1:  Town Halls largely stripped of Building Inspectorate staff.

2:  Housing Associations (and indeed The Town Halls also)
mostly run by:
Air Heads & Handbags with a degree in Medieval Tapestry etc  (many with a nifty 3rd or Desmond)
*Cost-cutting ‘efficiency’ trolls who have and will, without conscience,  shaft any but the protected above the salt without any care,  or indeed with most without any knowledge,  of the consequences of their actions.
The massed cohorts of    Tarts with a Pie Chart
(With their tits hanging out of their blouses again / skirts up to waist / skirts down to floor / wotever be this weeks fashion point of note that happens to be ‘in’ so they can spend their time in office parading about showing-off to their their mates doing likewise)
‘Customer Service’ ‘Customer Service’ ‘Customer Service’   ‘Look at My Pie Chart’
(and bugger all else remotely ‘job’ related but assorted Tony speak of unintelligible Kafkaesque ‘socio’ garbage)
Many, if not most,  playing the job system of 35 hour weeks,  6 weeks paid holiday,  revolving doors and six months off with stress etc
Not an Architect + attendant dept  in sight and on site
(We’ll take correction on this one if there’s the odd one left hiding in a Nissan Hut at the rear of the car park so nobody notices them)

3:  If you put an eg sample of a doz assorted building bods
(of any type / position in the trade)
‘on the peg’ at the start of a depression in building,
then,  when the inevitable upturn comes,
you’ll only get 8 or 9 back off the peg at best:
The rest will have managed to get away from the disease,
found themselves a cushy billet,
(aka  a normal job inside)
and won’t come back.
So,  ergo,  therefore,  etc:
The price of labour will rise,
The scream will go out for more labour,
The press reports of a Plasterer earning  a £KK / week etc  will be trotted out to entice lads into the trade  etc etc etc,
The wide-boys will jump in at all positions and levels
(including spirit ones before you get there !),
The poor quality works then produced will be swept under the carpet for the sake of Big Dave’s public ego.
The shits that have been cutting the Town Hall + Housing Association etc budgets to bits
collectively will recede into the background,  pulling the covers over and becoming as quiet as an angels fart  . . . ……
Those within their ranks then in the know
(worded down to the select from a BB further up the ladder)
will be looking through the job ads so they can go through the next revolving door of distancing from the coming unpleasantness local when the ordure of history will meet the air moving equipment of fate  (and then be splattered over those who have not moved on and are so the only ones left available to blame,  etc etc etc  –  ad nauseam)    . . . ……

A point of Building Trade info or 2:
1:  It is generally agreed t’int Building Trade that it takes x10 years to make
a Tradesman,  or a  Professional – Architect or Engineer or Surveyor.

2:  There are readily available courses widely advertised throughout the UK Red Top Press
(for an eg)
and other places various,
(Job Centres for an eg)
offering  x3/4/5(etc) day courses  for
‘Becoming a Qualified Tradesman’

Dear (ex Dr) Freddy Pattel,  who used to do autopsy impressions,  is getting a bad press again today.
Oiks various are starting to raise the objections in public which they’ve been hammering away about for years meeting nothing but stone walls, closed doors + the rest of the usual establishment gamut of smoke&mirrors.
About wot ?  we hear
Guess wot ?  we say
Freddies appears to have done it before !
Surprise ! Surprise ! Surprise ! Surprise ! Surprise ! Surprise !
The 1st curse of ODA ?
[ Eat your  heart  armour  chain mail  [  😉  ]   out Lord Gnome ! ]
Well, so far, in increment, partially, and up to a point  Mi Ld Cu.
Let us all see if Fred be hung out to dry for the system that put him in place
IF the recommendations
(by the raising of ye q’s pertinent)
of ODA are followed to do the full audit of who ‘ran’ and indeed might well still ‘run’ Dear Fred
Then audit the system that put that/those bods in place
& so ad intintum
aka  Keep Calm and Carry On Auditing  (with a crown on top)
–> See pieces below,  especially  Fridays 24th + 31st -August-2012. <–

LASTLY,  No 3:

A Q:
? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ?

ref  BBC  Radio 4 TODAY : ~08.45hrs
Piece focus:
Honda UK doing well and are expanding.
Dave Hodges – Honda Spiv interviewed:
‘Honda are to produce a new 6.1 Litre Diesel engine for the new Honda Civic’
Dave Honda.

View Brumm Brumm The Crows Nest:
That might go rather well mi thinks.
Mr Clarkson will be pleased.
🙂  again
Old :

A PS to the last piece above:
Bentley spivs are still on occasion,  pumping ads out proclaiming the smooth running of the
Bentley V8 engines is due to the use of  ‘Lancaster’ Shafts !

Mi-thinks Fred Lanchester doth turneth (smoothly !) in his grave.
Old :

AM Wednesday  05-September-2012:

ref  Ye House of The UK  (shop early while it still has the title):

ref  Ye mssrs ATOS  (see below):

Parliamentary Committee met yesterday on subject + there were discussions in The Chamber:
Much protest ensued from public gallery from those affected by mssrs A’.,
so much so,  as  ‘the cries of foul’  were from those who had nothing to loose,
that The Chair was almost to the point of suspending proceedings and having that gallery cleared.

An ODA  Q.  x3:
1:  How many bods and from which papers / broadcast were present in the press gallery ?
2:  How much will find its way into print and just what will the prole-centred  ‘Red-Tops’  carry ?
3:  How much will find its way into main stream news TV broadcasts:
The std issue of  Ye BEEB + UK Broadcasters Other  of the noddy ‘On The Hour’  type ‘coverage’ ?

Arl bet thee etc:

As regards the reporting of the esteamed Team GB Media above:

The  Not The McATOS Olympy NotPepsi Thingy Disabled Games Thingy  coverage will be used to swamp and deflect attention away from any of the proceedings inn The House,  just like the standing deflective usual of using foreign news to take most of the time up and cloud any view on home news.
(*With a   ‘Mrs Bloggs cat’s had kittens’   piece usual at the end for a nice bow-out to leave the punters feeling to good  –  Ahhh)

An Editor Writes:
So all is then well with The Good Ship GB then,  is it not ?
That is what has happened today,  you’ve been told,  now go and take your soma.
Mr X.
Room  100&7/8
The Ministry of Truth.

A View From The Crows Nest:
*And also leaving them,  ‘ye viewers’,  thanking Big G they’re not in foreign climes with all that nastiness going on.  (Which has nothing to do with Team GB of course except when direct involvement is had and then pictures of, and pieces writ on,  the squaddies MUST be included.)
Old :

A little birdy tells me if you do want to get as full a coverage as poss:
‘Watch  ‘Russia Today’ aka ‘RT’  TV transmissions’
An Observation:
If RT News doth be the TV broadcast channel to watch for coverage of UK Parliamentary proceedings,  then    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
(Fill in your own !)

Another View From The Crows Nest:
Just what would  Pussy Riot + Mr Assange  say on that one, the immediate above,
one wonders
? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !
Old :


AM Tuesday  04-September-2012:

ref  The News + The Olds:

Cameron D.,  who does Prime Minister impressions,  is about to announce the new layout of the deckchairs on The Titanic  (No ODA claim for that one – Everybody’s passim !)
Ye UK annual party conference season looms ahead.  Will the good ship ConLib per se founder on the obstacle,  or will they ask The Captain to take to a life boat and try and find Tahiti ?
Lieutenant Clegg is going to have an even more interesting passage at his conference.
(All assuming anyone turns-up at either that is.
Oh well, they can always go round to the UKIP show and drag them out I suppose).
So,  as Big D hasn’t consulted us and therefore is thrashing around in the dark as usual,
we feel it be our patriotic duty to put him on the right road:

10 Downing Street
South of Watford.

Fuck-off quick now.
Have a nice snap election and then you can have a load more excuses to fuck the proles over no matter whether your firm,  and possibly your affiliates again,  are in the seat,  or if the other ping-pong players opposite have it and you are then the pong opposite the new ping,  just think of the shit you can blame on Cleggy !
ODA Bot Tips:
We know Sam has got the curtains sorted to her taste now,  but if you have to clear off don’t take them down and with,  think first and leave them there with a few remote mikes sewn in.

Old Linesman.
(This one for  The Letters Page  me-thinks)


AM Monday  03-September-2012:

1stly : Wot I Did On My Holiday (yesterday):

1:  Drove 280 miles on a charity round-trip.
(I’m a hero – etc).
2:  Compensation:
Remote Management, God bless her,  put up with it.
Tea and toasted muffins and the Sunday papers and an evening stroll was had.
A fraught week with a  🙂  ending.

2ndly : Wot The Sunday Papers Said:
(ODA passim)
Article I:
News Section : Page: 9:
‘Lecturer, soldier’s son,  ‘7/7′ survivor, and now facing deportation from Britain’
Prof John Tulloch (70)
Born India to Army of The Raj Parents
(Family service record to The Indian Services : Total 120 years)
British wife children (and brother)
British Passport Holder*
Cambridge graduate
University lecturer and bus
Blown-up in the  ‘7/7’ London UK tube + bus  bombing nastiness
*Now to be deported by ‘The Home Office’ as they find they cannot confirm his naturalisation.

One of the back-up staff, a Abdurahman I.,  to the perpetrators of ‘7/7’.  A Somali immigrant who provided safe house for them, has had his deportation and return to Somalia post serving prison sentence here quashed on grounds that it would infringe his civil rights.
*Oh, errr,  ref John Tulloch :
He’s of the white professional Anglo-Saxon and CofE type
(aka  The New UK Underclass)
News Section : Page: 15:
Article II:
‘Six-figure pay-offs to 450 officials’
A piece of ‘exposure’ ref:
The long standing payola of revolving doors and big financial hellos&goodbyes&hellos&goodbyes &
Fancy seeing you here, haven’t seen you since The Bogton debacle in ’98.  Never mind, we’re both over 50 now so retirement soon – etc,
for the town hall top-table (and a few below) cognoscenti UK.

View From The Crows Nest:
Glad to see you’re catching-up Telegraph.
Now, I must take 6 months off with stress.
(If only !)
Old :

3rdly : TO TODAY  (at last !):

1:  We appear to be coming to end of a very wet  (of as yet unproven reasons)  summer.
2:  The natives are revolting in Northern Ireland.
3:  HMG,  as it withdraws forces from Affyland and places exotic other,  will,
after it gains its ‘slimmed-down’ figure,
want  (as always)  somewhere that’s
out of the main sight of UK but preferably local-ish for easy access,
offers real-war scenarios relevant to the zeitgeist
to keep in training  (wots left of)  its cohorts
and have same developed and so available for new recruits training.
4:  Generally acknowledged by many in/ close to Government
(ref  Hansard + Defence Revue Committee Reports)
that in the near future,
civil insurrection and guerilla warfare is the greatest of the known predicted growing threats to
western ‘civilisation’.

So,  Mix&Match


Do same to:  Causes&Effects&Affects !


SUNDAY  02-September-2012.



PM Saturday  01-SEPTEMBER-2012:


ATOS HQ Offices,
Triton Square,  Campden,  London.  UK:
DWP Offices,
Caxton House,  Westminster,  London.  UK:

A disabled persons protest against UK Government cuts to assistances to such persons was held. It was effected by way of occupation of above offices by mainly wheelchair-bound protesters.

1:  Occupied by Disabled Activist Protesters* @ ~14.30 hrs:
Reported to us to date:
? – None known  (ie No damages known)

2:  Police ejected Protesters ~16.30hrs
Reported to us to date:
‘x1 Broken Arm’  (To a Protester – obviously)

3:  Reporting of Events by General Main-Stream Media:
Reported to us to date:
UK TV Channels 4 + 5 only have carried reports of actions.
Nothing about ye proceedings gleaned by us/ reporters to us of a single mention of actions on  HM’s Finest Favourite Organ – BBC emissions.
1: Much continues being emitted by HMG’s same organ, Ye BBC, concerning
The 2012 Disabled Not The Olympy Thingy.
2: No mention of the occupation on their  ‘Premier Programme’  (BBC passim)
Radio 4  ‘Any Questions’
ref  the weekly prog of last night (20.00<->21.00hrs).
Much on  The Disabled Not The Olympy Games + Disabled O&S other  on that prog.

View From The Comfortable Nest:
Not much point in having a selective propaganda machine of bullshit AND OBFUSCATION
if you don’t use it.
Now, don’t disturb me again,
I’ve got a pony on The Wops for the 10Km Wheelchair Relay and I think I might lay it off a bit after weighing-up The Frogs entry.

Lillibet II

*If you’re not up to speed with mssrs ATOS:
They are UK Government hired and sponsored French mercenaries engaged
to stop UK disabled people claiming UK Government living support monies.
It is estimated that ~x33 registered disabled people / day are dying
as a result of withdrawal of Government services and direct financial support for living allowances.
ref + see  :

UK Government Department of Work and Pensions
Effectively, the UK Government commissioning agents for ATOS,

For amateur footage coverage of events:
You Tube
(’till they take it down)

Dr 2:
1:  Notes of action at DWP offices added.
2:  Addresses of ATOS + DWP offices added.
3:  Notes explanatory of DWP added.
4:  Erratum:
Number of disabled persons deaths attributed to withdrawal of Government support by Calums List should have read as/ above,
~x33/ day,  not as/ previous Dr1 noting of  ~x33/ week.


AM Friday  31-August-2012:

Dis connected O&S:

South Afrikan Police shoot striking demonstrating and rioting miners.
Miners surviving arrested  ‘for causing shooting’.  (sic)
South Afrikan Police state:
‘Survivors  (And presumably the killed also ! – ODA)  to blame’
‘They should have not been there and were asking for it
as they there causing demo/ riot’.
Source:  UK Gen Press
Date:  Multi and various over past weeks

UK Met Police Operative accused of Ian Tomlinson killing states to court:
‘Tomlinson should not have been there’    (ie  On his way home – ODA)
‘Was asking for it’.
Source:  UK Gen Press trial reports various
Date:  Trial period

UK surveillance drone production expanding.
Source: + Gen UK Press + BBC
Date:  Multi and various over this past week

US testing guided / ‘smart’ mini (< 10Kg) bombs suitable for being carried by small drones.
Date:  Tuesday  28-August-2012.

Past UK Press Reports various:
‘None knows how many illegal firearms are in (private) circulation – ?’
‘Containerisation of international trade has lent itself to the smuggling of such’
Source:  As/ above – UK Press reporting on UK Government reps pronouncements
Dates:  Multi & various.  To ODA’s recollections – Over some years now
(Do your own research)

To Date:
From UK Press Reports of this week:
Nothing yet gleaned of Freddy Patel’s grand progress post being struck-off by the BMA.
No reports of who
(Indeed if any,  to be balanced  –  ODA)
was pulling Freddy’s strings  directing/ controlling dear Freddy – ?

Ye Q of present:
WIP – To early to enquire ?    /    Under the carpet ?

An occasional collective piece by ‘your’ (ahhh)  Coordinating Editor:
Dis Parrot.


AM Thursday  30-August-2012:

ref  UK Rail Car Services  (aka Trains):
ref  England : London<->NW Line Franchise:
ref  Latest (bidded),  franchise going to somebody other than Virgin Rail:

In continuation of our notes below of  Wednesday 15-August-2012:
Branson R.,  who does frontman duties for StageCoach Group,
has thrown his rattle out of the pram balloon for the second time.
He’s taking HM’s Finest to court for giving franchise to the winning bidder,  First Group.
Quiet wot the legal angle of dangle is that is to be used by Virgin’s legal reps,
we can’t quite ascertain to date – ?
We await with breath bated.

Now,  a Q:
Is this to be a saga ?
Shall we start writing the parallel saga-piece  (of view oblique !)  now ?
‘When Richard Went Off The Rails’  say,
(suggestions from the floor please).
Our sentiments are really closer to:
Who cares as they’re all spivs ?
From historical record once any particular is in possession of the reins they’ll flog the horse particular to death wotever
meanwhile spending any amount on frontman spivs in their own image
(as that’s the only fellow creature they recognise)
and the associated advertising circuses of persuasion
(black grey is the new white dahlings – etc),
to tell us all is well, and if it isn’t then a big boy did it and ran away,
and not to worry,
‘Have some free butties and ‘*a bottle of drink’
(*sic – We’re putting that one up for The Times Literary Award),
all whilst HM’s Finest justify themselves and their shilling by attending meetings as/ the other ‘players’ below.
For the wotever:
Bods various of Virgin upper tables will be travelling to and fro for ye ensuing meetings inevitable.
Some of moots prob to be held in Mancton.
Most prob most in the usual  Other Place South of Watford.
Attendees Virginal, naturalle,  will prob travel there by rail as it’ll be a freebie for them  –
1st Class, of course,  brother.
Other bods, mostly legal reps various of all sides, will be doing same journeys.
We wonder if First’s bods will take the opportunity to extend their views of wot The Virgins are up to and use the esteamed V service  ? ! ? !
Oh well,  that lot will negate somewhat the scurrilous smears below of under use of those coaches !

Meanwhile the trains passing through Stockport                                                                          (our OP / ‘monitoring’ point of choice – others are available at the vantage point of your choice),
continue to show next to no bugger sat in 1st Class carriages except at peak times,
and there are a LOT of 1st Class Coaches in MOST of the trains.

Again : Please see piece of  Wednesday  15-August-2012.  below.

View From The Crows Nest:
Arl bet thee etc:
1:  That First Groups spivs are warming-up for out-doing their counterparts at Virgin
(Pure professional pride will come to the fore no doubt:
If  ‘V’  could get away with that,  then we’ll try this on the punters – etc)

2:  That should First Gp retain franchise post the current legals,  then a lot of the Virgins spivs will jump ship to First.

3:  That should Virgin be allowed to retain franchise,  then they really will flog the horse to death ASAP in a revenge fit.
(Double Fares all round old boy etc)

4:  And,  lastly for this,  the UK road traffic, NW<->SE,  will continue to grow apace.

So, Spivdom et al,  see,  that’s wot happens when you hit the old buffers !
Going for a cup of tea,
(brewed and drunk from me,  *Not H&S Approved,  brew can).
Old Shunter.

*If you hadn’t heard,  the brew-can ban  really is another story to sadden you.
You’ve had enough for one session.
Go and make a nice cup of tea yourself and rest:
You’ll need the energy to cope with the present and coming off-site generated shenanigans if you’re to be attempting train travel by the above route.


AM Wednesday  29-August-2012:

The 2012 Spas  Not The Olympy Thingy Games  kick-off proper today.

(NB.  Same rules of McColaRing-Piece sponsorship are, unfortunately to be applied.
Wear your ODA T-Shirt underneath for safety or they’ll get The Police to give you a push in their RIGHT direction)




Tuesday  28-August-2012:

ref  NZ Report on Cannabis Consumption, its effects on early  (young – teenagers)  users over time.    Report much publicised  (continuing to date)  on ye BBC:
That report reports:
‘After age 18  :  Average 8% impairment of mental faculties and performance v/v peer group not using’
‘After 10 years  :  Average 20% impairment of mental faculties and performance v/v peer group not using’

No notes/ mention of:
1:  Just what smoked particular by sample smokers:
Modern cross-bred, ultra strong, force grown, concentrated skag type ?
Pure low straight from the organic garden type, naturally grown ‘weed’ ?
2:  Just how many of the smoking little darlings had been at other ‘little helpers’ as well ?
And just wot had they been at ?
And just wot was / is their domestic background which has caused them to withdraw ?

*Oh akademmick, interlektyual, sientifik rigur,  where art thou ?

ODA View:
Surprise surprise , man.
State sponsored journalism at its best,  again.

View From The Crows Nest:
CAMRA has done so much for beer.
Why not CAMRC ?
Yours through the smoke,
Old :

*Have you been smoking the bad stuff ?

Ye piece:
Apols for late posting (exec stress etc)


AM Monday  27-August-2012:

1stly :    Wot I Did On My Holiday (yesterday):

Drive out with THE BOSS again:

1:  Shopping at Waitrose’s @ Wilmslow.    🙂  🙂  🙂
(Sainsbury’s and Tescos and the rest have had the usual effect  =  Peace.)

2:  Annual visit to The Koffee Kabin @ Pott Shrigley.
See y’all next year.
Hope the tea improves in the interim.

3:  Freebie Aq from the well in Buxton  –  Ta St Anne.

4:  Drive-on out to Hartington,  and returned via the back roads.

A pleasant afternoon again.

2ndly :    Wot The Sunday Papers Said:

Ah yes, forgot to attend to this.
Er, well,  basically the predictable:
Post Std Olympy Thingys,
Prince Harry at Work,
(Lovely brand image development Dahling,
you simply must let me have the number of your handling agency),
The then forthcoming,  Spas Olympy Thingy
(NB.  McColaRing-Piece sponsorship rules the same as the warm-up show),
Grindings-on on, and on,  on ye Euro,
Naughty people hammering the fucking shit out of poor people in Syria,
Bit of Cricket & Footy,
Obscure celeb tarts of yesteryear, in designer gear,
(Available from Cloe-Clarrissa Clamidyia-von-BackScuttle’s bijou boutique – IF she likes you),
gobbing-off about various that is/has affected them,
The Crossword.

Ye ODA View on All:
Who really is pulling the strings for the Syrian show,
mi boy ?

Note : This Is (bloody) Late Copy
(NTS:  Must get out of El Boddies earlier)
Dr2  :  PM Thursday  30-August-2012.

3rdly :    TO TODAY:

1:  Ye Met Orifice UK:
As/ previous – again !:
From Last:  Weather Control – As/ previous:
ie  Again,  as/ last : Everywhere that matters remains bearably wet (just).
Likelihood of the disinfected proles expressing themselves on streets reduced.
As not modded for The Notting Hill Carnival,  and the rest,
Ye Disabled Games

A Q:  Just wot will be the water shed of it all ?

2:  ex  BBC Steam Wireless Home Service:
UK Government reported as backing away from invading The Ecuadorian Embassy
and is moving towards granting its house guest,  Shagger Jules,  safe passage to away from UK.
Ye Analysis-ette,  so far:
Q:  Has 14 pints mellowed and if so why ?
Could it be  Big Uncle International Protocols  has sat him down and lectured him on just wot is accepted by
historical international agreement common of contractual agreement between accepted states (aka Civilisation) ?
Could it be he reads ODA ?
Has he decided ‘this vehicle’,  The Assange Affair,
is not quite right for establishing himself as an  ‘international statesman’,
a la Tony.

View From The Crows Nest:
Well,  who cares ?
If 14 Pints comes out whiffing of roses,  and lives to fuck-up another day,
he will,  inevitably,  find another scenario to make his name in ye international world.
If he goes down the ladder because of it,
they’ll just park him on the back benches and shove up another frontman.
Feel sorry for 14 Pints really,  he’s a professional politician and has never had a proper job.
If you do get pushed in a corner Willy and need yer beer money,
wot are you like at animation ?
See our jobs page.

Old :


SUNDAY    26-August-2012:


Who the fucking fucking fuck fuck der yer fuckin’ think we fuckin’ are,

bloomin’ Tesco’s ?

(Other grabbers are available – everywhere)


AM Saturday  25-August-2012:

Oh,  it is the UK Silly Season*,  so let’s be silly:

1:  Buck House pronounces Brit Hard Copy Press should not have published ye nudey pics of Prince Harry.

2:  UK popular ‘red-top’ type press slap recent compromising nude snaps of Prince H in Las Vegas ‘all over the shop’.

3:  UK red-top  ‘Family Newspaper’  ‘The Sun’  publishes,  as/ above, and pronounces snaps of HRHH    ‘Published In the public interest’

4:  UK SIte  ‘CALLUMS LIST’  which attempts to keep tally on number of UK disabled bods dying   due to withdrawal of UK Government support
(that withdrawal done via Government hired mercenaries  :  mssrs ATOS)
‘Is now to average of x33 bods (sic) / week’

5:  UK Main Press largely continues to ignore 3. above.
When is commented on,  then in the more obscure columns mostly hidden to middle/ rear of broadsheets.

6:  ATOS are sponsoring the Para-Olympics Games

7:  Expect  (but we cannot guarantee as BBro might well put the large boot in)  change to UK broadsheet output next week.

View from Crows Nest:
You can’t get any more silly than that.
🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁    🙁
Old :

*UK Silly Season’:
Said to be:
A point in the year when there is no  ‘real’  news,  (wotever that might be),                                   and light-hearted stories of no consequence predominate the fill of Brit newsprint and broadcasts.
In time seasonal:
Running ~same as UK school summer holidays season:   From ~late July  to  early September.

A late whimsy:
Q:  Wonder if The Frog Newspapers do same ?
Q:  Wot’s Cause and Wot’s Effect ?:
Is that why all Le Frogs fuck-off to the coast or rivers and take rude pictures of each other fert tinterweb,  (meanwhile leaving their grannies to cook to death in le flat under le hot tiled roof) ?
v/v ?

A question for our times,  Lord Cu.
These end bits of a Dr2:    AM Sunday 26-August-2012.




AM Friday  24-August-2012:


! We have no pictures of Prince Harry !
! (In any state of dress) !

To business proper:
The Ian Tomlinson Affair:

As the Police pathologist  (*Bro ?) Freddie Patel has now been struck-off The UK Medical Register
Who is doing the autopsy / audit on him ?

A FEW Q’s  (in incompletely assembled order):
01:  Who hired our Freddie in the first place (Commissioning Hirer) ?
02:  Who was Fred’s line manager during employment ?
03:  Who was his commissioning manager job/ job for jobs ?
04:  What other little jobs did he do for his esteamed employers ?
05:  Who is doing the autopsy/ audit on those ?
06:  What other little jobs did he do for esteamed employers other ?
07:  Is there any connection between dear Freddy and mssrs ATOS ?
08:  Who else has our Fred been supplying services to ?
09:  Who is going to monitor and take any action needed at above audit ?
10:  What is his  [inevitable we feel knowing corporate culture (but do hope we’re wrong)]  pay-off ?
11:  *What little ex-curricular clubs did he belong to ?
12:  Where’s ‘our Freddie’ off to now ?
13:  Is anyone going to monitor his rakes progress now ?
14:  Who’s doing Fred’s job NOW ?
15:  Who’s keeping an eye on them ?

View From The Crows Nest:
The probability:
The std tactics : Silence, turned backs, lost records, and closed doors ETC,  will be mounted.
Old :

Dr2:  A few other considerations of asspect added.


AM Thursday  23-August-2012:

! All Praise to The UK Daily Mail !

Their Yesterdays Worry:
For them, what appears to be, now, a long running campaign
(A campaign which ODA endorses):
The Mail piece:
Snooping on residents by UK Local Authorities using
cameras, both overt and covert,  local ‘neighbourhood watch’ snoopers, and ancillary ‘police’ of descriptions various.
Amongst the list of heinous crimes
[dog fouling, dropping litter, smoking in proscribed places, local escort agencies – test purchases done at(!)]
Putting of waste bins out to early !
(Note of  ‘motion operated cameras in tin cans’ in The Mail piece
We’re unsure as to where said cans were placed – ?)

All appear to have been done by said LA’s under the umbrella of suspicions of ‘Terrorism’

View From The Crows Nest:


pissed-off by having to sing the same song ad nauseam and knowing full well he’ll have to continue for ever* as that is the nature of the dogs employed by the local haupt dogs as that is what keeps them feeling comfortable in their insulated ivory towers of the local authority game ticking their tick-boxes so they can show-off showing them to Big Brother in the big tower in Londonia and get a pat on the head and they then get further-up their ladder and so

Old :  

* Brit std description of sleight.
Proper Cowboys : Usual ODA apologies and absolutions to the real thing stand !
**Well, always wanted a proper job !


AM Wednesday  22-August-2012:

The News:
‘NHS Services to be sold en-country to foreigners’
Asspects various and few:
1:  Only the best will be sold.
2:  They need the best personnel – so they’ll take them.
3:  Who takes the profit and who does the auditing ?
4:  Oh well,  at least it’ll stop the buggers coming over here for free treatment.

That’s short and sweet as said.
Throw it up in the air and no doubt a dozen/ more asspects more will reveal themselves.


AM Tuesday  21-August-2012:

US warming-up for a Syrian expedition
Have-A-Banana  (who does presidential impressions)  is doing the sabre rattling act at the moment.
The US machine  McBang-Sticks-R-Uz-Y’all  is now regrouping sufficiently to start the never-ending process of getting their knees brown,  again.
UK same.

In the mean time:
Affyland is in process of being fully abandoned.
At the last western helicopter lifting off the embassy roof etc:
Their brand-new military with steel helmets will be overwhelmed by other gentlemen,  also of the environs,  with turbans.
That will be done whether a shot is fired or not.
ie  The intrinsic local culture will assert itself.
Only mass collective punishment will stop it.
That will not be done for,  ostensibly, humanitarian reasons.
The resulting chaos will keep that area (nicely for the orchestrators grande) tied-up for the immediate future after that reversion balloon arises.

So when all the useful kit and walking bods have been returned to The Good Ol’ Thingy of A, and not forgetting  The U of K  +  when assorted continental bods various have managed to get wom as well,  all been debriefed, repaired, rested and refurbished, refueled and re-briefed, given a packed lunch and a bottle of pop,  it’ll be time to go out to play again.
After all, travel broadens the horizons, does it not ?
And this time, it’s a lot closer to reliable secure supply bases, the terrain is generally kinder (relatively anyway), and ‘the people’ have demonstrated more than a little angst over the current regime.  (*Of originally CIA sponsored placing and kitting-out – but, But, BUT then again, that is not uncommon phenomena so don’t worry your pretty little head trying to work it all out dahlings).
Winter 2012/13 appears to be the proposed timing : Saves wear and tear on the aircon old boy and the very latest sparkling new UAV thingys will be at their best for some smashing, and compared with Affyland, uninterrupted views.

When the ‘Syrian Mission’ scheme comes to/ towards an end,  the ‘rescue mission’ to an exhausted Affyland where the terrain has been a major feature in the débâcle current will be a relative walkover, certainly compared to what it was at the previous tilt.

Here endeth the tutorial:
Planning you see young man, planning.
Ah I hear you say,  ‘The best laid plans etc’
Well if The Yellow Peril doth come over the hill,  then it’s going to be embarrassing and a little overcrowded too,  and will promote a bit of a re-think – fast.

*CIA equipped, I hear you ask, CIA equipped ?
(For Manc Daily Mail Readers (both of them)  :  Almost as unbelievable as garlic bread)

International Stock Market Tip:
*Put your money in United Bang Sticks:
Just hope they don’t come up your street.
We do.

Dr2:  Typos tidied + piece expanded little (explanatories).
AM Wednesday  22-August-2012.


AM Monday  20-August-2012:

1stly :    Wot I Did On My Holiday (yesterday):

Drive out with she who is never wrong (sic !),  me tart:

1: Shopping at Waitrose’s @ Broadheath
(All the proles down at Sainsbury’s and Tescos = Peace.  Thank you Alan Corran)

2: To the Mitsubishi garage at Warrington.
Found the Delica is not imported new.  🙁
Spivs there very helpful though,  (none of the  ‘Would you like one of our new sparkly tin box thingy’s that is nowhere like wot you’re looking for instead sir’  nonsense),  and directed me to who does 2nd hand imports.
Will return their first if I want a box shaped like one of theirs.
Went to the local recommended 2nd hand flogger – Shut Sundays ! 🙂
A Gent : I shall return.

3: Drive round Southport and SAW THE SEA !
(Just : Must have been a high tide in !)
Managed to talk her into a drive-out ‘raid’ on Spurn Head !

2ndly :    Wot The Sunday Papers Said:

Still milking The MaChinations.  Let’s hope they,  Ye Press,  don’t run out of steam and do the Disabled Games Justice all the way through.
Giving them credit where due:
Mr Assanges then,  (at time of going to print) proposed Address to The Nation from The Ecuadorian Embassy in London,  was given almost universal coverage by the cream of Fleet Street.
The 4th Afghan War and it’s inevitable effects are not being allowed to be forgot.

3rdly :    TO TODAY:

1:  As/ previous !:
Weather Control – As/ previous:
ie  Again,  as/ last : Everywhere that matters remains bearably wet.
Likelihood of proles expressing themselves on streets reduced.
How this is to be modded for  The Notting Hill Carnival
The rest of the UK August Bank Holiday weekend soirées usual ??
The period end up to the end of Ye Disabled Games  –  ???

2:  The long-known and previously announced parliamentary policy,  relating mainly and essentially to London,  to move publicly housed proles out of posh areas so the goodies can be snatched back and flogged-off to nice people is being trotted-out.
The pitch being used is the monies got will be used to fund ‘affordable housing’.

View From The Crows Nest:
Should the prole removal proposals go ahead:
Just who is going to govern / administer / audit / archive / ‘police’  this ?
And just how long will it be before it all gets  ‘lost in the mist’ / ‘disappears into the long grass’
and the presumably dedicated ‘ring-fenced’ monies got from such sales are
‘borrowed on’ for other little adventures or even general funds ?
Another Asspect;
As regards London, (at least):
Those presently in the publicly owned property in the posh areas are now mostly immigrants.
Foreigners are buying-up all kit they can in the posh areas.
Analyse that at yours.
Old :

Dr2:  Few typos corrected + small notes of clarification added to The Weather Report.
AM Monday  27-August-2012.


SUNDAY    19-August-2012.

An Open Letter:

Shut Shut Sunday.    Sunday SHUT.


AM Saturday  18-August-2012:

ref  UK  Parliament v Ye Little Bankers  (again):
ref  The LIBOR Rate Fixing Scandal of recent (again):

Parliamentary Committee considering standing criminal charges for any future manipulating markets.

The View From The Tower:
About time mi-thinks on one hand.
Then the brain cell works  (slowly)  . . . ……
Isn’t that wot  The Bank of England  used to determine to a great extent by the back door hint & arm twist method to the other old-boys of  Ye Clearing + Banks Other ?                                         ie  ‘The Lady’  (of T. Street etc),  was not acting directly,  but with a not particularly covert influence. She then did ‘police’ her patch as well with an ever watchful eye.
Is the wheel going to go round again ?
Is the semi-hidden totalitarianism of central government influence at least,  if not de-facto total control,  returning to  The City  ? ? ? ? ? ?
My cell doth overheat now >Time for tea< That solves everything.
Watch this space  (between me ears)  for future takes    . . . ……
Ann Alysis
Our City Correspondent
pp.  Old :


AM Friday  17-August-2012:

The next brouhaha is a brewing / being brewed-up
(*Poss being puffed-out quick by placed government mole servants to divert attention from **The Assange Affair – ?):

As/ ODA predictions previous:

ref  Gen Media Press Pieces of Past Week + say, Year/Several Past,
ref  BBC Wireless Home Service This Morning Announces:

1:  x30 School playing fields sold off to date since this government came into power.
Appears CamClegg&Co had said only 24 fields gone to date during ‘their term in office’ and they mostly committed for sale previously,  (by the honourable members opposite etc),  with, said, one field flogged-off by Team CamClegg due to the school particular being closed down.
Remember last weeks fashion for sports fields for all and especially  people with weight problems  obese kids    the dimensionally challenged    fat bastards all & any,  in the wake of                           The  N;-)t  Olympy  Thingy ?

2:  Average monthly rents for domestic units throughout UK now to £750 / month.
London to  > 1£K / month

3:  Banks appear to have no prob in lending to ‘Buy-To-Let’ Landlords;  much funds available.

4:  Repeat statements of perceived UK national housing shortage overall.
(Now getting to the ad nauseam stage)

5:  House building starts remain at lowest for diddly-umpty-dump years – ?
(Various figures from 30 – 90 years being batted about – Stick yer pin in where you think best)

*Bet it’ll all lead to the next  ! Dah-Dah !  announcement:
‘We will build a million houses a week etc
(Until all the immigrants are better housed than the natives that is)
We’ll unlock the cash box on Friday – Start on Monday lads’.
Don’t forget:
We are wonderful,  not like the nasty, but not forgetting, honourable,  members across the floor etc.
We are saving you from all the known nastiness in this terrible world:
Fill in own details to taste  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


(Combined annual salaries and allowances  >£400K
Just think of the directorships and consultancies after the current show’s over)

View From The Crows Nest:
ref  ** Above
Is it me or does  The Assange Affair  smack of  The Dreyfuss Affair ?
Old Horatio  :
Dr Diesel.


AM Thursday  16-August-2012:



UK News
Diplomatic News
Diplomatic Protocol News
Humanist News
Human Rights News
International News
International Human Rights News
International Legal News
International Conspiracy News
A Few Other Descriptives Various of Government Machinations.
(Read the below and then stick the pin in above where you think best)

In the light of UK Government recent pronouncements of threat to breach International Diplomatic Protocols by invading The Ecuadorian Embassy in London to kidnap,
(Kidnap being the definition thought applicable to such action to date under known legal thingys thought applicable ! – See below),
a certain Assange J. being ensconced within the embassy claiming asylum from extradition to Sweden,  we note the ODA observations of the day under.

The facts asserted by Mr Assange’s accusers of naughtiness by him in Sweden are very well known so we won’t repeat here.

HM’s Finest are doing wot comes natural:
Smoke & mirroring
Alluding to the not applicable
Sliding and shape shifting
(Read the below and again,  stick the pin in where you think best)

The UK law the Government are trying to use a UK law,
(not known to date by us to if yet ratified by international agreement with any other government let alone Ye Ecuadorian  -?-  All views got rather hazy when we researching),
under which HMG proposes to invade said Ecuadorian Sovereign Territory.
That law put up by UK Parliament post The London Libyan Embassy Nastiness where naughty people inside that embassy did extreme naughtiness by shooting at UK public adjacent and managed to top a WPC on duty outside.
The show at large included the taking of hostages, consequential siege of the shed by UK forces and storming by assault squaddies + dark threats from both countries of going to war.

The UK legislation above was drawn up for use in a re-occurrence of such a situation:

ie  One where those within an embassy/ diplomatic immune territory area other,
( ie The Sovereign Territory of The Diplomatically Accepted Country Particular),
are actively about to be or are being ‘physically naughty’ to UK.
ie  Likely to or are doing severe physical harm to any,
especially to any UK citizens and property (that far-fetched) within,
and most especially, to any same outside said Diplomatic territory.

Mr Assange in that category ?

As far as we can tell from perusing said UK legislation it does not even cover a case far worst than the Assange case,  where someone has been proved to be  physically naughty  in past,  much less someone just accused of such,  much much less someone who has been accused of unarmed assault,  much much much less someone who isn’t threatening/ attempting to do any physical harm to any currently to anyone anywhere and never has been known to.
So  ‘since and now’:
Whilst within embassy of asylum Assange represents minimal threat of even doing such physical naughtiness as he is accused of.
If he did any,  and it was against a Ecuadorian national,  (likely to be the only bods available),  it would simply be primarily  The Ecuadorian Governments problem  like any other crime committed on their Diplomatic territory.
As they’d most likely just give him his ticket – Bye-byes time Julian – Out the door you go lad etc,
whatever the solidity of the charge from Sweden,  he most likely will be the perfect house guest.

ODA Conclusion to Date:
The whole Assange affair at present and The UK Government moves to remove him from situation as is current,
(ie Leaving aside what most free observers deem to be the extremely dubious charges laid against him in Sweden),
Looking at the current UK Government argument for busting Assange out of Ecuadorian care from all angles,  we feel that argument just does not stack.
He has no record of being accused of assault with weapon.
He’ll have no access to bang sticks.
Just wot the fuck is he likely to do;  chuck window boxes down on passers by,  run out of the front door and wrap a chair leg over the first bod he meets
? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?


View From The Crows Nest:
It’s HMG and the 3 B’s again:
Old :,    @ Dr2  slip-sliding away to bo-bo’s.    
Night-night everybody.  
Night-night Julian, sleep-tight son, the free-world’s behind you.                                  
As for 14 pints a night man  . . . ……  ?

Dr2  :  PM(very)  Thursday  16-August-2012.


Wednesday  15-August-2012:

ref  NW England UK:
ref  Rail Services NW <-> SE (especially) + S:
ref  Providers of Rail Car / Trains Services:
ref  Virgin Rail Throwing Rattle Out of Pram + Spitting Dummy Out
First Rail Group Outbid Them fo NW Rail Franchise:

1st (no pun):
A  *Boring  OR  *Fascinating  Historical Background of Fuckin’ About With The UK Railways:
(*Depending on how your braincell is programmed):

I:    Pre WWI:
UK Railways were owned by Private Companies various, mainly the ones who built them and/or their close successors of direct mergers/ amalgamations etc
many, though not all, in fair/good financial heath + few bankrupt/ near.
These Companies owned and had their own:
1:  Generally area/ regionally based, track + stations and and fixed establishment other – etc
2:  Railway Engines + Rolling Stock
3:  Staff dedicated to their own companies
(+ the odd few dedicated to liaison with other companies)
They did:
Charge their own rates with limited through tickets from one Companies area to anothers, although this improved moderately over the period ~1900<->1914.
They were:
Rail was the de-facto main transport method for most of the countries goods and passengers there being no other ‘mass mover’ to compete proper. The rail network had by then been almost completed to as full as it ever would be and reached all parts of UK mainland areas.  The semi-official/ folk-lore accepted aim of having no part of mainland Britain further than  1&1/2 hours stiff walk (x7 miles nominal) from a station or halt had been all but fully reached.
Motor transport of all forms was in infancy, and formed no competition to rail.
Air transport in absolute infancy and no transport proper offered other than odd and irregular ‘novelty flights’ to the very daring and, usually, well-heeled.
Canal transport was continuing a decline which started shortly after the start of the establishment of UK rail transport network and continued there-after.  The part proposed and planned countrywide network of canals was never completed due to lack of funds.  No new canals built since late 19C and they built of that era not of ‘trunk’ / major nature but for Manchester ship canal and a few navigational improvements to rivers.    eg  The River Weaver Navigation.
Coastal/ ‘coasting’ ship transport was strong but by nature generally more suitable for bulk goods transit.

II:   WWI:
Rail ownership and gen structure as/ above although part commandeered by Government and under their direct command of operation.
They did:
Continue to charged their own rates with limited through tickets from one Companies area to anothers, although this shortly and dramatically improved due to Government decree during the war period.
The war brought massive business due to the railways remaining as said above the de-facto mass transit system of the country.
Road transport remained in infancy albeit strongly advanced technically but was yet to make any large inroads (no pun) into rail dominance.
The canals, although coming back to full manning where poss for the war, were limited by their finite size of network.  No new canals built in war years.
Coasting shipping was, obviously curtailed by enemy activity.
Commercial air transport was in absolute infancy.
Growing from that zero base it was still at negligible capacity at end of war.
Military air transport was same but growing,  but that thought used during war period for military own purposes only.
Railway Companies made profits and became almost universally solvent.

III:  Post WWI<->Pre WWII:
As/ above, UK Railways continued to be owned by Private Companies various.
Many, though not all, became rapidly bankrupt/ near due to asset stripping,
(financial withdrawal of funds and consequential lack investment),
of/ by owners during/ after WWI
The expected ‘natural’ depression of the removal of war related business post WWI and the great slump/ depression of the late 1920’s + the 1930’s post the 1929 stock market crash.
These Companies continued as/previous:
1:  Generally area/ regionally based, track + stations and and fixed establishment other etc
Railway Engines + Rolling Stock
3:  Staff dedicated to their own companies
(+ the odd few dedicated to liaison with other companies)
4:  They partially reverted to charging their own rates at will with limited through tickets from one Companies area to anothers, although this improved dramatically over the period, again with Government intervention.
5:  Road Transport,  both passenger and goods, grew but rail remained the de-facto ‘mass mover’.
6:  Air Transport, both passenger and goods,  for inter UK flight services grows,
but could be regarded as remaining in infancy and ‘just about established’.
It had negligible effect on any of surface transport.
7:  Canals revert to decline,  due to the continued competition from the railways.  No new canals built.

Rail ownership and gen structure as/ above although again, as/ WWI,  part commandeered by Government and brought under their direct command of operation.
The war again brought massive business due to the railways remaining the mass transit system of the country despite the rise in road transport.
The canals, were again put to as full manning as possible, but by then were reduced in network extent from that found at start of WWI with some now abandoned and in disuse.
Coasting shipping was again, obviously curtailed by enemy activity.
Commercial air transport remained negligible although now due to the danger from enemy action by long range raiders was depressed further.
That done (much by then) by the military albeit that thought most for own purposes, brought outstanding advances in technology.
Such advances made themselves felt to surface transport after the war.
Railway companies made profits and became almost universally solvent again.

V:    Post WWII gen:
UK Railways was taken by UK Government from Private Companies various,
many, ‘curiously’,  bankrupt/ near despite the massive business generated by WWII,  due to the repeated asset stripping by wartime owners,
and put to public ownership and management thus creating ‘British Railways’ / ‘BR’:

1:  The previous private Company owned establishments amalgamated into single system
Track + stations and and fixed establishment other etc brought within BR structure and under central management
Railway Engines + Rolling Stock same.
Staff re-dedicated to BR.
Through-booking destination/destination + set fares made universal on network from any point to any other on network.

2:  Development of modern rolling-stock.
Diesel (eg The Deltic series) Traction  +  Electric Traction  development taken-up proper and much effort put into.
End of steam era.

3:  Development of advanced rolling stock with attendant chassis and suspension development carried-out culminating in the ’tilting train’ suspension system allowing faster speeds on existing track layouts.
This abandoned in 1980’s and not brought to use service use proper.

4:  Station etc development advanced, but not at great pace.
Maintenance of that kept continues stutteringly but inadequate overall.

5:  Road Transport continues to grow, both passenger and freight, both private cars and light vans, and commercial passenger and freight carriers.

6:  Coastal shipping recovers.

7:  Canals revert to decline to negligible.

VI:  1960’s:
1:  It is said MOST WIDELY, although it is not yet fully proved, that the steamed Ford Motor Co,  (+ poss,  ie Again not yet fully proved),  other motor companies in concert with Ford,  placed mole in Government ear:
A Dr Beeching,  who did independent advice impressions,  advises deep cuts to rail network to make more ‘efficient’.
Government + Top-End Whitehall Civil Servants,  (*members of the coterie remain as yet as a partly unidentified gang of unknown number and therefore to date must be considered lilly white), enter into concert with Dr B’s recommendations and steamroller through said recommendations.
ie  *No connections proved to date between Ford & Mates and Government & Civil Servants.
**Attempts to have closed branch lines converted to  ‘light rail’ / rail-car / tram services  are poo-pooed out of existence.
An Aside:
An Aspect of The Times (still very much relevant):
Government Politicians like ‘Expert Advice’  (aka ‘White Coats’):
If everything goes breasts skyward after accepting the said advice from ye said experts,
then the poor politicos have an escape hatch of blame on others through which to jump.

2:  Much of feeder branch lines to main network closed very rapidly from 1963 onwards following above ‘Beeching Report’.

3:  Attempts to close main network lines curtailed firstly by intervention of military establishment, they taking stance that rail transport needed for strategic reasons for future conflict use, and secondly the unavoidable common sense conclusion that road could ever shift all that was needed.

4:  Rail rolling-stock development slowed.
Maintenance to all of railway estate same.

5:  Motor transport grows apace.

Another Aside:
Jump Forward 50 years to today:
**Wot can be found left of the branch lines closed above is being grabbed as rapidly as poss by National and Local Government agencies for ‘Light Rail’ usage, (or TRAMS IN PROPER SPEAK).

VII:   1980’s:
Government sells off all the remaining railway goodies to 2 groups of private companies various:

Gp 1 (No Relation):
A company to run the railway track/ trackway and other fixed establishment:  ‘Railtrack’ is born.
This goes bankrupt in 1990’s due to asset stripping and demonstrated inability/ unwillingness to manage the track network properly for the 2nd group.
Much fun was had by the respective gangs of Quantity Surveyors, Accountants, Lawyers and other assorted spiv low life of the camps of the Train Operators and Railtrack making claims against each other.
The game slowed production, sometimes to almost fuck-all, and cost a lot of pennies to all concerned but the above ‘players’.
Railtrack shares crash as the cost of doing next to fuck-all comes home to all.
Railtrack is brought back into Government ownership.

Gp 2:
Companies various to own and run trains,  ie Engines + Rolling Stock.
These having to bid to Government for permissions, ie Franchises, to run their trains particular on trackway.

Fallout : In no particular order:
1:  Squabbling between Companies as to passenger common through-booking to destinations in other areas/ served by other companies rears its head yet again and becomes almost as/ pre-WWI.
Gradual resolution of above brought about by Government intervention, BUT at time of writing,  this thought still not fully resolved.

2:  Attempts, still continuing,  made to return heavy freight transport to rail carriage.
Some, continuing, success got, is largely maintained and remains slowly expanding/ increasing.

3:  UK Engine and Carriage, ie Rolling-Stock, manufacture almost completely shut down including world famous Derby Works, and foreign owned companies kit bought.

4:  Tilting trains brought into use – Made by foreign companies who took the work of BR and brought it to full development.

eg  Current : TURN UP AT A MANC STATION AND ASK FOR A RETURN TICKET TO LONDON (185 MILES)(and v/v)  :  ~£190 ! /  1st CLASS ~£265
Ambiguous add-on upgrade spiv tricks of advertising abound.

ie  @  AM WEDNESDAY  15-AUGUST-2012:

1:  Read as/ VII 3 directly above


(On an average x9 Car Train  :  x5 1st Class Carriages  +  x4 2nd Class Carriages)
(On an average x11 Car Train  : x7 1st Class Carriages  +  x4 2nd Class Carriages)


View From The Crows Nest:
I (for one of MANY) have been saying it’s piss-simple to do for fuckin years
0:  Reduce the turn-up at station price to something which doesn’t require a mortgage.
1:  Reduce the price premium for 1st Class service.
2:  Reduce upgrade transition, 2nd–>1st Class, pricing and make terms unambiguous.
3:  Reduce the number of (underused) 1st Class carriages overall v/v 2nd Class.
4:  Have remaining 1st Class carriages converted to 2nd Class usage during none peak hours
5:  Have x1 Pullman Class Carriage/ Train for The Really Posh Bastards: ottom line
A carriage which you could have on all the time, and put the std 1st Class passengers into under times of extreme pressure from the oiks (like us) in 2nd Class when they’re so numerous that they are decanted to use the std 1st Class carriages.
Put Other : Every fucker who can’t be accommodated in class booked is moved-up one.
Provision of 1st Class table service to the reseated 2nd Class great unwashed Epsilons obviously would not be included.
Provision of Pullman standard table service to the reseated 1st Class Beta passengers obviously would not be done.

Old :
Your very pissed-off Ed.

Gracefully counterpointing the effects of the continuing little proclivities of the hidden grey spiv power-pissed suits of control who play at arms length in remote offices with spreadsheets and smoke&mirrors and publicity bullshit and, the bottom-line : peoples lives,  and never take the consequence of their actions,  is the  Virgin Station and Train Staff  who after a somewhat patchy start, much publicised, at the beginning of the above franchise have now almost universally become straight acting and human and useful and,  for want of a better description overall further,  nice & decent.
ie  Overall majority now generally a pleasure to deal with.
Funny how if you isolate the shite in an organisation in remote ivory towers,
the people who have to then sort-out their droppings at operational level ‘on the ground’
go one of two ways or leg it to get away from the smell.
Virgin staff on site have gone the way of good as/ description above, and do their best to negate the smells from above, despite the continuum of droppings.
Old :
(Feeling a bit better now)

TOMORROW or in a bit when we can get a decent amount shite together to throw,
for balance,
(Ah, yesterdays heroes etc)

Coming Soon:
or poss
or poss
or poss
Something else close/ akin to the above

A special page dedicated to publishing facts and the deductions to be got from them,
on   . . . ……   guess  –  ?

That’s it for today : Yerv ad enuf owt ov me,  arm wrapping and going for a nice cup of tea.
Old :


Tuesday  14-August-2012:

A New Dawn for Brit Engineering ?
A Glimmer of Hope in The Darkness of Historical Experience ?
A Re-Start to Having Engineer Lead Production ?
Bot Line:
The Triumph of Quality of Product Over Spivery ?
The Triumph of Spiv Painted Perception over Buyer Awareness ?

Mix & Match.
We could go on with the similes above,
but here is the kindling that started it:

1:  dah Dah DAH  Time  :  Other than you know wot that’s just wrapped its main show up:
‘Tata Motors Announce today:
Landrover/ Range Rover etc order book to full:
Liverpool Plant now to 24 hour working.
Overseas sales strongest.
Quality of Brit product now thought of up with ‘best of bunch’ (ODA passim) after 4 years of quality improvements.’

Source:  BBC Radio 4 News
Date:  Today
Repetitive announcements to std News (repetitive) bulletins.

ODA Take:
And just wot have they done with all the redundant spivs  ?
All the green wellies they were issued with to look ‘countryfied’  ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !
aka  ‘It’s all about building an image’
[ Sniff my country pheromones dahlings  ! ! ! ! ! !  (ODA) ]
Bot Line Again:
Is it  The Triumph of Engineering Excellence  Over  Spiv Excellence


ie  Has the Landrover Group product electronics  (the great weakness of modern times)
been sorted to good as yet     ?  ?  ?  ? ? ?????????????????????????????????

Nice new car-porn flims about new motors doing wonderful things up impossible hills and through impassable boggy bits etc is one thing.    Most  people like the daring-do.
🙂   (I lurv Jeremy  etc)
The whole issue of the glorious mobile clever box which you’re driving,  new or some years old, conking-out without prior warning,  because of something you can’t identify,  couldn’t possibly mend even if you could find out wot the fault was,  all usually with sods law kicking in and it happening at the worst poss moment in the middle of nowhere,  looms like a shadow over all.      😐

2:  ‘Swedes Show How To Assemble Recovery’
‘Swedish product engineering has, since can be remembered,  ‘thought up with best of bunch’.

Source:  David Smith of Sunday Times
ST Article.
Date:  05-August-2012.  Edn.

View From The Crows Nest:
Compare and Contrast ?
Now,  wot contest ?

Oh you said contrast !
Haven’t got a brain cell left,  so thanks be to Big G.,    this one’s a no-brainer:
The Good Old Brit Spiv will win every time !
Green wellies all round so I look like you and you look like I and therefore we have common ground and share the same club,  but look at the badge on my mobile box:
It is superior to the one on your box,  so I must be higher placed in this particular club,  in fact I must be superior in ways other if not all,    etc,  etc, et-bloody-cetra !

Anything to the contrary  :  Must be a very rare exception sir/ modom.                                           Not to worry sir/ modom,  [ If you’re still alive that is (ODA) ],  our clever boffins in white coats will sort it out for you,  [ And for a small extra charge no doubt (ODA) ].
Have you been to our hospitality tent yet and met Charles, Tarquin/ Simon/ Farquar/ Marquita ?
They’ve got exciting news of our new model which has a new front, revised rear lamp cluster,  and far, far, far  superior go-faster stripes to the old one you’ve been driving   . . . . ……………….    Makes you stand out from the crowd modom/ sir  :  etc etc etc

Oh,  and would you like one of our corporate umbrellas with our latest logo on in case it rains ?
It is all about working with people,  is it not ?

Old :
The Old Workshop,


PM Monday  13-August-2012:

1stly : To Matters of Importance : The Wot I Did on My Holiday  (ie Yesterday):
Out with me lady.  Nice Picnic in The Rain.  (It stopped, then  . . . …….bloody midges !)

2ndly : Wot The Sunday Papers Said:
A repeat of last:
Surprise ! Surprise ! Surprise again.  Main focus is still the Big Circus of The Year.                         So let’s comment on something else:
1:  Where’s the HD snaps from Mars ?
2:  Affyland : More squaddies of flavours various killed by infiltrating Talaban moles
UK out in 2 years
USA out ? but similar

(See ODA take on Mr Tomlinson’s case below also – same ethos)

But, but, but,  in deference to The Big Circus 2012:
We quote verbatim the parting words of US Rower Ester Lohan this morning courtesy Ye BBC:

‘Wonderful party last night, was up ’til 03.00hrs
There was a mad rush for McDonalds in the dining hall this morning
now we’re all trying to get away’

Total Indoctrination  or  Product Placement ?
Well, we won’t hinder you Mcdear
Old :

3rdly : TO TODAY : As/ last !:
Weather Control – As/ previous:
ie  Everywhere that matters remains bearably wet.
The UK weather has remained improved overall except to the South East (where it matters).
The North inland continues a little damp generally but wellys are usually not required.

The View From The Crows Nest:
Watch the next Honours List:
For anybody remotely connected to met control !
Old :

BBC Home Service 22.00hrs:

ref  The very sad (sic) case of  Mr Ian Tomlinson, News Vendor,
who was helped on his way home by the esteamed Metropolitan Constabulary
(stars of stage & screen):

Well now,  What-Ho and would you believe ?:
A Dr Patel  (who did post-morten impressions),
was found by investigating committee from The BMA to have x70 faults in his report on Mr Tomlinsons autopsy.

Historical Info on Case:
Subsequent re-examination of Mr Tomlinsons remains at the insistence of Mr Tomlinsons family’s legal reps produced widely differing conclusions to those of Dr Patel.

Above Committee have declared Dr Patel not fit for post and he now most likely to be formerly struck-off.
We could go on, but above facts + much of previous will be available to you in the press.

So apart from announcing Dr Patels ‘outing’ and imminent demise from professional practice,
ODA Take + Asspects (various):
T’wood be naughty of us to suggest any collusion between the esteamed Dr Patel and naughty people who might be within the esteamed Constabulary.
T’wood be very naughty,  who could ever imagine that ?
If we were to ever imagine it, as we would of course be imagining it as we’ve no evidence direct or other, other then other press reports, it would be said/ writ as an opinion and noted as such.
BUT, BUT, BUT,    AS EXPRESSING AN OPINION THESE DAYS IST VERBOTTEN                   as demonstrated  asserted by esteamed  Constabularies UntergroppenUberfiddelstrassefuhrengemeinschaft (GmbH) various,  we’ll just have to   .  . . … have a nice cup of tea and    .    .    .   .   .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Bugger it:
1:  Now, who was Dr P’s line manager and handler ?
And who was his ?
(It’s wot you call an autopsy – Read same for the lines below)

So if you do find the above out, are you going to publicise it ?
And who are we ranting at ?
We don’t really know  ! ? ! ? ! ?
The General National Press UK will continue their dig-ettes and hovering and will most prob  get (the) results,  but it is doubted by us that they will publish to full and proper/ ‘headline’ level; more prob just do it as a ‘tail-out’ on the much illuminated page 94  (Ta Eye for that).
More prob is that it’ll go into their back pocket for future negotiations for
access to the then fresh stuff of the day to excite their readership with.
(Which keeps their sales up – etc)
ie  Things like this usually disappear into the national long grass    😐
To the probable  ‘don’t give-upperers’:
Private Eye + The Minor Mags UK will publish but are of limited circulation and exposure.
ODA will hover and do wot we’ve done previous    –    Start a New List !
UPDATE:  @ AM Tuesday we’re still considering its title.
The obvious :  ‘Gone but not forgotten’  is a bit naff,
so we’ll prob choose that.     WIP.

[‘And it’s all about working together’    Blair A.  (no relation)]

2:  Why was the above news announced on the BBC Radio 22.00hrs News Broadcast ?
Well, there’s always tomorrow  –  Let’s see the exposure (or not)  !

View From The Crows Nest:
We shall hover and publish further
and we do venture, so will Private Eye.

We could go on but,


SUNDAY    12-August-2012.

It is Sunday and we’re shut, but this week ‘twould be Un-Christian, not Kosher, or Halal,
Forgetting not the assorted O&S of God Botherers other,
not to mention:

The    N 🙂 T    The    🙂 lympy    Thingy

As at tonight It’s finished.
Big Piss-Up*
Big X.
Pack yer bags . . . ……

We’ve had yer money and we want to get back to being miserable in the rain  –  proper.

*It is Sunday – Keep it quiet will you ?

If you’re a pheasant on the moors,
stay at home and keep your head down cock.
If yer a peasant in London trying to get home,
watch yer back cock.



PM Saturday  11-August-2012:

Hear Here,  for  Here is The UK Weather Forecast:

‘Turning rainy in the South, especially the South East on Monday – especially in the evening’

Sources:  BBC + UK Met Office.

View From The Crows Nest:
Well, well, well.  I wonder,  just wot precipitated that ?
Old :


AM Friday  10-August-2012:

Mr Haig-Tyke, who drinks 14 pints a night and does Foreign Sec impressions,  has decided to flirt the poor buggers in Syria who are getting crucified  (if they’ll excuse the expression that is)  by their current in-house  Government Gang of Thugs  who have been sold of their bang sticks,  big&small BUT NASTY,  by The UK and their allied remote war mongers various,  errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  . . . . . . …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………   etc  :
The GRAND SUM OF  . . . ……   £5KK  –  And that in comms + med kit only
(could be worse I hear you say).

Just can’t be bottomed to do the research to find out just wot is  The Grand Total  of BV’s we’ve charged the  Government Current Gang of Thugs a la Syrian  for the bang-sticks various & NASTY we’ve flogged them over the years.

Just can’t be  bloody  bottomed.    🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁
Old :


PM Thursday  09-August-2012:

Boris proclaims:


All kids to do x2 hours a day at school.


Now,  Mr Barrett, Mr Taylor-Woodrow (and successors), Mr Waines, Mr Wimpy,  AND THE REST:  just where did we put that playing field   . . . ……………………   ? ? ? ? ? ?

😐    😐    😐    😐    😐    😐


PM Wednesday  08-August-2012:

Booger-all much again !

Ah, just remembered,  it is ‘The Silly Season’

Team GB winning loadsa-medals at The Big Circus !

Follow that !


Tuesday  07-August-2012:

Running late with copy,  there’s a war on you know

(Us  vs  The Normal)

So just wot can be said of the zeitgeist that hasn’t been flogged to death ?

Mars rover ‘Curiosity’  ‘has landed OK’, reported back to base, scratched its bum, brewed-up and decided to start looking around as it would just get bored chewing local rock and farting lasers.        We’ll be getting some nice snaps back soon;  that without doubt whatsoever.

Whether we’ll be getting all the pictures,  well   . . . …………………………………………………
(And that written from a rose coloured view that what we are allowed to see is, in fact,
from Curiosity on Mars)

You Spaced Correspondent:
Blair Saucer.

View From The Crows Nest:
Bernard Lovell’s just stepped out for a bit.  He’ll be feeling left out of things now and at a loose end.
Ken,  phone-up the psychic will you and and get him to ask Bernard to find out wot the real craic is will you ?
Old :


AM Monday  06-August-2012:

1stly : To Matters of Importance : The Wot I Did on My Holiday  (ie Yesterday):

Not a lot again.  Did a small drive-out with me lady to shopping at the Waitrose Supermarket in Broadheath.  Recommended.  They have a level of ambience which gives support to the late great Alan Corens assertion:    One should never decry ASDA,  it keeps the riff-raff out of Waitrose.

(Mi-thinks I’ve noted this same before,  but wot the do-da ?  :  It still holds)

Then had picnic at a nice place we found by chance that I won’t tell you about or where it is or you’ll swipe it and tell yer mates and it’ll finish-up like  Blackpool a la Toremolinos + a Touch of Rhyl to give it balance,  with the all-day breakfasts and puke and litter,  and, Watneys Red Bloody Barrel + Carling Black Bloody Label,  and, and, and, and, and    . . . ……  and so yer can find yer own.    🙂

2ndly : Wot The Sunday Papers Said:
A repeat of last:  Surprise ! Surprise ! again.  Main focus is still the Big Circus of The Year.             So let’s comment on something else:

My mate Andy,  who is seldom wrong on anything,
and is to be completely trusted with everything except pink cardboard doc’ folders with his name written on,
(but that’s another story),
sez  UKIP have been averaging  x1 Bod / Week of the esteamed
Con/ Lab/ Lib parties    MP, or Peer, or High Level Internal Party Apparatchiks
crossing the floor,  from the squalor,  (sorry, The Honourable Squalor),  to them,
either overtly or covertly,
for the past year or so.

Oh  David Clegg-Milliwatt,  wot can the matter be  ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?        !

3rdly : TO TODAY : As/ last !:
Weather Control – As/ previous:

Everywhere that matters remains bearably dry.

The UK weather has remained improved overall especially to the South East (where it matters).
The North inland continues a little damp generally but wellys are usually not required.

As regards the extremities of Albion,  ie the coastal areas, you know, the outer, outer fringe where you run out of land and even Barrett’s can’t build, where the oiks are used to lots of water and messing-about in boats,  or they used to be when we had a fishing industry to speak of and that was composed of mostly small manageable generally family run boats using trad methods but we won’t mention that too much as it embarrasses  Big Dave & The Bean-Counters  who say  ‘If two legs good then 4 legs better’  just like their mates in all the foreign lodges do just as the nice Jewish gentlemen who have a stranglehold over the beer-voucher supply told them to do as 4 legs are more ‘efficient’ than 2 legs but nobody pointed out they do twice as much damage and are owned by people who do thingys like cash-flow charts which run out when they’ve got their beer vouchers back they spent on  The Nice New Big Boat they bought + a load more for Their Profit  so they don’t care then as nobody is about to make them care as there’s nobody there to do it and they can then buy an even BIGGER BOAT and that can be said by any of THE HONOURABLE MEMBERS of The House to be good for the ship building industry, if we had one, and nobody else seems to care as nobody ever makes them accountable for wot their BIG BOATS (AND BIG PROFITS) have done as there’s no fucker watching them like we said [except oiks like Greenpeace who are really all a load of dippy-hippies anyway who like poncing about the sea on a fuckin’ great big freebie doing fuck-all except telling people they don’t like anyway who allow the shit to be caused, just wot they’re finding and providing evidence of wot they’ve found to everybody and who not only go on about the bloody fishing and the sticking of sharp electric thingies into whales (boring) and such,  but also say if you chop all the trees down and spray funny things from aeroplanes, and run aeroplanes on ground oil not groundnut oil etc,  and, (That’ll do for this – Ed), it’ll effect the climate thingy ‘cos they’re prob all permanently stoned on cod-liver oil and old Bob Dylon (who used to be famous for being whiter than white) records so we won’t mention them again (TODAY)]  as the people who are supposed to make people accountable have nice yellow lines and motorists to live off on land where it’s safe and now they’ve got naughty proscribed word thingys [well they pretend they are so THAT’S THE LAW but surprise surprise, Parliament hasn’t nominated any of those word thingy’s specific as naughty so it’s all down to the Prole Suppressing Operatives own interpretation ! (So, Wey Hey Boys&Girls  . . . ……  Fill yer boots ’till some bastard stops the flow – As their, in fact all our, nice string-pullers down in City would say – Well, if they weren’t in court that is)]  (naughty word thingys we were talking about if you’d forgot – A caring, sharing ODA update – Ahhhhhhh) as well and they’re even easier to crap on the oiks with so that bit of HM’s suppression staff are very happy and can pretend they’ve done some work thingy during their shift [which gets them one day closer to a very early retirement at very nice terms (thank you very much BB) so they behave themselves for BB and keep crapping on the oiks who, (guess wot ?), generally have to work ’till they drop now (‘in the interests of efficiency’) so there’s an added bonus for the compliant Oik Suppressing Operatives – they can take the piss out of the oiks when they’ve nothing better to do when on a shift with GS3 7/8 (who do security impressions)/  nearest metric equivalent, which will hire them after they’re ‘retired’ (and generally at a loose end as they mostly know fuck-all else and are fit for fuck-all else other than wot they’ve been up to for God knows how long) as they seem like decent chaps just like them and know all the other ‘right decent chaps other so they can get things done’, after all it’s all about getting along together is it not (?),  (‘cos, as well as the easy beer vouchers ‘cos they can always cite ‘H&S’/ ‘Inequality’ + any of the other band-waggon party-tricks you’ve picked-up down the years if it gets sticky at any time, and you don’t have as many of those tiresome HM Regulation thingies imposed on you then and yer mates will always cover for you anyway as you would for them if needed – only fair innit ?)]  and get lots of Brownie points in their tick-boxes and be deemed ‘efficient’ by BIG DAVE & THE BEAN COUNTERS and noooooooooooooooooooooooobody counts the effects of their tick-boxing  AND ‘NOBODY WHO MATTERS’,  gives a shit seems to give a great heed to and they can’t understand all those funny statistical thingys anyway which the New Clever Boffins, (they must be good; they’ve got new white coats), keep giving them which tell BIG DAVE & THE BEAN COUNTERS that whichever way they said they’d point the arrow previously on their nice chart  has been achieved, so as the boffins have got white coats and seem to know wot they’re talking about and after all they must do as they’ve survived the axes of the previous HONOURABLE PARTY OTHER who were in Government that sat in the esteamed benches that THE PRESENT HONOURABLE PARTY in Government are sitting on,  and THAT HONOURABLE PARTY of PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT who nearly got totally rid of that awkward National Office For Statistics [who were generally miserable sods in tweed jackets with elbow patches who’d done stats all their professional lives, (the elbow patches as well), and kept objecting to a lot of the results of the present generation of White Coats as they thought some of the methodologies used by the NEW WHITE COATS weren’t scientifically sound and valid – boring twats] as well as bringing in THE NEW WHITE COATS,  and if they, THE HONOURABLE PARTY OF THE PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT, were wrong in any of that, (heaven forbid), THEN WE, BIG DAVE & THE THINGY COUNTERS, can then blame THEM, THAT PARTY OF THE PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT (and thus dishonour the said other honourable party so WE CAN BE VOTED BACK IN AGAIN AS THE ONLY HONOURABLE PARTY – etc) – can’t they (?), AND THAT’S WHY WE HAVE ALL THOSE BIG BOATS with BIG HOOVERS sucking everything out of the sea so;  Oh fuck-it,  I’ll stop there or I won’t get me breakfast and another cup of tea,  anyway, to the bottom line:
So the oiks near the coast won’t mind a bit of extra wet will they as they’re used to it aren’t they ?

After-all and all, nobody need really be concerned with them,
as they’ve no clout to speak of in Westminster
and indeed are of no interest to
anybody who actually is anybody
who, obviously, dwell within the M.RingyThingy.RoundLondonia+Home County attendant areas supporting (obviously),
except on the odd occasion when they occasionally weekend in UK for an occasional change instead of good old ‘Tuscers’,
(with Tony),

Did some clever bugger once say something about:
Joined-Up Government    =    Joined-Up Responsibility ?

The View From The Crows Nest:
Oh well,  no matter wot,  The Good Ship Boris sales on, and on, and onto greater things.
If UKIP hire him for an entertainment spot after the Grand-Sort-Out,
I for one will watch the show.
He’s value for money in the nonsense department if nowhere else.
Old :


SUNDAY    05-August-2012.

Shut.   Sunday.    Shut.


Saturday  04-August-2012:

ref  The  Saying/ Writing/ Publishing  of Terrible Things:
ref  The gentleman,  a Mr Paul Chambers,  who wrote via www public proclamation,
(after a God knows how long a wait to get the service the airport below contracted for):
‘Nottingham Airport needs blowing-up/ I’m going to blow the bloody place up – etc’*
has been declared at trial not guilty of apparatchik accusations of terrorism,        .  . . . . ……
In the interests of ODA (registered cowards) H&S:
ANY APPARATCHIK, AGENTS, SUB-CONTRACTORS, OTHER  reading this is notified the above is as near to direct quote from the gentleman concerned as we can get as we obtain the quote from your esteamed general propaganda distributor sub-contractor The BBC.
The publishing of this does not constitute a notice of incitement to any to commit any such acts**, in any form, anywhere, wearing any colour of socks, or indeed even sock-less, ever.
(**Especially thought).
So therefore a big boy did it and ran away.
Clauses, codicils and conditions  :  <TBC>  (until we think we’re safe)
Ken A’Afka.   Your trembling Sub Ed.

Ken, back-off, that should be enough to fuck the appy’s back into their squalor and they can then move onto another nice soft target for their next brownies points.
Luv & X’s
Old :
Your Caring, Sharing ODA Team.

Oh, forgot, we we’re going to say something about the case.
Forgot wot it was !
Must have a nice cup of tea and see if anything comes to mind  . . . ……

Later   .  .  . . . ………………
Ah yes,  ref Mr Chambers legal rep:  Mr John Cooper QC,  who gave interview to Ye BEEB:
Errr, well,  our interpretation of ye bottom line:  We gathered Mr Cooper wasn’t best pleased at having to defend such a case and,  in short, was at a loss as to why it was brought in the first place.
The actions raised,  (03.00hrs Police raid on his digs), against Mr Tom Daily, the Dorset Twitterer, noted earlier in the week on ODA, was cited during the BBC prog as yet another of State Expeditions in this realm.

ODA Take:
We think ye legal profession are finally having another ‘Road to Damascus’ wake-up.
Let’s hope they don’t go back to sleep again.
Old :
(Or a big boy who wrote it and ran away)

A PS of prediction:

All,  in-all,    <ToBeContinued>  (unfortunately)


AM Friday  03-August-2012:

ref  Little bankers – AGAIN.    😐

UK News:

RBS Bank announces:

1:  ~’£500KK* loss in the last quarter

[Due mainly to naughtiness various they’ve been caught out for and have to give a few bob back to the miserable fodder they live off.
Little whoopsies with the modern computer thingys** and their funny programme wotsits** that let you strip all BV’s out of the pot and pay the miserable fodder with each others BV’s    . . . ……  JUST deposited etc etc ]
**Which nobody understands but we have to have one as everybody else has them  etc, etc,  wetc  : ODA.
*Figures variable report/ report !  –                                                                                                   Will pub consolidated/ gen agreed figures when the buggers settle down ODA.

2:  They,  the little bankers,  expect to be back in profit shortly.
The View From The Crows Nest:
(ODA Take/ Comment)
Where’s the BV’s going to come from for this future profit    ? ? ? ? ? ?
Old :


AM Thursday  02-August-2012:

ref  UK : HM’s Finest AGAIN:

UK Local Authority Council Tax  (‘The Rates’ in proper money)  is as/ description:  A local tax.          It is assessed on property.  Rate deductions are allowed for those taxed who are in special circumstances.  eg  Single occupancy domestic houses,  (that done as one person consumes less from the LA services ‘basket’ than a multi-occupied household).  So:

Central Government is to remove part of fiscal support from LA’s,  and remove many rules governing such.  The long-standing single occupancy  (of a domestic dwelling)  deduction of 25% is the most obvious for removal by LA’s.

Ergo,  the LA’s will be going after the weakest,  at their soonest.

ODA take on the whole situation:
The old and infamous  ‘Local Board’  rears its ugly head again,
and bro  Bro of The Board
will take opportunity to crap on the weak profane at will.    😐
Old :


AM Wednesday  01-AUGUST-2012:


Something worth  gobbing-off about  publishing;
a considered and balanced criticism of deep perceptiveness/ ODA nearest equivalent
which isn’t about the not the olympy thingy.
[A capital story I hear you say old boy, but you but can have too much of one thing(y)]
So, to ye subject of point for today:


Well nothing out of the ordinary these days there you might well think, and with very good cause as well with mind of their (both parties) recent history of contention, the latest is,  and might we emphasise as/ yesterdays report on matters other,                                                                              this  ‘case’/ aspect etc of the current common malaise  is  ‘a fundamental’:

From the ethereal issues of Ye BEEB:


Source:  BBC Radio 4  Hourly News Broadcasts                                                                       DateToday

ODA Stance & Take/ Perspective:

Arl bet thee that ye,  (UK founded ones at least),  Banks won’t do it,
(arl bet thee a pint etc).
ie  The banks will ‘sit on their hands’ and
obfuscate, procrastinate and get up to any other tricks they think they can get up to
in order not to lend such cheap money.
To lend such monies will:

1:  Let a lot of individuals + small businesses,  many now driven almost/ to the wall,  borrow at the lower rate and then repay to the banks what they’ve already borrowed at the banks higher interest rates thus freeing themselves,  at this time of extreme poor sales and cash-flow,  from the immediate concern of collapse.

2:  Put the Banks secret mates/ ‘favoured boys’,  (and thought by ODA poss’ some obscure part/ dept/ contracted sub-contractor etc of ye banks also  which you would never find out about and are most prob largely unknown within any particular bank ?*),  who are actively employed in buying-up all the goodies of the poor sods who have been driven to the wall and forced to sell up by  . . . ………..  (Guess who & how  +  Need we go on here ?  . . . . . . . . ………………………………………………………),  out of business – All together now,  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

See ODA predictions previous.

ODA prediction now:

Any disbursement of ‘cheap money’ to the poor of the parish will have to come directly from The Government or from/ through their directly appointed contractors who operate directly under and to the order of HM’s finest.  ie Such contractor will have to be them’s that will follow Government instruction,  AND, we do assume, under the direct view of Government inspection, (that inspection, to be hopefully constant).

Anything else will just get mired down by the banker-boys,                                                            (and in these days of equal opportunity, to be naughty, the girlies also).

Here endeth the lesson.                                                                                                                      From The Book of  (Dodgy) Job.    Chap I    V.1

*Info from the knave to support,  or dismiss  that scurrilous concept of naughtiness** in the inner workings of their pits gratefully received.
ie : To re-phrase and repeat the Q:
Just wot is happening in the inner inner workings of the little bankers citadels  ? ? ? ? ? ?

**Which, of course is posed and remains to date,  as just a query only.    🙂

An Addendum to The Above @ 22.00hrs Today:
The BEEB are now,  (@ 22.00hrs News),  reporting:
1:  ‘Todays effort, by HM Gvt at getting the banks to lend Gvt money is HM’s finests
4th ATTEMPT‘   ! ! ! ! ! !

2:  ‘The amount to be given out to ye little bankers is confirmed as £80KKK’
(+  Hints of more to be made available if thought needed)     ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

That’s enough for one day.  I’m off to bo-bo’s.
Old :

As regards the subject at large,  we do feel,  unfortunately:    <TBC>    ( To Be Continued )


AM Tuesday  31-July-2012:



1:  UK Syncro Diving Pair get bronze medal.

2:  Lad of 17, ( said to be a Mr ‘Tom Dailey’),  sends ‘Tweet’ of criticism to Diver of said UK team who got bronze yesterday.

3:  Contents of said  ‘Tweet’  reported,  by ye BEEB,  as:

‘You have let your dad down by only getting bronze (medal)’

NB.  BBC report did not included mention of any threat, or intention to take any action, said to have been issued by  ‘Ye Tweeter’.

BBC continue report:

ODA Take:

This, if an accurate report and if carried through to successful prosecution, MUST be the end of free speech.


So, not with the above in mind, obviously,  ODA here doth declareth that we do not mean/ intend any harm to anyone or anything anywhere at any time and all our utterances
are to be taken as fatuous nonsense and to be totally disregarded  –                                     forever,  by everyone, everywhere.
Ken Afka.  Duty Sub Ed.
(That should cover it until The Mill can get going, and that in my most humble OPINION,
and by the grace of by God,  IT WILL !)

Bloody coward !
Old :    

In Tomorrow’s Edition:

Your introduction to:    No Comment,  to anyone*, everywhere, at all times.

*This includes any androids/ similar who might take in ODA as we would NOT want to cause any distress by nominating them as things.

For Further:
See St ODA’s Parish Notices of the day.


AM Monday  30-July-2012:

We’re going to mirror last weeks format:

1stly : To Matters of Importance : The Wot I Did on My Holiday  (ie Yesterday):

Not a lot.  Did a small drive-out with me lady to shopping at the  Unicorn alternative Supermarket in Chorlton-cum-Hardy.  Recommended.  If you’re in the Manc area take opportunity and give it a visit – organic everything.

2ndly : Wot The Sunday Papers Said:
Surprise ! Surprise ! again.  Main focus is still the Big Circus of The Year.  Wot can one add to everything except to note that the Yank Corporations at the circus have calmed down after the drubbing, still continuing, in the UK press concerning their precious stance on their brand names.  It’s a shame the tick-box zonked ‘executives’ in these gangs can’t get a proper job.  They’re prob now fit for nowt else.

3rdly : TO TODAY : As/ last !:
Weather Control – As/ previous:
The UK weather has improved overall especially to the South
The North continues a little damp but wellies are not required.


SUNDAY    29-July-2012.

Sunday.    Shut.


PM Saturday  28-July-2012:

So,  as  The Global Grand Circus 2012 gets into gear;  the latest middle eastern dictator who was tooled-up by the west goes in for a blood sacrifice par not excellence.  Ye Media Internationale doesn’t really know where to put itself for air time .  Boris stands triumphal (so far)

Oh wot a not lovely war.  🙁


AM Friday  27-July-2012:

Well we can’t ignore them today as they’re kicking-off with Ye Grand Opening Show                (they’d only get upset if we did),  so at the risk of turning this page into a temporary mono-topic:

So,  ref  (If you’d forgotten):
The Not The Olympy Thingy
(that cannot be named – if you’d forgotten):
Dah Dah – It’s open proper from tonight onwards.

The true success of this lot will be determined by
what judgement for situation particular
this one-eyed baby-sitter conditioned and zonked tick-boxing generation
will be able & willing
to show and apply.
Blind-Eyes to that which is listed,  when needed,
Open-Eyes for that which has not been listed,  at all times
are the only things that will determine success over all the variables that will occur.


AM Thursday  26-July-2012:

ref  The Not The Olympy Thingy (that cannot be named):
Looks like we’re not the only one to notice:
From  The Main,  Hard Copy, Press Reports UK:

1:  Spectator piece by Nick Cohen last week:
‘The Gagging Olympics:
Organisers are banning free speech:
The true scandal of the Olympics is that ministers have not told the organisers that the UK is a free country, and they cannot turn officers of the law into McDonalds, CocaCola and Visas private police force.  For a few weeks in August, we will be in a corporatist dystopia in which agents of a sporting behemoth will ban the normal and, until now, legal marketing of of products and seek to stop file sharing on social network sites.
The Human Rights Act protects free speech. But in case after case the prejudice has ignored it.  The Games will provide a further illustration of the weakness of the protections against censorious power.  Only this time the whole world is watching.’

ODA:  The View From The Crows Nest:
Well someone looking at it in the same way !

Source:        As/ above : The Spectator
Published:    As/ above
Date to us:   Yesterday

2:  Private Eye – latest edition:
For an example – The front cover:

‘Put the Pepsi can down sir and no one will get hurt’
Various bits inside on theme same

Source:        As/ above : Private Eye : Edition No: 1319
Published:    Tomorrow to The Greater Mass*
Date to us:   Yesterday*

*Take out a subscription, you get it 2 days early:
The Wednesday before it arrives on the newsagents shelves!

All that and questions in both Houses.
NB In this most compressed of time for them – before they rise for the summer recess.
No time wasting to be done !

This inevitably won’t be the last on the subject.
We,  all,  grind on.  😐


PM Wednesday  25-July-2012:

from  The Main,  Ethereal, Press Reports UK:

As known to date from what now appears to be a fluid situation,  ( ALL puns intended ),
published.                                                                                                                                    <TBC>   .  .  .  . . . ……………………………………………………………………….

ref  Ye  !ALLOWED!:

1:  Bags of  25L/ <  capacity and of ‘soft’ make-up ALLOWED !
(That’s  ~x2 Std Shoe Boxes  in volume)

2:  ! Food NOW ALLOWED !
They’ll allow you in with enough for the day !


It’s not fresh news really – they’re still pronouncing:
As regards consumables they’ll let you in with:
Drinkable fluids in  *100ml / <  bottles

NB.  A codicil / clause / ‘rider’  of BB:
If they think what you’ve brought in is ‘suss’, (in their parlance),
then they’ll ask you to prove its provenance by getting you to drink from the bottles.
Fair enough under situation proclaimed you might think -?-
See below  . . ……………………………………………………………….
An observation/ several of ODA:
A consideration of query of the blatantly fuckin’ obvious:
Before you do so imbibe,
1:  Worrabout the colour and consistency of fluids in question – to be disregarded ?
2:  Will they disregard the smell as well ?
(Or does that ‘need a specialist with the correct training’ ? ! ? )
(We know not – ?)
AND, AND, AND  . . . …………………………………………………….
‘You can take 200ml of Suntan Lotion in in a single container’ !
Q:  Will they make you drink this to prove it’s foul and poisonous ? ! ?
(And, again,  will they disregard the consistency and smell as well ? ! ?)

The above pronounced for at least The Old Trafford event of tonight –
As regards the rest of venues -?- We await ye pronouncements further  . . . … etc

ODA:  The View From The Crows Nest:
*100ml Bottles ?
When ar wer a lad etc:
A small bottle like that could be chucked much further than a 1L bottle and with more accuracy by the aficionados,  (not that I ever did of course !),  and although the smaller bottle lacked the clout, obviously, of the other,
Old :
I don’t think the laws of physics as related to bottle chucking have changed do you ?


ref  Re-Sellers:
Ye Cyber Plod Warneth:
Ticket Sales on ye www
from/by any other than The Official Seller

ODA:  The View From The Crows Nest:
Take full notice of what the policeman says.
We fully endorse.                                                                                                                                      Caveat Emptor.
There’s nothing we can add other than to recommend you iPlayer Thingy the BBC piece for the details.
Old :

Source:        BBC Home Service / aka Radio 4
Broadcast:  ‘You&Yours’
Date:           Today : 12.05hrs – 1st Item

2:  UK Economic News -Latest Economic Results for UK- Governmental Report:
‘x10 Times the activity in house and general construction and building
in the SE  v/v rest of UK regions’
over the past 1/4 of report.

ODA:  The View From The Crows Nest:
Surprise surprise !
The ‘real economy’ continueth nicely as/ usual in the politico heartland – AS/ USUAL !             Old :

Source:        BBC Home Service / aka Radio 4
Broadcast:   News @ 13.00hrs
Date:           Today.


PM Tuesday  24-July-2012:

from  The Main,  Ethereal, Press Reports UK:

1:  ref  The Tap Dancing Telephonists Saga:

Press (mostly hard-copy type) editorial bods various have been gripped by Plod.
Q:  How will this crack-out for Big Dave ?
Q:  Will he tryst again ?

The View  from  The Crows Nest:
Oh deary, deary, me.    😐    😉
Old :

2:  ref  Governmental funded research that has reported,  (dah dah etc):

‘Shetland & Orkney Islands are the happiest places in GB’

The View  from  The Crows Nest:
Mmmmmmm  . . . ……  They’re the furthest away from the centre of government,  and
.  . . . ……  other things    😐
Old :


AM Monday  23-July-2012:

1stly : To Matters of Importance : The Wot I Did On My Holiday spot : ie Yesterday:

Went for a drive-out with me tart;  it were reet-ish.
Did us shopping at  Waitrose’s, Broadheath;  it were reet again, as usual,
They were extremely gentlemanly about a bottle I, clumsy sod, dropped on the floor.
Didn’t charge me.
From there:
Had a picnic-ette at Delamere Station Forest thingy relaxy area; it weren’t reet
Tons of parking space and the usual Parking Nazi’s and clamping notices everywhere.
So,  NEXT TIME  we’ll
This notice was issued on behalf of common sense and, again,
extreme gentlemanly conduct sometimes found on the railways and as/ exhibited by:
Scouse John The Ticket Inspector  (who works out of Piccadilly Station,  Manc.)
working The London Run on  Friday 13 July-2012.

2ndly : Wot The Sunday Papers Said:
Surprise ! Surprise !
Continues with a lot of copy being expended on The You Know Not Wot Event,
and it’s corporate sponsorship.
(See our  Weekly Look-Back page  also)
If ever someone has inadvertently paid to get the back of the UK thinking classes up,
it’s the Yank Corporations at this circus.
The crassness of it all will just wash over the proles,
they’ll be programmed as/ the design of the ads and the regime of imposition –
objective will be achieved.
In conclusion short:
If they think they’ll influence any of the not prole level to consume their esteamed products,
then they’ve seriously miss-judged thinking UK:
It will just become chic NOT TO touch their gear – UK snobbery will triumph !

A PS, & an NB to those of you in The World of Spivology:
All UK main media has been running ‘obesity pieces’ (fattening world etc) for the last week.
‘Sodas’ were not put beyond the critique.

3rdly : TO TODAY : at last !:
Weather Control – From previous:
The UK weather continues to improve especially to the South
and increasingly, overall, to the North
Should this continue, the timing will be immaculate, and no doubt,
there will be much distribution of coconuts to whoever got this one right.


SUNDAY    22-July-2012.

Shut Sundays.

See y’all termorrer.


AM Saturday  21-July-2012:

With, possibly,  or not, possibly,  depending on whether we’re allowed or not to make ref to,
the shortly to start proper  (DAH DAH etc):
THE Not-Olympy Thingy Corporate Marketing Exercise in a year we can’t mention,
taking place in a main place we can’t divulge,
and we’re not quite sure if we can mention there’s a few other places it’s to come-off as well:

For today and ending of the week, let’s take stock and see where we are to date
with note to our previous observations:

1:  The MacWeather is improving in time for ‘The Show’ as/ our predictions. *

2:  Naughty UK unions, whose members are engaged in manning the perimeter pinch-points, threaten to go for the throat and strike at the most vulnerable times for incoming passenger movements.

3:  The pundits and general flaneurs factionate to a point, and pronounce:

I told you this would happen.  I told you so.  I did.  etc

Privatise !  Privatise !  Privatise  !
SHOUT Faction I
More Armed Forces + Police !
SHOUT Faction II

A very small faction iii which is seldom heard,  whispers:
balance, balance, balance  . . . ……

A Commentator Writes on Corporate Greed  (but not on Prole Collective Bargaining Greed):
‘Believing that greed is bad will fuck up your life and make you miserable and useless.
You must must must accept that everybody acts out of self interest,
and by selling things to people you are helping them fulfil their own self interest.
This is why hippies go insane and look like walking impoverished corpses.
Distinguish between voluntary and violent interactions.
Making money does not mean somebody else looses,
people have different ends they are trying to satisfy,
that’s why an economic exchange takes place, it’s win win’.
Ben Lowrey  of/via  FaceBook
Date of Receipt:
PM Thursday  19-July-2012.

ODA responds:
A:  We do take your point Mr Lowrey, however there has to be a cut-off point somewhere.
A theory and practice of limitations.
Modern corporate practice knows no limitations.
It/ they, are as/ George Orwells Animal Farm;
and do we really think that a doubling of the number of pigs inflicted on us ad infinitum
would be good – for any ?
A minimum standard of basic services needs to be given to all,
no matter who, at all times,
NB.  Our opinion is gratis to all from:
Your free-loading, thieving, grasping Ed.,  breathing his McAir for nowt  . . . …………
Well, for now.  Just wait and see if they do try to sell it.
All leads back to one (prob the) of the ODA basic precepts:

B:  The Unions appear to have broken contract – ?

Me-thinks,  a wot applies to who, and when,  and how,  for how long,  clause/ codicil/ legal thingy needs to be applied to all arrangements such  . . . ……                                          Which then does then lead us on to ‘running’ all of society along contractual lines, which then leads us back into totalitarianism,  which then leads us back into a ‘Theory/ Law Legal Thingy of Limitations’,  which then leads us back into people designing everything they do to just get round/ be outside the rules   .  . . . …………

–>  This way for an infinite discussion please !  –>
Do we hear the very small faction iii which is seldom heard,  whispering:
balance, balance, balance    ?  ?  ?   .   .  .  . . . ………………………………………                                  Old :

* Got one right for a change,
but getting the proles to believe the cause&effect will be another thing.
If/ when BB switches it back on sharpish at the end of the circus to stop the inevitable riots,
that might well convince a few of the One-Eyed-Baby-Sitter watching / Daily Mail / pyjama wearing reading mass,
however with all those squaddies  ‘in theatre’  and at BB’s beck & call,
the said fraternals might just decide to keep it nice and warm and dry and go for a confrontation  – ?

FURTHER,  and lastly for this today,                                  AND JUST NOT TO BE MISSED:

BBC Radio 4  (aka, for proper people, The Home Service )  THE NOW SHOW !
Cast I :    Friday  20-July-201218.30hrs
Cast II:    Saturday  21-July-201212.25hrs

Ladies & Gentlemen : To your iPlayer   NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  ! ! !


AM Friday  20-July-2012:

With, possibly, or not, ref to:
The Not-Olympy Thingy Corporate Marketing Exercise in a year we can’t mention, in a main place we can’t divulge:

Well, NOW, just what was the prob with Policing The Olympy Thingys ?
We appear to have been sold a lemon;
just another brou-ha-ha to raise the tensions and screw a few more bob for the boys on the take.
According to the courts, it’s all a push-over.
Simple, open & shut, so let’s not waste time – all knock-on to the next   . . . ………………                  (and let’s all hope it’s not us)

AM Thursday  19-July-2012:

With, possibly, or not, ref to:
The Not-Olympy Thingy Corporate Marketing Exercise in a year we can’t mention, in a main place we can’t divulge:

We don’t think any of the main press observers have posted this, a very old and unfortunately very fitting motto for the current Parliamentary malaise.  It’s most apt for the events concerning the events current,  especially, and of point immediate,  the security thingys.

This is a story about 5 people:
Everybody  +  Somebody  +  Anybody  +  Nobody  + One-body
There was a job to be done,
and Everybody was asked to do it.
Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it because Anybody could do it.
Nobody did it.
Then Everybody got angry because it was Somebody’s job.
Everybody thought Anybody could have done it, and as Anybody else could have done so.
But Nobody realised that:
Anybody and Everybody and Somebody but especially Nobody would do it
without Somebody to appoint One body to do it.
It did end up that:
Everybody blamed Somebody and Everybody else as well,
but they never blamed themselves as Nobody ever did what Anybody could have done.


AM Wednesday  18-July-2012:

With, possibly, ref to:
The Not-Olympy Thingy Corporate Marketing Exercise in a year we can’t mention:
aka  That we cannot talk about,  that is to start coming off proper in a year we can’t mention, with it’s preliminary O&S, again ~ sometime in a year we can’t mention, starting sometime we can’t tell you and lasting until ~ mid August in a year we can’t mention, with ancillary events following on after for ~ a fortnight say,  all wrapping-up ~ at the end of an August in a year we can’t mention,  to be coming-off in places we cannot name but we think (ie *hopefully) we can hint they’re mostly to be South of Watford,  and has as its logo  x5 thingys that are not square (if you’ll forgive the expression that is), but we can’t tell you what they are proper, and are joined up but we’re really not sure we can tell you how – ?

(*Fingers crossed that
der UnterGroppenUbberFiddelNicht(obviously)OlympyThingyThinkyPoliezieGemeinschaft GmBh
don’t take offence and throw their rattle out of their cot):

We note:

1:  Spivs, whom we cannot name,  who are engaged in flogging tickets for events we cannot name,  which are part of a,  ‘larger enterprise’ (sic), which we cannot name,  to be held in places we cannot name,  to be held on dates we cannot name,  have failed to flog all the tickets they expected to move,  as the people who don’t want them appear to have not followed their programming and not bought them.

It appears from reports public in UK,  that the vast majority of these ‘non-compliants’,
(to use the trade talk),  are UK bods.

Wonder what’s causing that ?    🙂                                                                                                     Old :

2:  The weather in  The South of England  is brightening up.

Wonder what’s causing that ?
Just who would have thought it ?
Well   . . . . . . . ……   🙂  (purely in the public interest you understand)                                                Old :

Please do watch this space for letters to a Mr Cameron D.                                                            (who does Prime Minister Impressions)
[ ie  WIP. ]


AM Tuesday  17-July-2012:

Olympy Thingy’s  :  It’s getting worse  . . . ……

As this has come to us from a third party,  we’re reporting as said:

Apparently,  you ‘can’t’ now say/use:

Au    or    Ag    or    Cu+Sn+Zn+Pb

So we won’t !

(Not that we have !)

(Not that we even thought of doing it)

(Not that we give a rats turd*)

*A Dr2 Addendum of Qualification:  Not even,  fried, boiled, poached, grilled, oven baked, charcoal seared,  sautéed in French, or others butter,  flambéed, hay-box or pit cooked, microwaved,  HF sonically heated,  or raw.


Should you have come directly to this page,
we repeat directly below our notice of the Home Page:

The second bandjacks of our name has come to our attention:

The Bloody Olympy Thingys Organisational ‘Authority’/ Committee Thingy
have snaffled the anagram of our name for their own !

We had it 1st !

We’re bugger-all to do with them.
We’re NOT flogging any of their merchandise,  neither official nor imitated.
We do NOT endorse, recommend or support other theirs either,  or their activities other.
+/ ie  (BIG TA GOD),
They’re bugger all to do with us.

So,  Olympy Thingy’s  :  Piss-off and play with it,  but clean it up and give it back when you’ve done with it;  after all we wouldn’t want to be seen playing with dirty balls – etc.

It’s all getting worse,  I’m going to take the veil.                                                                               Old :


PM Monday  16-July-2012:

1stly : To Matters of Importance : The Wot I Did On My Holiday spot : ie Yesterday:

Went for a drive-out with me tart; it were reet.  Did us shopping at Waitroses, Broadheath;  it were reet.    Had a picnic-ette; it were reet.    Drove back through Rusholme’s ‘Curry Mile’.  Saw the Not P.Words smoking ? in hubble-bubble pipes in full view of the road.  Is this reet ?

2ndly : Wot The Sunday Papers Said:

.1:  With ref to  The Year of Circuses and Very Little Bread:
With ref to  International Corporate Sponsorship:

Good bye Mr Chips
Chips with nothing
When the chips are down
Old MacDonald has our Prole Farm

Is this a Governmental piss-take too far ?
Just how long can these assaults on native common custom & practice continue without the instigators & architects being brought to account ?



Emergency health food drops to the poor and deprived at not  The Olympy Thingys*.

*Not anything to do with anything in UK this year you understand.


Dr 2:  Original above was a miscount:
Send GCHQ etc a postcard when your on your jollies.

.2:  ref  The Announcement of Last Census Results:
56KK bods now pronounced to be in ‘UK’   . . . ………………………
They’ve done a shape-shift and announced England + UK only
Previous practice was always to announce UK ‘all-up’
ie  To include Scotland,  Northern Ireland and the Islands various
ie  Wot is known, STILL,  as UK.

ODA Notes:

We’re all aware of where the population growth  has come from
Do you really think those figures are accurate ?

ie  Do you really think all the illegal bods here are going to declare themselves ?

Oh well little prole,  sleep tight in your bed for BB doth watcheth over you,
(pissing himself laughing at your stupor),
but watching over you,

The breakdown of UK local services continues apace.  🙁  🙁  🙁

3rdly : TO TODAY : at last !:

The rain doth contueth,  yea it doeth verily and St Swithin’s day hath come and gone and it didst so also raineth same thereon,  (and all that bollocks,  verily).

So,  a Q to Ye High Church:

Will St S. get pissed-off when they activate the weather-control kit for the Olympics ?

If so what will he do about it ?

Yours from The Ark,                                                                                                                                 Old :        


SUNDAY    15-July-2012.


but when where Mondays so good ?

Let’s have SUNDAY as MINDAY then,
as well.
G. Odd.


PM Saturday  14-July-2012:

We note:

On The Proposed Reform of Their Lordships (again):

Mi Lord Panic doth have, for The Upper House,  a hand in the rebuff of the above as proposed  + minor matters other on which we have commented.

If ever one didn’t want one someone to live up to their name !


AM Friday  13-July-2012:

ref  Th’Lympic Games 2012  :
ref  UK Governmental Organisation of Event :
ref  Ye Current Débâcle
ref  Security Staffing:

Dress-Down Friday Games:
Take the points below in no particular order:
Write them down on small cards.
Throw them up in the air,  and,
They’ll always come down arranged in more sense than the Gvt apparatchik suits are pumping-out as as smoke screens to cover whatever their Dept particular is plotting to make out of the situation.

So,  to ye publicly known facts random:

1:  Teresa May, who does Home Sec impressions,  announced repeatedly up to early this week that all security for The Games was well in hand by GS4 Ltd, the contractors for such.

2:  Late this week Mother T did a 180 and reversed her stance.

3:  Early this week David Cameron (49 1/4), who does Prime Minister impressions,
announced funding cut-backs to the all the armed forces,  however most to fall on The Army with what thought the worst possible severity by most ‘in the trade’.
The reduced funding is predicted to whittle The Army standing strength to as/ that in the early 1800’s : ~80K bods in total.
The enforced redundancies all round have been met with great wailing and gnashing of teeth by the squaddies on counts other as it is thought by them,  despite MOD assurances,  that various old cap badges are to go also along with the bods,  or at best be reduced to token company / platoon titles.

4:  Today,  The Blessed Teresa + Big Dave announce the current Army emergency reserve + Army resting personnel to be be used to bring The Games security staffing to good.

5:  Today,  Mi Lord,  General Dannett  (or  General, The Lord Dannett  if you want to be trendy),
ex Chief of Staff,  but obviously,  still very much involved with Army matters,
commented that:
‘They, The Army,  had seen it,  (the shortfall situation with GS4),  coming for a long time’.

The ODA Strategic Analysis Conclusion:
Crises  =  Opportunity.
By Our Military Correspondent:
Para Normal.


AM Thursday  12-July-2012:

Much debate other going on on the side of the current high matters of high finance which are at present consuming so much of ye media attentions and time.   That quiet debate;  what to do with The Commonwealth on the demise / step down of HM Elizabeth II  ?  The talk is not centred on whether / not to dissolve / modify the structure as is, although that has been discussed,  but who will be titular head AND will it still be Brit centred and consequently still carry the residual unofficial tag of ‘British Commonwealth’ ?

UK is likely to bale out of The EU me thinks.
The Empire might well strike back me thinks.                                                                                     Old :

O2, who do telephonic data service impressions,  have gone down on us, (although personally I didn’t feel the benefit – etc).   Brings to mind the probs Msr Orange has had  +  Lumberjack Blackberry had last year.    All + and not forgetting,  wot  banks various are still repairing;  the little probs of recent weeks.

None has announced primary cause proper.

There is much continued rumour of ‘cyber’ attack, that being the most fashionable of ideas at present,  however one can only assume that as attacks such are of so high a profile,  the modus op of that type of attack being across/ through the connected networks would be well monitored and guarded, and recorded for analysis should such be attempted.

Who then,  has done wot to whom and how ?                                                     Me water,  which is usually right, thinks there’s most prob a preponderance of ‘inside jobs’.

In short & unsophisticated (lark we are):  Cock-up or Conspiracy ?

A Further:
Have indeed they been done in house,  or out of house,  or,  (to be fashionable),
as a ‘hybrid’ ?
Old :

Above:  A Dr2 @ day end.


AM Wednesday  11-July-2012:

As/ that to  The Wom + Daily Enlightenment Pages:  ref  Typography and colour thereof:
Our Nice Customer Service People  (Will U. F. Uck-Off,  IC of Dept)
have reported that customer feed-back has TOLD them  (none of that washy ‘indicated’ nonsense)
that some of the more impoverished out there with sub-modern standards kit,
(thought especially of the monitor screen dept),
(they’ve prob got piss-poor eye sight as well but we won’t enquire as to what caused that),
have difficulty in seeing the darker hues we use against our std black background.
In response to that, on our caring, sharing website  (ahhhhhh etc),
we’ve lightened-up our darker scripts a little.
We’ll review again presently.

To the business of day to his page:

Overall : Errr   . . . …   Dum-dee dum dee-dum dee etc  :  All the world of our view appears carrying on from last,  but for, for us here a couple of up-lifting O&S:

1:  There’s rumoured to be movement in the shires* !    At long last it appears disparate established and establishment groups various of the usually central and silent majority are forming-up and coming together;  coalescing to get rid of  ‘political correctness’.                                ! Viva La Cause !                                                                                                                                  More to follow when we can find who is doing what to whom etc

(*That means ‘Middle England’ and its branch operatives for those of you foreign type people overseas.  Compare ‘Middle America’)

2:  An interesting snippet from Ye BBC Radio 4 this morning  (Piece particular : 09.20-09.30hrs):

‘Burnley Savings & Loans’ is being floated as an embryonic bank by a Dave Fishwick,  a minivan salesman from that area.  He started giving his own direct finance to car buying customers who were being refused / excessively charged by the main banks / finance houses.  He’s on the UK one-eyed baby-sitter tomorrow night, (Thursday  12-07-12)  :  Channel 5  :  21.00hrs  (<– ? :  Do your own checks on timing)

Worth a coat of looking-at that one me thinks.                                                                                     Old :


AM Tuesday  10-July-2012:

The Critics Spot:

The BBC 2012 Reith Lecture IV  (the last of this years somewhat stunted series)  has stuttered to an end this morning.
Listen to it / the whole series on BBC iPlayer if you get the opportunity.
It is worth your time if only to compare this years largely crass delivery of partially broken strings of incompletely coherent threads of reasoning to the previous years offerings;  past series from mainly high/ ‘top table’ mature academics speaking ‘Queen’s English’
with any colloquialisms used inserted for reason of effect and affect and qualified by context;          such invariably,  when witnessed by Author,  justified by the dramatic of the delivery.
Those bods of yore almost uniformly offered a polished delivery of concise structured ideas of gravitas delivered with some aplomb
and generally interspersed with ‘little surprises’ of ‘flash insights’  part, obviously,  achieved by setting the groundwork of the main theme to lead to such,
though thought more often emanating spontaneously from reflections of their previous working through their papers and having the same revelations shewn to themselves.
Most also exuded the naturally assumed authority of such who have defeated their peers to attain high eminence.
This years wallah did however manage an extremely good full stop to his efforts with his final sentences at the end of Lecture IV audience questions.

Lecturer:                  Niall Ferguson.   Historian.
BBC Producer:       Jane Berrisford
BBC Presenter:      Sue Lawley

View From The Crows Nest:
Put other and in short:
On this, (infrequent), occasion Ladies & Gentlemen,
and with the minimum of an ego buffing as I can very best manage (sic):
Ar cud av dun berrer mi sen.
Old :


AM Monday  09-July-2012:

1stly:  To Matters of Importance  :  Wot I Did On My Holiday spot  :  ie Yesterday:

As proposed last week, went to Buxton St Johns church for The 2012 Buxton Festival Mass.
Reet good : Mozart’s Missa Brevis in C (Sparrow’) K.220
The BBC recorded it and will be broadcasting on Radio 4 next Sunday : 15-July-2012 : 08.10hrs.
Got me free water from the well as/ usual  :  Annual Well Dressing* had been done                          See snaps to follow
Explanatory fert Foreigners:
‘Well Dressing*’:
Local UK Peak District annual practice of decorating wells with flowers, usually set into frames and depicting images, generally along religious themes.

Then had a good and proper luncheon at The Palace Hotel                                                 Presented and served proper  (Polish staff you see)

2ndly:  After a voice from the 1/9d’s shouted up that he couldn’t see the darker colours of purple and blue on his clapped-out viewing screen,  we’re lightening things up a little as an experiment.  If it suits most viewers to the better than we’ll modify the back-ones to the lighter hues as well.

To Business Other of Day:


Starting Today a New Section/ Heading: 

Hopefully to become a Monday standard:                      

Wot The Sunday Papers Said:

Breakdown of UK local services continues apace.  🙁  🙁  🙁

From just one of the Sunday Papers, The Independent
Theirs in italics – précis- Independent does put it more elegantly than us,  but it does amount to:
Page 2:        ref  Lib-Dems/University Tuition Fees:
Lib Dem’s now withdrawing from pledges previous to abolish.
Pages 8+9:    ref  LA lack of funds causes withdrawal of support services to the disabled
Page 32:        ref  Rural areas suffering far worst than urban areas  (v/v)  when support monies general withdrawn
Jobs sparse + Public transport services to get to withdrawn.
Further and of modern importance growing:  Broadband + mobile comms services very patchy
Page 92:  Piece on couple making provisions for childrens University fees

There’s prob more there in this (Ye Indi) sheet and there’s certainly far more in the other papers
Point of about highlighting the above:
Page 6:  ref  ‘Afghanistan’s multimillion highway to nowhere’
Affy Highway 1, a 1700 mile circular main road, with spurs, started in 2002, around mainly the central area of the country, now almost complete.

ODA:  OK, they’ve been given a start for country wide modern transport system*.
A muted hurrah with reservations** for that we say until we read on  . . . …

ref  Page 6:
Point 1:
‘Finance said to come from ‘mainly’ US + Saudi treasuries’
Variable cost figures for the roads full completion from sources various (none stated to his piece)
Look them up:
ODA:  No change to be got from a 10/- note for ‘ye works’ no matter whose figures you take as kosher (or halal)
Point 2:
Whole lot fucked-up.  Poor execution of works very evident:
Product of long-chain sub-contracting + local/national endemic corruption with foreign funders not policing contracts.
Maintenance costs to keep in some kind of acceptable repair state thought now to run to £187KK / year.
Point 3:
Average Affy would have been far better off with his local roads brought to usable condition.
Point 4:
Fucked-up large scale projects other noted.
All with same outcome and cause.
Point 5:
UK Foreign Office has reported on above.


Finally, for this:
Who the fuck gives a shit about the fuckin’ place beyond us – ???
Leave them alone, all they want to do is keep EVERY FOREIGN FUCKER OUT !

** Has anyone really thought this one through ?
Any transport infrastructure will also allow them to shift their dope faster  . . . ….
Oh deary, deary me.    🙁
Old :


SUNDAY    08-July-2012.


SUNDAY SCHOOL:                                                                                                                                 Today,  in order to educate the greater world beyond the cradle of civilisation  Manconia,  we are here below writing in the tongue of the angles  (all the reet ones anyway)  and giving a translation to standard English (italics in brackets)  after.    So, to    ‘What we intend to do today’:

Thofter (I/we are going to)  Bucky (Buxton)  fert th’ear (for to hear)  this years Fest (the annual Buxton Festival)  Sung Mass (as/).    Nowt’er (none of)  that left footer (the Roman Catholic)  bells&smells (RC liturgical dressings)  but it’s a reet good pro turn + singalong show (it is a professional orchestra and chorus with the congregation enjoining the singing in parts of the service)  fert being recorded ba (to be recorded by) the BBC (as/)  Home Service (aka Radio 4)  fert Sunday God Slot (for the Sunday Service broadcast programme)  ter be aired in a week er two (to be broadcast shortly, most probably within the next fortnight).

Get thi sen darn there,  it’s reet gradely (we do so recommend you attend yourself as it is known to be a very good occasion),  best free classical pro turn show in town if yer about (with mind to the possibility that you might be light of funds it is the best free exposition of the classical musical art in town),  burriv yerbv gora bob mek sure thi divis up ter collection will thi as proper an reet (but if you are in a sound fiscal situation a contribution to the collection plate is still the correct thing).    Ta (Thankyou).

Her endeth the First Lesson.


AM Saturday  07-July-2012:

Now where were we this morning ?
Ah yes,  the removal of the UK squaddy beer vouchers:

Part I:
Ye Full Scene of Real Politik as Much as Can be Seen
Ye Aspects of US International Intentions Various Known to Date:

The much predicted  ‘journey to the east by ye US and its acolytes’
as expounded by writers of early 20 Century (see ODA prev) has been halted at Affyland.
BB US & puppets are now taking the opinion:
‘If  The Brits of yore and current, The Ruskis + us the US can’t take it,
then it would appear that no fucker can.
Let’s just leave it alone and go round/ over it,    (after all  Ye Yellow Peril  will have the same prob).
(A certain Hitler A. did the same thing in WWII with The Maginot Line + Gibraltar + Hard Points other)
From there:
Appears to us, and from minor inferences to date from writings of others,
that the alliance of western countries involved have reconciled themselves
to the consequential events In Country post their withdrawal from Affy
and all involved go wom,  will be it’s inevitable back-slide into tribal rule of previous.
An additional aspect is the inevitable improvement in Affy tribal capability post western withdrawal due to their experiences of the present round of unpleasantness, the western trained bods returning to the fold, and the inevitable snatch of the kit that couldn’t be repatriated.

So, wot to do now thinketh ye western think tanks ?
As seen to date:
1:  Get rid of expensive boots on as much ground as poss.
ie  Bye-bye std full-time squaddies and their support.
Concentrate on fewer full-time bods of as good a quality as poss with same best kit as can be got with especial emphasis on intelligence.
Use them for intelligence gathering  incl moling + AP’g (agent provocature) of target organisations,
+  Conventional ‘sturm ops’:
Quick in and out with no sitting there eating the big long term support beer vouchers.
Build-up back-up cheapo part-time forces.
These have the advantages other of:
Always being ‘in theatre’ of worst poss scenario for UK –  Insurrection at Home.
It also has the advantage of cheap enhanced intelligence gathering capability of poss insurrection
(From word on the street to infiltrating moles/ AP’s)
Another advantage is the removal of at least some of the potential malcontents ‘off the street’,  putting them under watch and control and thus giving them what they inherently crave and thus avoiding them kicking-off with their inherent inbred disposition to react:  A place in a gang with an appointed hero and a designated villain,  that then satisfying their gpgp  (general purpose group psycotic)  needs.
A side advantage, is that they will affect their own immediate peer group outside the TA:
ie  H&M (hearts and minds etc) which if managed proper will become a self financing recruitment sergeants.
Identifying potential star talent suitable for the full time establishment and directing them towards it.
The full trick for TA PR spivs is to make it all fashionable.
As the surviving remnants of WWII die-off,
then will the culture of that generally anti-war/ anti-army generation.
ODA predicts khaki will become the new black, dahlings,  (again)  –  soon.

Oh yes, almost forgot,   frees-up the engaged heavy hard kit,  the tanks, howitzers, bombers etc  for going out to play in an area where they were originally designed for  :  A nice large flattish open playing field,  largely without the inconvenient encumbrances of civilians wondering about on the field,  and playing against a side who’s playing he same game with the same  type of kit.

Wonder how Syria are shaping-up for the next match    ? ? ?

2:  Concentrate on tech advanced sea+air+space technologies.
Emphasis on far-reach capability.
Time coordinated to maturity for ~2020
Readers – Home work time:
Note the date please,  do your own back-research and see who was posting this up in the 1920’s.

Part II:
Wot Known is Happening to Date.
In no order particular:

1:  The Squaddy cut-backs is going forward as/ above and public press reports.

2:  x2 UK Aircraft Carriers have been laid down recently and they should be complete and run-up to full order by 2020.
RR have been given contract to develop next generation nuke reactors for  (ostensibly*)  new generation subs.
An aside:  *Doesn’t mean to say you can’t use same kit for powering other things we thinks.

3:  The recruitment posters are already posted on TA centres.

4:  There’s a cut-back in ‘domestic’ policing in progress.
Domestic policing prevents insurrection.

Weather control keeps them indoors

Part III:
The effects and the affects of the outfall of this discharge of bods from HM’s Forces:
1:  An influx of bods into the domestic ‘security industries’
Along with the expansion of The Territorial Army, this should ensure that any UK prole insurrections are nipped in the bud / sat on fairly rapidly.
2:  An influx of bods into the squalor of breakdown having been taken out of their secure family and social framework of previous.

We’re considering the above a Dr2.
Further bits added during the (coming) week.
Old :       AM Monday  09-July-2012.


AM Friday  06-July-2012:

Looking back in the usual dismay:
ref  The Last 72 hrs:
by Our Parliamentary Correspondent:  Hans Ard:
Here’s the mix:

The spiv Diamond walks away with fuck knows:
How much of a pay-off  (NB  He did resign)  –  ????????????
+  How much of his £20KK / year salary – ???
+  His pension
+  How many perks and freebies a la
‘Oh just keep the Rolls – Your used to it now’  etc etc etc  ???
+  Prob most important of all – His contacts and the details and secrets of others accounts.
His valedictory  ‘An Audience with Bob D’  as we put it, was a superb illustration of spivery:
Why anybody there from The Government was expecting that he should/ would give a shit is totally beyond us ??????
Kindly explain HM’s Finest please – ???
We’ll rap this up for here, here with another +:
+ The usual,  lecture tours to The Yanks,  the book deals  +  endorsements of the etcs  (Anyone for Diamond Cola /  Real Spivs Drink Diamond – etc ad nauseam)  +  inevitably these days it’ll most prob run to flim or several as well.
He’ll be laughing all the way to the Bank (Swiss no doubt) + Lodge !
Oh well,  there’s no business like show business    dah, dah, dah fuckin dah.    😐

The Day After:
1:  Said UK Gvt:
.1  Keeps Bank Base Rate @ 0.5%
.2  Announces another £50KKK of  ‘quantitative easing’
aka Freebie easy money to be effectively given away to banks who will sit on it
but for financing their favoured boys engaged in asset stripping from those who aren’t favoured
and therefore are sent to the wall so the favoured boys can buy their kit at now knock-down prices.
A Sadness:
We’ve said .2 before, unfortunately we can see us saying it again.  🙁  🙁  🙁

2:  Said UK Gvt:
Announces funding cuts to the Regular Forces especially Army, as it  ‘needs to save £20KKK / year’
(Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  –  silence is  ?)
Announces ‘enlargement of  The Territorial  (ie part time)  Army’

3:  Said UK Gvt:
Announces fears of riots this summer
We ask that surely, surely, surely,  any connection between 1.2 + 2.2 must surely be entirely coincidental ?

4:  Said UK Gvt:
Post the above,  goes for a good party worker humper-lumper sweetner and promises them:
There will ‘discussions’ concerning a ‘possible’ capping scheme to old age care to ensure that old people are not entirely asset stripped for Care Home fees
‘The figures to be spent on this,  (ie  Total Care Costs  for  All in UK Care Homes),
is likely to be in the order of  £1.2KKK / year  IN THE FUTURE’
(Whenever that is.  ODA.)
Some sums for somebody to do  (see ref to Eye below also):
Q:1 :  In two parts:
What does a current £1.2KKK spend represent with all adjustments for inflation
What was being spent before/ when Dear Tony started asset stripping the LA system  ? ? ?
.1 :   Put to raw simplistic summation – As/ described above
.2 :   Put to account the selling-off of LA establishment kit  (to private ‘investors’)

5:  Said UK Gvt:
Then, post he above,  goes for a good old prole sweetner and promises the lower orders:
‘Not going to remove the old age supports of:
Bus Passes for the >60’s  +  Fuel Allowances for the >60’s  + Free TV Licences for the >75’s
in the lifetime of this government
Total costing current:  £120KK / year’

Private Eye   does it so much better than us:
See their past & present & future    ‘Number Crunching    fact boxes
Don’t know if anyone* has done the stats for the average imbalances as/above concerning Gvts UK past and present  . .  . ?

Just 1 ?* I hear you say – Cutbacks you understand.
Wonder when some inglorious and indiscreet twat asks for a costing on the Affy war ?
Is  ‘Affy’  ist-ist ?
Do we give a shit ?

And for a round 1/2 doz:
6:  The buggers have lost at least 150K loose wallahs who somehow, without a pass, managed to get into  The Bungalow Compound.
When found lurking near the punkah pull and under the deck, with even a few hiding behind the kahzi,  (no relation), were then given a rail warrant to London, and then,
and funnily enough, and just what a surprise it was to all them there in The Dept of Daft Twats it was,
The Wiley Gentlemen didn’t come back when called when it was time to go home !

THAT IS ENOUGH NOW !                                                                                                                 It’s all getting worse, I’m seeing red spots again, the peripheral fire too, and I’ve run out of Settlers  – fuck-em.
I’m going to start shouting like a politician if I carry on like this so I’m going for a wee and a nice cup of tea.
Might Your God Bless You  (and not those spiv shits above).
Old :

We’re proposing to analyse  (aka rip to bits)  the Armed Forces Cuts  above tomorrow –
with the likely outcomes/ implications and effects on EVERY BUGGER involved brought out into the open.


AM Thursday  05-July-2012:

In the BBC Radio report noted below,  from Charity Workers interviewed:
‘An ever increasing number of people are presenting themselves to their feeding stations and they appear to now becoming from all strata and ages of society’
ODA comment:
Much disturbing.  Please help:
Go and  ‘i-Player the piece’  at ASAP.
Should you then deem there be a cause there worthy of your attentions,
there are three main channels immediate to attend:
1:  Donations,  both the usual monetary + food,  are obviously always welcome by all the charitable groups attending to the situation.
Also,  volunteers to man their canteens are usually sought by them.
2:  Representations to your political rep local  +  to thems in Central Government.
3:  If you are blogging yourself:
As/ you wish to pass this on + your own researches,  observations and comments.

Above ref:
UK BBC Radio 4~07.45hrs today : Thursday  05-July-2012.


Madames et Messieurs    et    Damen und Herren.

With yesterdays    ‘An Audience With Bob Diamond’  Show    in The House now being examined,
the first signs of a call to return to formality in public life are heard from ‘ye media’ pundits       +  commentators other various.

Comment From The Crows Nest:
Nota Bene:
Mi thinks the wind doth finally turn.
Mr Old :


AM Wednesday  04-July-2012:


1:  A certain yank Diamond gheezer jacked  (before he got the DCM)  yesterday.                              2:  It’s that colonial annual piss-up  ‘The 4th of July’  today   .  . . . ….   mmmmmmm  . . . . …………………     wonder where the bugger is this morning  ? ? ?


AM Tuesday  03-July-2012:

Acronym News:

UK BB enlarges power  :  BVPO  emerges    . . . ……
The asset stripping continues.    Its a    😐  +  🙁    day for freedom from fit-ups.

Look it up tontinterweb.


AM Monday  02-July-2012:

1:  Note UK main stream media now announcing the expectation of riots to return to ye streets this summer  –  ref  The Grauniad + others puffs of the day
Wonder what effects the weather will have on events ?
(With full ref to our previous in weather control and Others pieces many and various on the same)  😐

2:  To the world at large:                                                                                                                   Well it’s still there,  but another 3 squaddies get totalled in Affyland  :  FOR WOT ?

3:  Wot I did on my holiday  (ie  Yesterday):

Went out fert Sunday drive-out with me tart as usual and, fert the first time,
ter that Arighi Bianchi in Macc cos they’d sent her a free Kaf und Kuchen voucher.
It were gradely, reet gradely.  Furniture was reet enough as well – Sumptueux !
As for the building – Magnifique !  Who’d have thought it,  Samaritaine in Macc ?

Oh well, no wonder DFS are having a sale.
Old :


SUNDAY    01-JULY-2012.


But couldn’t resist the news on the wireless this morning:                                                             BBC Home Service  /  aka Radio 4 : 09.00hrs:

Translated from posh BEEB Kafka speak:
‘A cruise liner carrying an all homosexual clientèle has been refused port landing at Casablanca by The Morrocon Government’

Ter ow we would say it:
A boat full of benders stopped docking in Casablanca  –  ‘Rules of the faculty’  etc

Oh just remember this   . . . . …………


AM Saturday  30-June-2012:

We ended yesterday wondering about copy for today : ? ? ?

We’ve found it,  it’s been forwarded to us, but it’s not as we would have liked.
ref  UK DSS Cuts:
The rise of consequential deaths,  by lack of care support proper (all fields) and/or suicide,
predicted to happen at start of UK spending cuts
and since asserted as happened and happening by many,
to rejected DSS claimants various but mainly by those who are at their most vulnerable,
(aka  In apparatchik speak – ‘Soft Targets’)
has now been well and truly publicly stamped as beyond argument.

Self Immolation in Brum:

‘Man at end of tether sets fire to self at Birmingham Dole Office’
The above sums it.
The below gives www links to those who have logged it to the greater www open forum*
This one appears to have at breached through the UK official media
glass cube around embarrassing events of transparent back turning&blocking
and made it into the printed press with Ye Grauniad carrying it.

So, look and form your own opinion:

ref The (our) note above of  The Greater www Open Forum*
Iain Duncan Smith of the UK Government Department of Work and Pensions (DWP),
is reported to us as being instrumental in the removal / blocking of footage,  embarrassing to Government,
being loaded to You Tube / Sites Similar by the greater concerned (all subjects).

Here is an example of those who disapprove of the gentleman voicing their opinions recently:

Mr Smith has an assistant/ colleague/ runner/ similar ,  a Mr ‘Greyling’,
(sic – We just couldn’t make that one up so as a filing II to our pages,  into the  ‘sic Jokes’  it goes),
in the DWP.  Mr G worked at the BBC in a previous life as business affairs editor.
It is thought that through Mr G  the removal of You Tube footage is being effected.

Yours from Room 101
Old :


AM Friday  29-June-2012:

ref  Ye Little Bankers AGAIN:

A look over the further and further fences  . . . ……
With mind to the sages of the recent past:  If ‘we’ Europeans are all to come together and unite in a United Europe so we can coherently enjoin with BIG BROTHER UStace in the never ending roll forward to fulfil Aldous Huxley’s (and others) prophecy of the first part of Century 20 for ‘The West’ to grind-on east ’till said West takes over Ye East and finally meets the Great Wall of China and tries to climb over  . . . …

Will the resolution of the current fiscal fiasco result in:

A flight of most/ all of the flighty capital to Switzerland ?

A VERY HEAVY knocking at the Swiss border by ‘The United EU’ to get it back ?

A,  thought then consequential,  removal of Swiss sureties std & usual to European Governments individual,  and Ye EU in itself especially ?

A,  thought further consequential,  then further Swiss refusal to finance Governmental further little foreign ‘adventures’ ?  (As has been their  ‘lot in life’  since Pope 1 was a lad,  right through to when Dear Adolf had expansive ideas,  and then on  (in the same theme by Paganini etc) – beyond –  etc)

The View From The Nest of Crows:                                                                                                 Oh deary, deary me.  😐
Let’s all have a nice cup of tea.                                                                                                          Old :


AM Thursday  28-June-2012:

ref  A couple or several of The Current Fashionable Puffs in Ye Media:

I :  Ye Little Bankers:

.1: RBS & their close mates digi-systems collapse
ODA Take:
Wot do you expect if you sack most of the IT staff ?

.2: Ye Banks are getting opened for the gaze of Parliamentary Scrutineers

ODA Take (to date):
Q:  Has anyone yet done a sweep on how much of their operations are now being operated from off-shore ?

II :  Ye Little Spookers:

We don’t know where this copy should be filed here or to sic Jokes ?
So we’re filing it here anyway and considering a second posting to a                                     ‘Campaigns Page’                                                                                                                               ‘Look Back in Anger’  has been suggested as a banner heading for it  (YTBD – WIP)

So, to the Shhhhhh:
‘The UK Government is seeking powers that could force The Royal Mail to retain the content
of every postcard passing through their system for 12 months so it can be accessed by MI5*’
‘Reminder that ant-terrorist powers have been used to follow children home from school
to see if they live in the schools catchment area’
‘The spooks will catch all the innocents’
‘Putting vague and unnecessary new surveillance powers powers in place just invites abuse*’
[Dominic Raab MP (Con)  :  Member for Esher & Walton]

Source:  The (UK) Sunday Times
Date:  17-June-2012.

ODA Take:
Oh well, it all illustrates our usual:
Give cowboys guns – they’ll let them off.
ie  The ODA standing stance.

So, for your black amusement, an ODA take other:
Shhhhhh – There’s a war on – CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW MOTHER ?
Dig up Turing to decypher this ugly fiendish covert threat to this septic isle – etc etc etc
Dig up Donald McGill and get him to produce some cards resistant to secret writing – that’ll stop em – etc etc
Dig up John Hinde and get him to  . . …….
That’s enough digging
Ken A’fka

The View From The Crows Nest:
Well, I think, (an thi knars – etc), that we should here, at ODA,
that hallowed cornerstone of Western Civilisation,
in view of the current constraints on the public purse,
lend our recommendation for the public at large to express their solidarity with The Regime Realm,
and knowing The Gt Brit Public’s spirit in times of woe as we do,
why not cc a copy of every postcard you send to your, then furthest but still dearest,
to the following (in no particular order):

Hubble Road,  Cheltenham.  GL51  0EX

c/o The above.
*Fuck knows who this lot are ?  Ministry of Dirty Postcards ?
Ken A’f.

MI6 (SIS).,
Legoland,  85 Vauxhall Cross, London. SE1

MI5 (SS).,
Shhhh – It’s secret
But you could try:
The Dead Letter Box, Third Stone From The Left, The Old Back Entry, Queer Street, Cambridge.

Centrex / NPIA / Wotever else they’re calling themselves this week –
Errr  . . … Somewhere-in-England
c/o: 1 Fry Building, 2 Marsham Street, London. SW1P 4DF

The Local Pub.

The Present Incumbent,
10 Downing Street, Whitehall, London.  SW1A 2AA

Council of 12 7/8
c/o  Private Eye, Lobster, Project Camelot, Red Ice Creations   etc

Should you not be able to afford the postage stamps in these constrained times,
we are of the opinion,  that the mere forwarding of just one of your heartfelt billet doux of the day
in your best copperplate on one of Mr McGill’s most tasteful offerings,
will be heartily received by HM’s grateful sons&daughters of toil,
and indeed if you use the same dead letter box twice,
will, no doubt,
be reciprocated in more than spirit same by one of their nice
‘Situational Determination Operatives’.
NB  Don’t forget the leavings usual to your missives
of the many X’s usual that follow your std sig – Mouse M.

Indeed, so awed will they above be by your open heartedness that we venture we will hear the call of
‘BEM’s all round’ from The Palace.

Old :

With view to the circa 130 KK postcards STILL being sent in UK / year,
(Sources:  Above ST + www research)
Put your money in British Postcards NOW  ! ! !


AM Wednesday  27-June-2012:

ref  A Couple of The Current Fashionable Puffs in Ye Media:

1:  CamCleggCo have backed-off again on a ‘set-in-stone’ proposal
(Good thing / bad thing in principle ?*)
The proposed increase on motor fuel duty for August has been revoked.
ODA Take:
Another removal of a proposed straw to the back of the camel
All said, that is all it is – Prob a judgement that that straw might well break it !
Errr  . . … The beginning of August – Mi wonders wot else might be going on then . . . …  ?

*Talk amongst yourselves, come to a conclusion,
let me have it on the back of a £50 note in time for lunch
(I’ll be in my other office – The Select bar)
**Quite have much was proposed we’re at a loss – Reports of 4p to 10p received – ?

2:  Ye Lordships MUCH Rumoured Demise stutters yet again:
It has been pointed out that one of the many and various implications and
possible ramifications of twiddling Their Lordships as is,
by election of them by proportional representation are:
An influx of elected Lib-Dem Peers
such that they they might well become the permanent majority of that place.
The political party pundit thinking + the fuckus groups + market research etc
all return that same conclusion, the reasoning for the assertion:
The electorate would want to hedge their bets in order to temper any Con / Lab government particular
ODA Take:
No wonder Dave Cam is dragging his heals on this one  . . ……
Q: Another u-turn coming ???
Oh deary, deary, me.


AM Tuesday  26-June-2012:

Another Cut-Back Morning:

With mind to yesterdays yet further threats to the unemployed
from The Current Bankers Party In Power with their declaration of intent to
remove housing rent subsidy from those aged < 25,
and to adjust the amount of crumbs,  both same as/ above and other,  dropped from the table according to area of country recipient doth dwelleth. The only inference one can infer for the future is riots will erupt this summer as/ our predictions previous. We don’t wish to encourage them but increasingly our view returns to same.  🙁

Do hope we’ve got this one wrong.  😐                                                                                            Old :
South London Health Care Trust going bump.
Others most prob to follow.
At start of the schemes, Private Section Funders obtained from Ye Gvt what appears to be full ‘copper-bottomed’ underwriting of their risks.
Ye Ensuing Q’s:
Is an audit per se of inputs + outputs TBD ?
So,  who is going to do it ?
How full will it be ?
Will audit illustrate amount spent on ‘Administration’ during life of Trust ?
Will any comparison be done between that done during life of Trust and what could reasonably be projected to be done by previous NHS set-up ?

‘With mind to the growing older population, if all legal obligations current on LA’s concerning old age care are observed, then other social services (eg Local Libraries + Street Cleaning) will not exist under current LA budgets by 2020’
A BBC R4 Pundit Anon of this morning’s broadcast.


AM Monday  25-June-2012:

! Civilisation Has Been Saved !

We do start the week in knowledge of our true salvation has returned:
Clue’s back on the wireless  :
Broadcast  1 of 2 of the week Home Service : 18.30 hrs TODAY
Broadcast  2  :  Sunday next : 01-07-12 : 12.05hrs
BBC iPlayer it at will  > 20.00hrs  tonight

With that in mind we now note:

As the screw-down of MISERY on the poor continues
By the fat scrooges of The Bankers Party of FATE
The predictable coming summer of discontent advances apace,
The only thing known is that the winners of the bust-up won’t be bottomed in the least with the bloody Levenson Enquiry of ETERNITY
But be entrenching themselves against the further attack of DOOM

We notice it’s nearly time for Clue !


SUNDAY    24-June-2012.


We’ve got proper traditional manky Manc weather and me tart doesn’t fancy gerrin out.  So we’re staying @ wom. 🙂


AM Saturday  23-June-2012:

It is Saturday,  I’ve got fer get me shopping done  ( an I owe Ravi Pwords News 6 quid fer me lottery ticket )  so let’s just float one that’s going to be posted up to The Predictions Page when I’ve fined it to full/ near:
Consider, ladies and gents,  UK riot events of summer last year  +  for this year to date and future:   THE BRIT WEATHER TO DATE THIS YEARS OLYMPICS THE NOW PERENNIAL/ HISTORICAL REPORTS AND RUMOURS OF WEATHER CONTROL
Bot line:    Arl bet thee  Ye Olympics 2012  have perfect weather for the games period only and then it’ll revert to the climatic ‘regime’ we’ve had to date this year and it’ll wee-wee down on the disaffected populace
(‘And on the righteous also’ *)

* Ta God  –  Reet good book that especially The King Jimmy V.   Do hope you do well with it.  See that Brian Sewell if you can’t shift the units fast enough  –  I think he likes it and will give it the odd push when he’s on the wireless if you ask nicely.  Terrar fer now,  sithee Monday.
Ken A’fka

A View From The Crows Nest:                                                                                                            He’s reet.                                                                                                                                                  Old :


AM Friday  22-June-2012:

So,  just what are we presented with this morning ?

Another clutch of back-trackers / about facers / 180’ers etc

1: carr j., mentioned in dispatches below, who has brought such gaiety to the nation, has gone supine for CAMERON D. Oh well, BBB triumphs yet again and poor little Jimmy has been outfaced by a bigger bluffer. We wonder if the said Camaroon will spend the BV’s thus clawed back from James on better drafting of tax legislation, or blow it on the Government hobbies usual for suppressing the proles by, currently, mass immigration, high utility costs, and the perennial favourite – war, war, war whilst keeping the squaddies short of necessaries ? etc etc etc

a’fka k.

A View From The Crows Nest:                                                                                                     Might just be Mr Carr has gone down there’s no such thing as bad publicity route, or, or or,  . . …….   Has he divvied up front to Dave for a knighthood/ minor gong, and this is cheapest option ? Mmmmmmmm  ??????                                                                                                            Old :

2: Milliwatt, of the ‘Labour’ Party of the last part, has declared his esteamed gang have made ‘mistakes’ in the past by letting mass immigration into the ‘country’, ( / nearest metric equivalent ), and ignoring the consequential displaced proles. Another confessional show is more than I for one can take. What next for a get-out, reverse the practice and tell them, a la Reich III practice, that total krieg is good for them ? Oh well, there’s no business like show business.

Dein lieber Fuhrer, Ken A. (GROSS X to you all)

A View From The Crows Nest:                                                                                                         He’s caught the Daily Mail dog syndrome (Shitzup). Appears that even them gormless twats in The ‘Labour’ Party can see how the continentals are shaping up in the right wing dept.         Old :

3 & >: – NOWT !

A View From The Crows Nest:                                                                                                          We can’t be bottomed – It’s all on a theme by Paganini  (the well know scooter maker)            They’ll continue this confessional theme ’till they’ve got the great believing voting mass thoroughly hooked and then they’ll accept any about-farce dished out to them                            (Very handy in war situations that:  –>You can do just about anything with them then<–            They just keep accepting the poo)                                                                                                     Old :


AM Thursday  21-June-2012:

Cameron D.  (17 1/2),  is having a good long ‘go’ at the troubadour, jongleur and general wit Mr James Carr  over tax ‘avoidance’.
Dave has kept hammering on for the last 72 hours about Mr Carrs  ‘avoidances’.
(Oh well at least he’s managed to get the nomenclature correct for once in the Whitehall emission record – Some bugger must have had words about ‘evasion’ in Dave’s shell-like)

To the point:
As/ this weeks script  below on the subject  +  other places where writ previous in this fair tome.

! DAVE !    AV YER BIN DIDDLING THAT REBECCA BROOKS DAVE ?                                    If you are about to get found out,  tell us quick and we’ll do what we can to deflect the heat and hush it up. Anything’s better for you than hammering away at ‘poor’ Jimmy Carr. Your only salve is that you’ve now given him scripts for the rest of his life – You’ve not made an enemy – He’ll love you forever !
But, but, but, please don’t depress yourself about the extra tax he’ll now find a way of avoiding,  und nicht forgessen :
He’ll ALWAYS have the microphone !
Yo, ho  🙂
Kim A’fka    (38-22-34)

A View From The Crows Nest:                                                                                                        PS.  Dave lad – If you ever do want a proper job ( and think yer can manage it):                           See our vacancies list.                                                                                                                      Old :


Wednesday  20-June-2012:

ref  HM’s BBC Home Service:
ref  Womens Hour : 10.00<->11.00 hrs TODAY:

ref  UK’s leading lady of understatement and good taste,  the beautiful, graceful,
Ms Katy Price-Jordan  in interview:

‘My Spanish boyfriend is properly learning English’        😐    😐    😐    😐    😐    😐

Editorial Comment:                                                                                                                                   That  IS  the end of The Empire  –  We HAVE hit the buffers now.    🙁  x >several doz

A View From The Crows Nest:                                                                                                          We’re closing the galley now.  –  Everyone to the pub.                                                                  Last man standing’s a puff – and pays the bar bill.                                                                              Old :


Tuesday  19-June-2012:

The Levenson Enquiry continues and continues and is now reaching the ad nauseam stage.  Anyone remember the legal bod who managed to get 19 years out of  The Bloody Sunday enquiry ?  (And, we believe,  courtesy of the Sunday Times some time back,  a free shed down the bottom of his garden to write in !)

Ken A’fka

A View From The Crows Nest:                                                                                                             Q:  Is 19 years the benchmark period for burying something ?                                                      Old :


Monday  18-June-2012:




DELIGHTFUL, PERTINENT, PERCEPTIVE COMMENT ON YE  ‘AFFAIRS of THE DAY’                (Or at least that which we’re allowed to know about courtesy of published Ye Media)

So, so, so    .  . . . ……    Wot are they,  the dear sons&daughters of hot metal gobbing-off about at the moment:

Deutschland ubber alles -GREEKS- Spend your jollies in Wiemar  – See how you like it !

Editorial Comment:                                                                                                                                  Watch out for the asset-stripping now   . . . …                                                                                Ken A’fka

A View From The Crows Nest:                                                                                                               t’ll make that little Sudetenland proffing venture of Adolf’s look like planting half a row of beans in the next allotment !                                                                                                                                    Old :


SUNDAY    17-June-2012:

It’s Sunday  -A drive-out again with me tart-  Went oop north side of Mancton through Owdham* then on ter Delph ter see the Eskimos.    Fish, Chips & Peas from The Dolphin in Reddy on the way back.      🙂    🙂    🙂

* On The Great Grand Greater Manc Transport Executive  (GmBH)  Brand New Tramway: Which steaming bananarama designed the line road crossing at  Mumps Bridge ?                     (The new tramway line at this point being a conversion of an existing, old std railway,  now disused,  to carry those proposed trams).                                                                                      That previously present was a perfectly good way of taking a rail track over the roadways there  (wot we in advanced design, cutting/leading -edge, state of the fart,  high techy land call a   ‘bridge’).  It has been taken away and the rail track brought down down to roadway level thus causing the need for level crossings to get the proposed new trams across the roads  ! ! ! ! ! !

Further  –  The local area is still called ‘Mumps Bridge’ !                                                             Couldn’t the esteamed planner(s) who drew up the scheme take the hint  from that obscure nomenclature or did they give it to Stevie Wonder & Blunket to design  ? ? ? ? ? ?


Saturday  16-June-2012:

Errr  . . . ……  We’ve pended,  so:

It doth seemeth that every one in&of ye media UK
is on one of their periodic mundane and totally banal (even by our standards)
mass feeding frenzies;
on this occasion concerning our esteamed PM,
Campbell D.  (17 1/2),
and his leaving of ye sprog in ye pub.
And yea, the feeding of the pigs in the trough of blandness of interest
doth continueth onward & onward &,
and and and,  without end and seemingly to infinity.

So to ye Q of Ye Day:
Publicity Stunt / Debacle / Simple Mistake    ? ? ?
Answer of Ye Day:
Ye View From The Crows Nest:
So wot/ who cares ?
ie  Our ‘take’ on it:
Errr   . . . …  Just stick yer pin in where yer see fit:
Again:  Who knows ? – Who cares ?
To matters important:
Does your chewing gum lose its flavour etc ?
Old :


AM Wednesday  13-June-2012:

Just a predictive quickie dahlings:

Obs on Ye House(s) at present:

The Parliamentary new-dawn wake-up has and is continuing –
Ye Levenson / Ancillary Enquiries Other  are continuing.
Now,  once the elected and other boys&girls of The Houses have chewed their way through
*’The Much Revered UK Press & Its Much Admired Freedom’,
(*Source  –  Most, if not all of them at some time or another,  but for this,  that glorious sheet of balanced taste –
*The Sun – Editorials & Correspondent pieces various and many –
Collective Marking for the lot incl the broadsheets: 4/10  –  Most pieces far too garish for our taste  –
See notes on  The BBC  below for how blowing your own bugle should really be done.    Ed)

ODA ventures again,  (ie we have noted this one before):  The next for The House treatment will be  Ye Plods.
That firm has of recent been on a potential damage limitation exercise by trying to earn Brownie Points by going full-bore at/for those  ‘much maligned poor souls’ (etc –> infinity) above in The House ‘dock’ at present,
thus diverting attention away from  ‘The Black Rod Incident’                                                          and the inevitable coming FULL autopsy of it,
AND, AND,  AND  little incursions other
The inevitable ‘discovery’ of the attendant to case,   the inevitable in-House(s) moles of apparatchikshire  . . . ……

(*And we thought all the tits were on page 3.)

View From The Crows Nest:
Oh well,  so far so good but it’ll all lead back to Blair and his handlers
so why not squash (sic) the buggers now ?
Old :


PM Tuesday  12-June-2012:

Jap TV has successfully and very neatly upstaged just about every other broadcast organisation in ye world,
*’Our very own and dearly beloved BBC.’
(*Source – The BBC)
Further  –  **’The BBC – Universally admired throughout the world.’
(**Source – The BBC)

The Jap latest resolution to a trial broadcast programme                                                              (ref  Their programme of works on current ongoing development and roll-out):                         7660×4330.

Oh deary, deary, me.    🙂  😐  🙁

The BBC  –  A definition (of many):                                                                                                        Just another UK spivs paradise where the bullshitters get 90% of the available beer-vouchers and the technical staff get 10%.
Not incidental:                                                                                                                                           Should you not have heard/ background info to this piece  –  Ye BeeB have been rambling on about HD broadcasts for years.

Oh well,    ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’;                         So:                                                                                                                                                                       This is another of your beloved ***ODA stance on poo emissions.

(***Known since the dawn of time throughout the entire cosmos as  YOUR FINEST ODA,  etc,  etc,  et-bloody-ceterra )




AM Friday  29-June-2012.


PM Thursday  24-May-2012:

Little whoopsies have been announced yesterday and today by HMG  ref UK economical growth / retraction.    The week started with an announcement of growth (albeit little),  currently  The Hymn of The Day  is ‘There’s been a retraction with especial emphasis on the construction sector’    –   Surprise surprise !   Any silly fucker with eyes in their  fuckin’  head can see that  –   There’s next to no sites opening/ being worked outside the usual London / SE area ones.   (aka  ‘The real economy’)


PM Friday  04-May-2012:

Ye Local Election Results UK:

ref  Government Parties losing >400 seats                                                                                   (And still counting  @  17.00 hrs  today  –  Final Count TBC)

All the parties bullshit machines are spouting frenzid  apologies/ triumph  [Tick Box of choice]  and are now into (predictable) overdrive.


Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense    +    Oh deary, deary me.   🙂  🙂  🙂





PM Tuesday  01-MAY-2012:

* NOT getting towards the daily at the moment  !    –    See whinges of obviation of total responsibility (al la Murdochs)  from dereliction of duties during most of April writ elsewhere to this fair journal.


AM Saturday 31-March-2012:

ODA VERDICT  on this point on ye verdict current on Ye Plod involved:
das UnterGroppenUbberfiddelStrassenfuhrergemeinshaftfunkenarbeiter
Ist-Ist Polizei.


AM Friday  30-March-2012:

ODA verdict on emmissios of Ye Politico (Frances Maud) involved:
BOLLOCKS  (to Ye Press)
ODA finds for (FMa)
The Silly Lady.
NB.  The Politico Maud did pronounce:
‘All to be done in line with current regs’
Source:  From reports of ye BBC steam wireless
Anecdotal of others got from TV reports similar.
So dear lady,
if you’re daft enough to decant motor spirit by open pouring
in a confined place with an open flame adjacent –
Just wot the fuckin’ fuck did you fuckin’ expect ?

A Q&A of Aside & Info to The Ig’s Assorted:
Q:  Why do you think the squaddies use diesel ?
A:  The biggest reason is  the relatively high flash point/ flammability to open flame
of diesel and the consequential attendant safety therewith given to any handling process and spillage of the said fluid.
(Especially when naughty people shoot naughty bullets etc at your nice fuel storage and lines)
The low flash point of petrol/gasoline and its proclivity to go bang.
(All due to the relative evaporation rates of the said fluids)





?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?

I just don’t whether to laugh or cry.                                                                                                   Old :    🙁


PM Thursday  29-March-2012:
On  Gorgeous George Gallaway  and his  Respect Party  by-election win tonight:
See  Obs From The Bowl  Page.







(Please do not use the WC whilst the train is stationary)

! APPY NEW YEAR !    (If you missed the last one)

WE’RE STILL STOPPED  : so :  ! APPY NEW YEAR !    agen

So,  still building the site.
Can’t be bottomed with writing proper.
Talk amongst yourselves.
Yours,  with executive stress,
Old :

(But we’ll try and manage a bit this month)





Oportet Operam Dore
However,  me thinks,  it just depends what you’re working at.  😐

And, don’t forget, ODA, supports, the Oxford,.


An Inverse But Still Tasteful Marketing Promotion:

Or the girl gets it !
(I wish – PLEASE don’t tell Mrs Ed)

ie  Your chance to comment


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