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Ego Buffing Time:
We’ve sat on the side-lines so long,
having a quiet procrastination every so often,
(always wiping it up after though),
we thought well, if we got it right so often,
and yes,  + a few not so  (<–  ! Whey-Hey !  we hear you say),
why not post the next suspected up on The Parish Notice Board ?

(What that’ll really prove is that when time runs out,
if we’re found to have cocked one/ more up, how fast we can run.)
Ed.    🙂

Bugger Inertia – So – To start the nailing of us own boots down
Here’s the latest:

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . . . …… Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . ……
We think that   .  .  . . . …………



Date of posting to head of piece.


PM Thursday  02-February-2012:

:  ref  Infernal Combustion Engines + Substitutes For:
A Prediction – Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

There will, within next 2 years, come a mass expose of the suppression,
by the collective petroleum interests, of alternative technologies,
with especial emphasis on automotive engines.
The resulting kerfuffel will, then, be the biggest to date.


PM Thursday  02-February-2012:

2  :  ref  A Short History of Time:
A Prediction – Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

Tomorrows Friday.


PM Tuesday  07-February-2012:

3  :  ref  Tilting at Windmills:
ref  Std current designs with vertical rotating sail arrays + vertical masts  –  Leccy producers for use of:
A Q: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

IF  everyone past,
(eg  Ye Cretians, English traditional latter-day build, Tibetan + Others various),
involved in the building of open bladed vertical sail set-ups on single post/tower supporting structures
(especially where such support is very close to the rotating sail array)
(ie  Std post and fan blade design as is commonly known)
have finished-up using  x5 blade/sail arrays,
and there are now proven mechanical + mathematical reasons why that should be so.
Look it up.
The sums prove it
Common sense certainly gives a view off the cuff supporting same
WHY are not x5 bladed arrays same being used for std post and vertical sail set-up for leccy production today ???

An Aside:
The boys,  and no doubt girls,  doing the current windmill doing,
are now talking about total height structures of 1000′ / 300m / >
(all seen by us to date with the x3 blade design as/above)
in order to increase the power output of the machines particular.

Wot does all this do for national gaiety ?

ref 1000′ Structures  –  From The Perspectives Known To Date – A’s + Q’s:
i) Fucks-up more low level radar + local wireless transmissions/receptions.    -+
Unknown by us wot it will do for LW transmissions ??????
Wonder wot the lads at The Rugby Farm think of them ??????
If you know wot’s wot on this – write-in please –
We’re out of our depth to comment further and too stretched to do the research.

ii) Fucks-up more light aircraft flights,  those aircraft being far less powerful than std commercial jet aircraft
and need lower airspace for more of their flights even in the normal/ usual course of events,
and certainly do for emergencies.
Also will produce distinctly sudden embarrassment for absolutely anything that has to fly low for any reason.
Counter-Rant : Placing densities /square area,  will be wider for larger machines.

iii) Fucks-up more bird flight especially those flying in formation on migration.
Yes we know lower height mills will quite happily fuck them over good style should they collide into them,
however at 1000′ a flock is probably far more likely to be flying in cloud and mentally ‘locked-on’ to ‘going forward’
rather than thinking dispersal mode which is more likely at lower heights.
Counter-Rant : As/ above.

iv) Downwash – Unknown as to wot produces more probs & fuck-ups – Big machines v/v Small-uns – ??????
As the machine placing densities / square area vary + small machines are running at higher rpm/ given output.
See ‘costings’ below on placing densities also.

Oh didn’t we say,  expecting, from the above invite for you to do your homework,
but knowing how real world thinking is conducted –
you’ll be sat there scratching your bits and wondering wot’s wot  . ? . ?.?:
A x5 ‘blader’ will produce more than a x3 ‘blader’ of the same size.

ie  Overall rotor size for size.
A x5 blader has a smoother rotation,
that producing less wear&tear on the support and power take-off gear,
and on the supporting mast structure
(Situation for situation  :  Power produced / power produced)

Counter Rant  –  ‘It’s all down to money’ I hear from the floor.
Well you do the costings for same output,
say set for a sample farm at x5 miles square as an example test site.

x X Big (high) x3 blader machines
x X+? small x5 bladers to produce the same total farm output,
and let us know.

You will,  obviously,  include
capital + transport to site + erection + replacement costs,
but don’t forget to cost-in maintenance,
and the odd plane prang.

A counter perspective to all described above,  is that the larger machines,  as known to date,
will run at a lower rpm than the smaller machines.
However,  the higher the turn rate,  machine/machine,  the higher the power output, (obviously),
ergo it will be a consistent industry ‘push’ to increase the rpm for any machine particular.
This rant does not include ref to arrays/ machines of basic design other,
is non-fattening and suitable for diabetics and vegetarians, does not affect your statutory rights,
and is EU Rant Std 1234 compliant – etc.
PPE to be worn at all times.


PM Wednesday 08-February-2012:

4  :  ref  Unemployment Current:
A Prediction – Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

Some clever bugger will bring back treadmills (connected to generators, connected to Nat Grid etc)
as a way of getting the unemployed employed.
They can easily justify it these days by pointing-out that a little while back
the keep-fit ‘chuggers’ were paying a ‘health club’ to go on one !


AM Monday  13-February-2012:

5  :  ref  Ye UK (std) Press  –  ! SHOCK – HORROR !  etc:
A Prediction – Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

The next great UK press furore proper and grand, (and prob those in foreign climes also),
will be that of the  ‘discovery’  that government funds given to the banks to lend-on to std/’normal’ businesses
are for the most part being put to:

i)  Playing on the money markets
(ie Business as usual, but reduced and much obscured by ‘clever accounting’ for the obviously needed PR purposes of the day)

ii) Their mates down the lodge,  predating* on those who can’t get funds from the bank
and who therefore have to sell-up their business & hard kit  +/incl  domestic houses,
for a fraction of what they would be worth usual,  as they haven’t been able get those bank funds to carry-on trading.
(ie  Business as usual, but much enlarged)

*aka  ‘Natural adjustments in these constrained times’
*aka  Asset Stripping.
🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁

iii) The ‘Legal-Eagles’ who are,  as/usual,  ‘creaming it off’ for providing the support framework for such asset stripping.

iv)  Pre : We think this one’s  ‘the biggy’
IF ye glorious UK press can make-up/ reconcile itself with the forces acting upon it:

Freedom of The Press  v  The Totalitarian Nazi Tendancy (aka The Plods)
The HofP Bought-Off Gobshite Choir
Our Far-Seeing & Much Esteamed Dearly Beloved Benevolent Sponsors  (aka The Advertisers)
The need to get something out that  RT + Al-Jazeera haven’t already broadcast

sufficient to regain its autonomy so that it can ‘get it over’  to that  *’bloke on that bloody omnibus’.
That said, and however,  we do feel it won’t be able to make these connections for some time yet,
and won’t be able to explain it in ‘consumer terms’* when they do:

(*If they offer more&bigger tit pics of bigger tits,
even more football ‘coverage’  +  free vouchers (for anything) with it, it should go down.
If the punters can’t focus or then lose it,
try topping that lot up with free chara rides to Largs, Blackpool, Skeggy or Southend –
Always works.  Ed.)

To return to the rant:
a)  In The Macro Firstly : The connecting of trans-global corporation influence to the whole of the proceedings.
b)  In The Micro  (well relative to the trans-global corps macro anyway):
The connecting-in of the Supermarket chains into the messe grand of the bigger/full picture.
Particular ref will eventually be found connecting their displacing of small traders from high streets to others asset stripping.


AM Tuesday  28-February-2012:

6  :  ref  The Recent Attempts by UK Banks to Ban The Use of  Cheques:
A Prediction – *Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will tha knows, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

Pre:  At time of writing the current attempt to stop cheque transactions,
(started under the reign of Good King Tony – surprise surprise),
has been stopped by HMG Upper House + consumer complaints,
however how long that will last before further attempt by the players proper is unknown  . . . ……
Fact 1:  A cheque is an instruction by a bank customer (generally) to a bank to pay a stated sum over to a 3rd party.
Fact 2:  A currency std bank note is a pf version of the same but open at 1st party and 3rd.
It instructs The Bank of England, (or issuing bank other – eg In UK, Scottish Banks),  to pay the bearer.
ie Has no nominated recipient (3rd party), and has no nominated issuer specific to transaction particular, (1st party)
other than the bearer at the time.
ie  It is issued by ‘The Bank’ to any bearer who has it in his possession.
Whatever,  at the heart of it, it is an instruction to a Bank to do something.
So, if you ban cheques you ban instructions to a Bank – ?
Well that would be stretching things from that specific to the point above to that of all encompassing.
That would be ridiculous, but it would be a step in that direction.
Now,  The Interests of The Players:
Banks : To do as little as possible for the maximum return (aka By them – ‘Efficiency’)
Cheque processing costs more than electronic card transactions.
Cash transactions,  through Banks,  costs more than cheque transactions.
Cash transactions between individuals do not involve ‘The Bank’ and therefore cannot be chargeable,
The Bank, without both cheque and cash deposits, then does not have the benefit of the temporary deposit of monies,
that, in the macro giving them much of their day to day cash balance actual
which is their surety with which to play the casino money markets,  (amongst other games various).
HMG + Assorted Apparatchiks : To exert as much control on the population as possible:
Cash processed transactions between individuals are not traceable.
For full control of the population, (the natural tendency of gravitation of the animal ‘apparatchik’),
you need all fiscal transactions to be fully recorded and therefore leave an audit trail behind
in order that your auditor erks will be able to nail all down,
not only to the fiscal accountability amount of the transaction particular,
but who was involved and where and when.
[ And, if the apparatchiks and their masters were to be given chance, witnesses to transaction
+ supporting evidence other (all thought sic) ]

*Oh, the prediction, almost forgot :
They’ll be back for another go at removing cash via removing cheques !


PM Friday  23-March-2012:

7  :  ref  Sick Building Syndrome, Including & Especially, UK Hospitals:
A Prediction – *Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will tha knows, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

Shortly,  (in <x5years),  that Scandinavian hospital practice will be ‘discovered’,  to wit:
That of a large solid fuel stove  (placed at mid area / far end of wards generally)  to heat the ward/ room other.
The affects & effects of this is  (in no particular order):

1:  Mostly carbon neutral for The Scandinavians as they’re burning timber.
2:  Air fed from the ward/ room therefore all air local to stove unit constantly used.
That air contains naughty bugs – ! Surprise Surprise ! – The things you find in hospitals !
Therefore there is a forced (for the pedants – we know – inducted actually) ventilation to the ward/ room from without.
Generally the inlets to the building + rooms general are ducted and the ducts sometimes sterilized.
Throw in ‘air-lock’ door sets to some areas (internal area<->internal area)  +  to out  +  ye UK practice of using bloody acres and acres of suspended ceilings to just about anywhere & everywhere is simply not done.    (Not that there’s not some).
Where central-heating is used to service areas where stoves not acceptable,
the tendency is to have CHP installations thus providing ‘leccy as well.


Sawn/ cut ‘raw’ untreated pine has a natural disinfecting effect on its immediate area

Ye Effects:  Fresh Air –> IN    /    Burnt Bugs –> OUT
Giving:  Healthier atmosphere  +  Dry buildings with much reduced condensation.

Dr 2:  PM Monday  20-August-2012:
Notes of suspended ceilings + cut pine added.
Notes on ‘air-lock’ door sets expanded.


 PM Friday  04-May-2012:

8  :  ref  Who gives a fuck syndrome ?
A Prediction – Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

That that Dave Cameron  (who does Prime Minister impressions)  has been diddling that Rebecca Brookes  (who does impressions on journalists)


AM Thursday  10-May-2012:

9  :  ref  The Eternal Cycle*:
A Prediction – Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

That that Dave Cameron (who does Prime Minister impressions) + The Boy Wonder Clegg N. (lwr 4th) + supporters (mostly higher placed) will,  in the fullness of time  (ie when they do eventually get turfed-out),  be found,  if any can be so assiduous as to do the full rummage and deep dig through the shields/smoke&mirrors and general obfuscation of    dummy/ holding companies + proxies/ nominees + off-shore a/cs/ everythings + the incidental acquaintances shield of the  ‘Old Freds at the golf club’  etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc,  traceable to the current asset stripping boom of the present day when the UK (and other climes)  hard stock assets are being bought-up at peppercorn from those whose businesses and jobs are forced to the wall by those who have ‘intimate relations’ etc (<— etc !)  with those who won’t finance the party of the first part but will quite happily finance the party of the second.

With ref to Brenda’s speech in The House yesterday,  and Datman’s pronouncements of innocence and good intentions for the future post it,  he has deferred from alleviating ye prob by the traditional instigating a mass public works programme thus giving his mates of  The Hon Guilded Order of Asset Strippers  and their backers more time to get their hands on the goodies.

Further:  As/ when such a programme of public works is sort,  as inevitably the wheel of history turns,  then there will be the usual outcry for skilled and experienced labour who, obviously,  just won’t be there.  That will be accentuated by history bearing-down on the career choices of school leavers who will be influenced by their parents directing them to get a secure job indoors  +  the view of that easier indoor working life of the    ‘office world’   et al.

Summary:  Other ramifications are available on prescription but the above sums the general situation.

Conclusion:  THE  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Build it up    /    Knock it down    /    Create the acute demand of the day /                                                                                                                                                                               Be the only one left holding the means of demand fulfilment                                                              (wonder how that came about ?)                                                                                          /                                                                                                                                                                             Make BIG beer vouchers                                                                                                                         MODEL  continues now as it always has done.                                                                                 Post this lot and for the next time of putting you firmly in your place    –                                     Would you like a nice war again ?    –    See you down The Thule Soc Club old boy.

A PS:   And that,  Dear Reader,  is why the  Apparatchiks Reunited Page  is there.                     If we could only find the resources to do the research and publish referenced results proper it would be the beginning of the end for THEM*.    (Arl bet thee etc !)

A PPS (no relation):  So,  for now little prole,  within this scene of the never ending act,  that’s the square circled and there’s yer enemy* for yer  –  For the other side of your daily need  . . . . . . . . ……  Kiss any arse you want but ours !
Old :

* Oh, ‘The Eternal Cycle’ ? – Rudge


AM Wednesday  23-May-2012:

10  :  ref  Press Gangs:
A Prediction – Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

With ref to our glorious free and unbiased press,  our glorious parliamentary system, out glorious legal system,  (and not forgetting Gloria who does the tea);   the 2012 Parliamentary Spring Offensive current with their assorted pack descended on those doyens of free speech, clarity and tasteful publication,  Mr R Murdoch & Co et al:

Arl bet thee a pint and a gill on this one:

That that Dave Cameron  (who does prime minister impressions)  has been diddling  (as/ initial inklings above)  that  Rebbecca Brookes  (who does for Mr Murdoch).

But but but  –  Will it all only come out in 100 years ??????   . . . . ……  In the mean time me hands up fer 1st dibs with Samantha if she does a lash back    –> 🙂  OVER HERE CHUCK  🙂 <–           Pinch his credit card,  gerron one of Branston Pickles rip-off puffers at Euston and I’ll see you in Macc. Do a straight walk-on job Sam,  1st Class Pullman carriage with the free trough  of course,   AND DON’T pre-book it !

That’ll teach Dirty Dave not to talk bollocks about rail fares !

BIG X.    LOL.


AM Thursday  28-June-2012:

11  :  ref  Return to Sender:

Couldn’t find a resting place for this one,  so here it goes as an awkward Q:

Pt I : ‘NASA were found secretly filming an example of The New Mars Rover vehicle
in The Mojave Desert US by passing backpacking (type) tourists’
Pt II : ‘The current NASA mission to Mars is due to be landed this August’

Haven’t we been here,  (or theoretically somewhere else closer),  before ?

Source:   The Register online IT Mag
Date:  We’ve lost it  – thought ~late May – Look it up as we’re too idle busy.  🙂

The Ed Writes:
Wouldn’t it be far more sensible to top the list up at the top so that when an item of prediction’s time expiry comes up,  the earlier ones will be so far buried underneath the pile, the punters won’t find out if we’ve cocked-it ?
🙁    /    🙂
Old :

Let’s consider doing a Year-Book Page.
Ken A’fka

Let’s all calm down boys and have a nice cup of tea.
Mrs Doyle  +  P. G. Tips  +   Sam O’Var    (Our Tea Ladies)


PM Monday  09-July-2012:

12  :  ref  The Wheel Going Round (again):
A Prediction – Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

The Brit penal system has a pop at treadmills again  (See us initial inklings above)                        These days connected to generators rather than carding machines / water pumps etc as they were in  ‘ye good old days’.
(Mills will prob be those silly patterns with a telly in front to keep the poor darlings occupied.
Part self defeating I hear you say but se la vie)
Idea of these part self generated (sic),  and confirmed as a ‘goer’ by recent piece in the Yank green site ‘Treehugger’:
‘Brazilian jails now using them to generate the leccy’.    Treehugger
Every cloud has rain coming out of it:
They WILL be able to run lark ‘ell when they get out !

*ref  Treehugger.thingy:  It’s mixed for quality, but slowly improving.
Predictably, US based for most of its content,  rips some from Gizmag,
(those pieces come from a good home then),
but overall worth a coat of looking at when you’ve nothing else to do.


PM Monday  20-August-2012:

13  :  ref  UK Domestic House + Similar Structure Building:
A Prediction – Arl bet thee, ar will, ar ruddy will, arl bet thee a pint (etc),  thart:

1&1/2 Brick Thick External Walls
are about to be re-discovered as the saviour of some of the on-site production constraints
(ie  But for BV’s*, land & planning permission)
on UK housing production and some of the X’g anomalies of UK building practice,
(*’when they turn the dish taps on again’).

Without going into a protracted rant on:
a)  Energy Conservation:
Thermal Loss and Thermal Capacity
b)  Stability of Structure
including resistance to cracking due to ‘chasing’ and ‘holing’,
including resistance to weather damage during production.
including clumsy twats tripping etc on the scaff etc and falling etc into a fresh built wall,
(not that I’ve ever done that you understand).
c)  Lack of skilled labour
(*’when they turn the taps on again’)
d)  Sustainable Long-Term Building
It’s  ‘Designed for 60 years lifespan only’  little bastard cousin.
e)  Modern ‘recyclablability’ of crushed masonry at end of building life.

We’ll just stick us head over the parapet
(1+1/2 brick thick of course)
and say it’ll  ‘rise again’.
(Poss using the German DF system (?) but there we go)

Your Building Correspondent
Alf Weidersehen

(A longer and far more boring, detailed, pedantic, and ‘techi’ treatise on this,  including the aspects of solid v/v cavity walls with same masonry content/ surface area is to be had when I can get round to writing it)


The numbering of the pieces above corrected to series.
PM Monday  20-August-2012.




Oportet Operam Dore
However,  me thinks,  it just depends what you’re working at.  😐
Old :

And,  don’t forget,  ODA, supports, the Oxford,.

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An Inverse But Still Tasteful Marketing Promotion:

Or the girl gets it !
(I wish – PLEASE don’t tell Mrs Ed)

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